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Chapter 228 - Until I Say Stop

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 228: Until I Say Stop

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    After she had finished running, Jian Qi was so tired that she instantly plopped down on the floor.

    She was becoming more and more down to earth these days.


    Tang Jinyu walked over and looked down at her. “Do you know why I punished you?”

    Jian Qi flipped around and opened her eyes to look at him before smirking devilishly. “Was that a punishment? I thought that it was a warm-up exercise of love that you gave me, Instructor!”

    Everyone. “…”

    Big Sister Qi, we submit to you!

    How could she continue flirting even when she was being punished?

    Tang Jinyu’s frigid glare swept over to the crowd that was watching on, and all of them scattered like a flock of pigeons.

    What, were they supposed to stand there and wait to get punished too?

    It was clear as day that Tang Jinyu was not in a good mood!

    What did Big Sister Qi do?

    After they had scattered, Tang Jinyu looked back at Jian Qi and continued, “What happened to those managers?”

    Jian Qi raised her eyebrows. He knew about that?

    She was certain that she had done it discreetly enough, how did he know?

    “Since you’re not replying, I’m assuming that you did it?” Tang Jinyu squinted coldly at her.

    “How did you know that it was me?” Jian Qi asked calmly, indirectly confirming his accusations.

    Tang Jinyu was completely different from Coco.

    Coco had always believed that she was a porcelain doll that could not beat up five people at once, so she got off the hook quite easily, but Tang Jinyu was the person that knew about her abilities the best. He knew that she could do the deed, so it was useless to hide it from him.

    That being said, she was still quite curious. How did he know about it?

    “At least you’re honest!” Tang Jinyu looked down at her, quite surprised that she admitted to it so readily.

    “Leniency to those who confess, severity to those who resist, I know that much at least, especially when it’s you!”

    Tang Jinyu only looked at her and scoffed.

    On the day he went to fetch Tang Yiyi from the company, he felt parched so he went to the pantry, It was then he heard a few employees talking about the five managers that did not even dare to walk into the pantry anymore after they were beaten up in there.

    They also talked about the matter regarding the perfume advertisement, as well as the scene that happened outside the meeting room.

    Then, he recalled Tang Yiyi’s question to him so he went to check the surveillance footage, and he saw a certain someone’s figure as he had expected.

    Even though the footage was a little choppy, but Tang Jinyu was completely certain that the woman in disguise was Jian Qi.

    “Jian Qi, do you think that you did the right thing?” Tang Jinyu asked in an authoritative tone.


    “If that’s the case, then why—”

    “But I would still choose to do so anyway!” Jian Qi cut him off, her tone steady.

    “Are you going to tell me that you’re not at any fault?”

    “No, I was wrong, but I wouldn’t correct it even if I were given a second chance, and if this happened again I would choose to do it a second time!” Jian Qi replied.

    Tang Jinyu inhaled deeply. Even Tang Yiyi knew about this girl’s character so he had anticipated this reaction long beforehand.

    “Instructor Tang, I can accept any punishment that you give me, but it’s going to be impossible to get me to change my opinion.” Jian Qi replied.

    Tang Jinyu looked at her for a few moments before he shouted. “Get up and continue running until I say stop!”

    Jian Qi pouted before she crawled up from the ground and started to run again.

    Meanwhile, everyone else was shocked at how she had started to run again. What did she say for him to punish her like that?

    Jian Qi ran for the entire afternoon while Tang Jinyu stood there the whole time.