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Chapter 171 - Is It You Or The Higher Ups Who Are Stupid!

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 171: Is It You Or The Higher Ups Who Are Stupid!

    Hearing her speak so resolutely, Wu He was greatly reassured. Now she was just beginning, Wu He also hoped that Su Cha wouldn’t come across such bad things.

    After the call ended, Su Cha received joyous news from Le Anqi and Cai Ziya.

    There was no movement from Mr Su’s side till now. He probably didn’t know that her results came out.

    Phone calls from the Education Bureau and the school came in one after another. After Su Cha answered it, the other party’s joy seemed to drown Su Cha out in the phone call. Although the other party was very excited, Su Cha’s few and calm words threw them off. These people who were usually of high ranks also began to calm down, and expressed their congratulations to Su Cha, offering her a generous reward.

    Towards the first provincial champion of Yonggu Town, the Education Bureau would not be stingy.

    They would give Su Cha 100,000 yuan, and the school would give her a 30,000 yuan scholarship.

    The topic of scholarships was sensitive. Even if they gave rewards, they couldn’t do so too openly, hence the money was first awarded to the school by the Education Bureau, after which the school would transfer it to Su Cha.

    Imperial Capital University had also promised Su Cha a scholarship. After all, her results were already considered high flying, it was expected for her to be offered a scholarship.

    Su Cha now did not need to worry about her tuition and other living expenses.

    The speed of her embroidery slowed down, and she began to concentrate on preparing for the competition.

    The school sent a notice for Su Cha to make a trip to school that afternoon.

    Now that the results were out, the school also needed to gather.

    Su Cha thought of her bet with Yu Chuai, and the corner of her lips curved upwards.


    In school, there were preparations for the third year’s graduation talk, and also some embarrassing matters.

    As the teaching director, Cao Yanhua who previously said that Su Cha cheated was not dealt with properly. He also hinted that the truth would come to light in the college entrance examination.

    Now, the truth indeed did come to light.

    Not only did her score improve, she also directly became a provincial champion.

    Provincial champion, this was the first time in history for Yonggu Town!

    This time, not only the teachers were dumbfounded, but Cao Yanhua felt that he could not hold his head up.

    It was because he felt too ashamed.

    That day, due to unbelief he said those words. He didn’t expect such things to happen now!

    The principal even screamed at him when he found out. If things were not handled properly, Su Cha could casually say a few words to the media, and the news would ruin their school reputation entirely.

    Did he suspect that the college entrance exam was cheating?

    That was simply a big joke.

    Of course, the school needed to quickly commend Su Cha, hence Su Cha needed to go up on stage for the afternoon’s graduation speech.

    Cao Yanhua had a lot of things on his plate. While the third years were having their graduation, the second years were still having extra classes in school. He was too busy.

    Chang Wugui came over to him with a pale face.

    “Director, this is definitely not right. Even if she got 600 points, but in only one month, she directly got 730? Was it that she was hiding her potential all along? She must have done something. Cheating in the college entrance examination…”


    This time, Cao Yanhua wanted so badly to spit in Chang Wugui’s face. “No wonder you have been teaching in Class 7 for so many years! What kind of place is the college entrance examination venue? The surveillance videos of the city’s top ten scorers all have to be re-examined, not to mention those of the province’s.”

    “Even the higher ups couldn’t find anything, only you, you would know? You tell me, in that kind of place, how can she cheat? Like you said, use her phone to look to someone for answers? Is it you or the higher ups who are stupid?