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Chapter 249 - The Stifled Puppy Boy

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 249: The Stifled Puppy Boy

    The two players were talking out loud, not minding at all that God was listening to them.

    His fingers were shaking on the keyboard and mouse.

    How could he not know? However, he could not do anything. He had been tricked!

    Recalling his first day in the club, Han Feng—the captain of Team ET had walked up to him and said, “So, you’re ‘God’?”

    God nodded his head.

    Han Feng smirked. “Do you remember me?”

    God nodded again. Of course, he remembered. He had once ranked up to national rankings and had been matched against Han Feng. Both of them were legendary snipers in PUBG and had lasted until the final round.

    After a fierce match, Han Feng had lost to God.

    God did not mind at all about winning the match, however, Han Feng had been live streaming at the time and he had kept a grudge about it ever since. God’s roommate always talked about this back then, which was how he was able to remember Han Feng.

    Hence, when he saw Han Feng, God was quite surprised. He had thought that Han Feng would bully him due to their history.

    Yet, Han Feng had been taking good care of him. He not only allowed him on the team but he had also been bragging about how great God was with his gaming skills. This, in turn, caused God to become the envy of many in the club.

    That was how God had become isolated by his teammates.

    Half a month later, Team ET had approved his probation and officially signed him in. God had carefully read the contract before signing it. He was sure that there was nothing awry in that contract at all.

    However, what he did not know was that… the manager of the team had swapped out the first few pages after he had signed on the final page. That was how being new blood in the official team, God was earning peanuts—his income was no different from an intern. Not only that, but they also made it so that he would need to pay an insane amount of money if he ever wanted to leave the team, defaulting the contract.

    Since then, God had been forced to become a bench player. Nonetheless, if the main player that he was assigned to substitute for decided to take a break, God would still be able to step into the limelight. Yet, the person that he was supposed to substitute was Han Feng, the captain of Team ET himself! His turn to play in official games would never come!

    Now, he was even assigned to earn money for the club by helping to play in place of casual players, aiding them to rank up. So long as there was a casual player that had enough money to pay them to rank up his account, God would always need to work extra to do it. And… there were a lot of people who demanded services like that in China…

    At least… he was allowed to play. God would be devastated if he was made to separate himself from computers, not allowing him to play.

    Having thought this, God shut his eyes in despair.

    Indeed, he could just leave. However, that huge amount of damage for defaulting the contract… Han Meilin could not afford that.

    Not only that, but Han Meilin was his aunt, not his mother. God had made up his mind to be a full-time pro-player and earn his place by himself, not wanting to burden his dear aunt.

    Clenching his fist, God continued to play the online matches, not knowing that his phone that had been confiscated by Han Feng was ringing.


    Upon arriving at the hotel, Ning Meng dialed God’s number after putting down her luggage.

    Following a few long ringings, there was no one picking up the phone.

    After a quick browse on the internet, Ning Meng realized that the club was just a few hundred meters away from the hotel, and so, after assigning Li Shiyao to check in with the hotel, Ning Meng walked out to visit the E-sports club.

    Sure, the club may not allow the players to receive phone calls, however, surely they allowed visitors, right?

    When Ning Meng found the E-sports Club that God had joined, it was already 5 PM.

    A long while after she had knocked on the door, someone finally opened the door. “Who is it?”

    “I’m looking for ‘God’. I’m… I’m his sister.”

    After the manager heard the name “God”, a flicker of alarm could be seen in his eyes before he opened his mouth. ” Wait here.”

    After waiting for a while, Ning Meng could hear a few loud steps from within before the door was opened up again. “God”, the puppy boy, appeared before her.

    The boy had gotten thinner. There were black rims around his eyes, indicating his lack of sleep. Yet, despite how weak he had gotten, a smile spread across his worn-out face after seeing Ning Meng. “Sis? Sis! It is you! Why are you here?”

    Hurried to her side, Ning Meng saw some tears in the puppy boy’s eyes.

    Frowning her brows, Ning Meng looked at the poor boy who had gotten so thin to the point that the Team ET’s uniform had become too big for him, enveloping him like a massive blanket.

    “What happened to you? Are you eating properly?”