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Chapter 222 - Hot-tempered Mr. Gu (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 222:

    Hot-tempered Mr. Gu (2)

    “During this period, send a person to watch over her. Don’t let…” Gu Yu paused for a moment. He wanted to say ‘don’t let anything happen to her’ but he forcefully changed it to, “Don’t let her cause any more trouble.”

    Assistant Lin was stunned for a moment. Then, he immediately understood Gu Yu’s intention. He couldn’t help but cover his mouth and laughed secretly.

    His boss was definitely someone who didn’t mean what he said, and he was unbeatable in that aspect.

    He suddenly understood why Mr. Gu didn’t take care of Rong Wang. It wasn’t like what he said, that Young Mistress’s business had nothing to do with him. It was because once he acted, Rong Wang would get out of the picture immediately. That way, the piece of news that Young Mistress risked so much to get would be worthless…

    In the end, although he said that he despised Young Mistress for risking her life to get news, he still protected her when he should have. He still gave Rong Wang to Young Mistress and let her play with him however she wanted. Even if any accidents happened after that, he would still be there to help her.

    He worried about Young Mistress but he was too sharp-tongued to show it.

    But, Assistant Lin couldn’t blame him entirely… Just now, as he was eavesdropping on them, he heard Young Mistress say that the reason why she worked so hard was that she wanted to earn money as a reporter to pay back her debt to Mr. Gu. Then, there would be nothing between them anymore.

    Mr. Gu cared about Young Mistress so much. Hence, it was natural that he would get angered by her words, especially since he was an arrogant person too. Thus, how could he be willing to say something pleasant?

    Alas, the two of them were hurting each other!

    In order to make sure that the couple could live harmoniously, Assistant Lin touched his chin and thought for a moment. Then, he opened his mouth weakly again, “Mr. Gu, I have a suggestion. I don’t know if I should say it or not.”

    Gu Yu glanced at him coldly from the corner of his eyes. “Speak.”

    Assistant Lin took a deep breath and spoke everything he wanted to say at a very fast speed. “I feel that you should learn the art of speaking!”

    After the final word ended, he hugged his head immediately and begged for mercy. “Mr. Gu, if you don’t like to listen, you can pretend that I didn’t say anything!”

    Gu Yu pulled the corners of his lips. He tapped his finger lightly on the bar table as he glanced at the bedroom secretly. His gaze turned deep slowly. He poured another cup of wine for himself and gulped it down again.

    He knew clearly, more than anyone, how much Xu Weilai loved being a reporter as well as how motivated she was at her job. There weren’t many things that she could decide in her life. Hobbies were the only thing she owned.

    Hence, he wouldn’t bind her, whether it was in the past or the future. It would never change, even if the reason why she worked so hard was so that she could leave him.

    When he took the exam to become a lawyer, there was an oath he had to take: I will defend my client until I die. What did he say at that time?

    I will defend my… Xu Weilai.


    The Z Magazine publication company published another explosive piece of news. The Asia Dance King, King, drugged a female fan. He was hypocritical, dirty, disgusting, and 100% a bastard!

    The moment the piece of news was released, the fans were flabbergasted. The top ten hot topics were all occupied by tags related to Rong Wang. Rong Wang’s name became number one on the hottest searches too. Weibo, forums, and many other social media platforms were all discussing the piece of news.

    Fans were unable to accept that the idol they loved so dearly was that kind of person. Many people started scolding him. There was a portion of fans that supported Rong Wang and said that it was a rumor but since there were a video and screenshots of Rong Wang drugging the lady, most people were against him.

    Just as Rong Wang and his team were scratching their heads trying to think of a way to handle the situation, someone came to look for them.