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Chapter 213 - Go and Stir Trouble

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 213: Go and Stir Trouble

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    The faces of the lawyers immediately turned red. They had, of course, come with the intention to shake up Xiao Luo. After all, neither Ms. Xin nor the silver-haired youth had an exceptionally glorious background. They would not reap many benefits if this case was escalated to court.

    “We will not be negotiating with you! Hurry up and ask your director to come out!” shouted the lawyer who was wearing glasses.

    Xiao Luo ignored him and looked straight at the woman wearing green in the detention room. He softly asked, “Ms. Xin, are you really not going to come out?”

    The woman in green gritted her teeth and harshly replied, “I will come out if you are willing to compensate me for the loss of $5 million and kowtow to me as an apology. If not, I will have no choice but to blow up the issue. Then, you will see. I’ll even take down the entire Li Ren clan with me.”

    “You’re acting like a woman whose brain has been filled with water. Alright, in that case, I’ll fulfill your wishes. In view of you gathering a crowd to make a scene and still having yet to repent after spending an entire day in the detention room, I will extend your stay here.”

    Xiao Luo heavily closed the cell door and turned to the group of lawyers. “Come back again in 14 days to get her!”

    “Would you really dare do that?” shouted the lawyer who was wearing glasses.

    “Why wouldn’t I dare?” Xiao Luo coldly asked. “There are witnesses and surveillance footage that she gathered a crowd to create trouble. We have a clear conscience in detaining her within our facility. If you are dissatisfied, you can go ahead and bring this matter up to the court. In fact, I want to see which court will be on your side.”

    The lawyers’ faces instantly turned ugly. It was as if they were constipated. It was the first time they had come across such a troublesome police officer.

    Wang Lihu, Ye Qiu, and Liu Tieguo, all felt awestruck by what had happened. They felt that their Xiao Luo was so mighty, and they loved it. Hehe! Our head guy is mighty! I love it, hehe!

    “You bastard, do you dare to lock me up?”

    The woman in green’s expression took a great turn. Having to stay in detention made every fiber of her body uncomfortable. The torture was beyond words. If she had to stay there for another 14 days, she couldn’t imagine not going insane.

    “I’m sorry, but I really dare to.”

    Xiao Luo narrowed his eyes as he looked at her until they were nothing more than a line. A cold light emerged as he said, “Your man is Feng Zhiqiang, and his nickname is Cockroach. He’s a small sect leader in the Dragon Gang. The person behind all these indecent dealings is him, am I right?”

    “You… How do you know…” The woman in green shivered.

    A smile appeared in the corner of Xiao Luo’s mouth. He took out a USB stick and inserted it into the computer. He searched and played the video inside the folders. It depicted the main person, who was the silver-haired youth who suffered from two bullet wounds on his thighs.

    He faced the camera in tears and confided that he was guilty. He explained that a few female newcomers were resisting, disobeying their control, and wanting to escape. They had ended up beating them to death and burying them in the forest while the night sky was darkest. He mentioned that the mastermind was Feng Zhiqiang. For every new woman that came, those who dared to defy orders would first be defiled by him before being handed over to the other lackeys for punishment.

    Xiao Luo coldly laughed. He looked toward the lawyer and said, “This person is also your client, and his name is Xu San. He admitted to following the instructions of Feng Zhiqiang and killing these four defiant women before burying their corpses in the wilderness. Can you all grow a brain? Do you all want to be his representative and help defend a murderer?”

    Upon hearing these words, the faces of the group of lawyers instantly turned a bright crimson.

    The lawyer wearing glasses loudly exclaimed, “That’s impossible! This is your doing to extort a confession of guilt through torture. How can Xu Sun possibly be a murderer?”

    It was bizarre that Xu San suddenly took the initiative and declared the truth behind the murders.

    Xiao Luo opened another video, which showed a barren wilderness. Under Xu San’s directions, they found the four buried bodies that were buried. When they dug them out, the bodies had already decomposed into skeletons.


    The lawyer wearing glasses immediately shut up and did not utter another word.

    “Didn’t you guys want evidence?” Xiao Luo asked with a snarky laugh. “Now, I’ve presented it to you. Oh, right, which one of you mentioned that Xu San was their client? Raise your hand and let me familiarize myself with you.”

    Nobody in the group dared to respond. These two videos alone were enough to turn Xu San into a convicted murderer. Only people who had their brains kicked by a donkey would dare to defend a murderer. At the same time, they felt that there was something fishy about the situation. Could it be that Xu San really had his brains kicked by a donkey? If not, why would he openly confess to the murder? There was no need for that at all.

    What they did not know was that Xiao Luo had an extremely strong proficiency in hypnosis. He had hypnotized Xu San and urged him to confess the truth about the crime.

    “Do you have anything else to say? If not, I will leave. This is a police station. If you want to make trouble here and disrupt our law enforcement, I’m sorry, but I will have to lock you up for disciplinary issues. Do not doubt my words.”

    The group of lawyers slowly took a step back. They fully understood that the police officer in front of them was fully capable of following up on his words.

    “Didn’t you hear what our leader said? Hurry up and leave!” Wang Lihu chased them away after speaking.

    The lawyers were reluctant. With no other choice, they left feeling deserted. This was a stark contrast to their conceited and bold attitudes when they had first arrived.

    “Awesome, this is truly awesome, hahaha…”

    Feng Yuqi couldn’t help but loudly laugh in his office. He thought that he would have had to sacrifice Xiao Luo this time around. He didn’t expect Xiao Luo would defeat a group of lawyers and even cause them to flee like flies. Furthermore, he had managed to dig up dirt on that silver-haired youth, Xu San. With the evidence, he could issue an official arrest warrant for Xu Zhiqiang.

    On the other hand, the instructor had his concerns. He thought, How did Xiao Luo make Xu San confess? Regardless of what happened, there was no need for him to confess to the crime of murder at this point.

    Logically speaking, Xu San should have held the advantage with both of his legs crippled. No matter the situation, Xiao Luo would have been the one receiving punishment since he had fired the gun. Now, Xu San willingly confessed to committing murder. Exactly what kind of situation was this?

    “This is what’s so amazing about Xiao Luo,” Feng Yuqi said with a laugh. “You should hurry up and send people to deal with the scene. Feng Zhiqiang is the leader of the Dragon Gang and is deemed to be a big catch. Once this big fish surfaces, there is no reason to let him dive back into the deep.”


    The night arrived. The order to arrest Feng Zhiqiang had been approved.

    Feng Yuqi gave Xiao Luo full authority to handle it. “Xiao Luo, go and stir things up over there. If there is anyone who dares to obstruct you, go ahead and arrest them. The bigger the commotion the better. If anything happens, I will have your back.”


    Xiao Luo took the orders. He had been waiting for that sentence.


    “The bigger the commotion the better? Director, what are you trying to achieve with this?” the instructor asked. He looked at Feng Yuqi in horror after Xiao Luo had left.

    “Don’t they always say that we have done nothing? Let us now whip up a strong wave of presence in the district and general bureaus!” Feng Yuqi smiled as he looked up and drank the tea in his cup in one shot.

    The instructor couldn’t believe that this was the director he knew. Ever since Xiao Luo had returned, he felt that Feng Yuqi had lost his mind. To be precise, he was no longer the careful and calculated old veteran from before.