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Chapter 223 - Today’s the day you shall die (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 223: Today’s the day you shall die (1)

    Assistant Mei passed the person’s name card over to Rong Wang. Rong Wang had already been fuming, but with a glimpse of the word “reporter” on the name card, he got even more irritated. Raising one foot, he landed a kick directly on Mei’s side, yelling, “Do you think those darn paparazzi haven’t screwed me over enough? Don’t let me see that word ever again! Tell her to scram!”

    With that kick, Mei collapsed on the ground. Hissing in pain, tears welled up in her eyes. Yet, she didn’t even dare to cry out in pain. Painstakingly scrambling onto her feet, she made her way out of the office, with her head lowered.

    However, a minute later, that reporter pushed the office’s door open, barging in despite Mei’s attempts to stop her.

    With her heels clicking, and her head held high, she strutted her way over to Rong Wang. She smiled and extended her hand, “Let me introduce myself, I’m Zhou Meiqi, The Daily Report’s leading reporter.”

    Rong Wang’s eyes swept over Zhou Meiqi. She was rather pretty. If that happened in the past, he would have definitely put up a nice front. But now, he scoffed, a fierce glint in his eyes as he spat out harshly, “Do all of you paparazzi have a death wish? Why? You’re now barging into my office to get a scoop? Do you really think that I’m not going to do anything to you guys?

    The previous one had the guts to expose him. This one, had the guts to invade his turf directly? Did they really deem him as a pushover?

    The corner of Zhou Weiqi’s lip quirked, as she corrected him, “Rong Wang, don’t use the term, you guys. Xu Weilai is Xu Weilai. I, Zhou Meiqi, am myself. We’re enemies. Since she’s your enemy now, the enemy of my enemy is a friend.”

    “Oh?” Rong Wang raised his brow. “So the purpose of your visit today is?”

    “Of course, it is to come to take down our common enemy together.”

    Rong Wang regarded Zhou Meiqi seriously this time around, before breaking into a small smile. Gesturing for her to go ahead, he said, “Take a seat. Let’s discuss this. I hope you won’t disappoint me.”

    Zhou Meiqi raised her head confidently. “But of course.”


    After a few days, more and more attention was on Rong Wang’s issue. Perhaps because of his guilty conscience, or because he could live with the situation, Rong Wang never did come forward to clarify things.

    While bystanders sat and watched as the issue unfurled, his fans broke out into crazed disputes. Those that believed Rong Wang, advocated the idea of him being wronged and scrambled all over trying to find excuses for his wrongdoings. Those that didn’t believe him left the fandom, disappointed in him. In fact, the majority of those fans turned into anti-fans.

    Xu Weilai wasn’t idling around the past few days either. Even though she was the one who released the news and exposed Rong Wang’s true colors, she needed not only physical evidence but also witnesses, for him to be punished for his crimes.

    The video that she had recorded was her physical evidence. As for witnesses… she herself couldn’t be considered. After all, she wasn’t sexually assaulted by him. That’s where she lost credibility.

    However, if she could find those fans that had been on the receiving end of Rong Wang’s vile treatment, and if they were willing to come forward to testify against Rong Wang, the police would get involved. Then, they’d be able to send that beast to prison!

    Fortunately, because she had exposed Rong Wang, there were quite a handful of victims that had contacted her directly. They wanted to be a part of the crusade against Rong Wang, to stand up for themselves!

    Xu Weilai arranged for them to meet her at a cafe at three o’clock in the afternoon the next day. She wished to get a clearer picture and tidy things up before handing the case over to the police.

    The next day, after dolling herself up, she carried her little backpack and made her way out. After her little car pulled up to the cafe, she turned off the engine and got out of the car. As she walked to the entrance of the cafe, she suddenly heard someone yelling her name.

    Xu Weilai turned around subconsciously, looking in the direction where the sound came from. Before she managed to get a good look, a crowd had emerged all of a sudden, surrounding her.