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Chapter 224 - Today’s the day you shall die (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 224: Today’s the day you shall die (2)

    They were all girls. A majority of them seemed to be students. Every single one of them had a vicious look in their eyes. The way they glared at Xu Weilai, was as if they were going to impale her with a thousand knives!

    The person leading the crew was someone Xu Weilai was very familiar with. Because it was Gu Xue.

    There was no room for doubt, these girls were all Rong Wang’s fans. And so, the reason why they had surrounded her that day, was definitely to fight on behalf of their idol.

    Resentment was clear in Gu Xue’s voice, “Xu Weilai, who allowed you to do as you please, to go around spreading rumors and defaming our King? In order to capture the attention of others, you made up stories and spread rumors. For tarnishing our Rong Wang’s reputation, you really deserve to die!”

    Once she finished her piece, the fans behind her began to chant, “Deserve to die, deserve to die, deserve to die!”

    There wasn’t a trace of fear on Xu Weilai’s face. In fact, she seemed extremely calm. Lifting her gaze, she met Gu Xue’s eyes, enunciating every word clearly, “The news that I’ve published is the truth, I didn’t make up anything. And soon, Rong Wang will have to pay for his wrongdoings. When the time comes, you guys will come to know that he isn’t worthy of your love at all!”

    “Rubbish! Xu Weilai, you really don’t know your limits. You were obviously the one who went to seduce our Rong Wang to create such fake news, and yet, you still dare lie through your teeth. You really think that all of us are fools, that we’d play right into your hands?”

    “Right, you shameless woman!”

    “Defaming my Brother King, pay with your life!”

    “Don’t waste your breath on her, we should just beat this kind of paparazzi to death!”

    “Beat her to death! Do it for Brother King!”

    Recalling what Gu Xue had mentioned, Xu Weilai frowned, sensing that something had happened again. She predicted that Rong Wang had finally come forward to say something. In his defense, he said that she was the one who seduced him!

    Xu Weilai wasn’t too surprised by that. Shirking responsibility was a popular method used by people to justify themselves. But, even if one wanted to shirk responsibility, they could only do so with concrete evidence. Fans weren’t going to place their trust in someone with just cheap talk!

    So, what kind of concrete evidence did Rong Wang present, to let his fans change their minds in an instant?

    Although Xu Weilai cleared her mind quickly, she was surrounded by his fans, so she couldn’t get a grasp on the situation in an instant either. Moreover, as those fans hurled remarks at her, they also started to throw things at her aggressively.

    It was as if they had all lost their minds. With their minds set on standing up for their idol, they didn’t hold back at all. No matter how much Xu Weilai tried to dodge, four hands were still better than two. There were too many fans, and they had thrown too many things on her. In no time, she was covered in filth from head to toe, covered in raw eggs, vegetables, flour…

    At her sorry sight, Gu Xue sneered disdainfully, “Xu Weilai, have you realized your mistake? You dare to defame our Brother King, this is how you’ll end up. I want you to take back that false piece of news of yours, and to make a public apology. Admit to everyone that you’re the one who falsely accused our Brother King, and then take the blame and resign. Scram from the media industry!”


    “Scram from the media industry!”

    Seeing how pathetic Xu Weilai looked, Gu Xue continued dishing out harsh words, “If you don’t agree to our terms, then don’t even think about leaving tonight! We’ll bring you to our Brother King, with you on your knees!

    However, Xu Weilai just wiped her face, not seeming to pay them any mind. Her lips curved into a smile, as she laughed, “Apologies? Scram from the media industry? Those don’t exist in my dictionary! The person that should apologize, is Rong Wang. The person that should scram from the entertainment industry, is Rong Wang. The person that should meet all his victims on his knees, is also Rong Wang!”

    “How great, being so presumptuous even at death’s door. Xu Weilai, today’s the day you shall die!”