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Chapter 250 - A Sleeping Puppy

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 250: A Sleeping Puppy

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    Upon hearing Ning Meng’s words, God felt a surge of warmth in his heart. He was a young man who had never entered the workforce, still holding some pride in him. Due to that, he did not want to ask for help during all these hardships.

    Yet, after hearing Ning Meng’s concern for him, the icy pride that he was trying really hard to keep up started to melt.

    Beaming up a smile, God said, “I’m fine. Sis, are you here to play? I’ll go apply for leave today, I’ll treat you a meal!”

    Then, he hurried back into the club.

    Ning Meng wanted to stop him but she stopped after recalling what she had seen earlier.

    The puppy boy’s eyes… they were like the ones she had seen in the orphanage—the eyes of the orphans who had been yearning for parental love. And so, she could not find it in her to reject the boy.

    Meanwhile, God ran upstairs to apply for a one-day leave. The manager smirked. “No. Applying for leave this abruptly is against the rules!”

    God, changing the obedient attitude he had always been keeping up, responded stubbornly. “Mr. Manager, could you tell me which part of this is against the rules? According to the contract, I have 4 days of leave for each month. Additionally, I have been here for a month and a half, but I had never applied for leave even once. Can I have a look at the contract again? Or, if you want, you can always fire me.”

    If they fired him, God could then join other E-sports clubs.

    The manager was stunned after hearing this. Looking at the boy now, God stood up straight and glared at him sternly. Somehow, he could feel a powerful energy from this young man, hence, the manager had no choice but to comply.

    After walking out of the door, a dazzling smile spread across God’s face.

    Seeing him coming out again, Ning Meng asked, “I still have a young lady with me, should we invite her along as well?”


    After treating Ning Meng and Li Shiyao to a proper traditional Shanghai meal, God insisted on seeing the two ladies back to their hotel.

    At the hotel entrance, God timidly asked, “Sis… would it be alright for me to hang out at your place for a while?”

    Before Ning Meng could refuse, God mumbled, “I was finally able to apply for a leave. If I go back now, all that is waiting for me there is endless training and no rest time…”


    Awww, how could she say no to this poor puppy?

    Hence, Ning Meng and Li Shiyao brought God to their hotel room and served him some tea. Ning Meng planned to have a long chat with him, to ask how was his days in the E-sports club.

    However, after she had brought out the tea, Ning Meng saw that God was fast asleep on the sofa.

    It would appear that the puppy boy was indeed worn out. God hugged his head as his long and slender legs were curled up on the sofa. The way he slept showed how insecure he felt in his daily life.

    Li Shiyao whispered into Ning Meng’s ear, “What should we do?”

    Recalling the black rims around God’s eyes and the one-day leave he had applied for today, Ning Meng sighed. “Let’s allow him to rest here tonight. Don’t worry, if you want, I can share a bed with you~”

    Li Shiyao nodded her head.

    After covering God with a blanket, Ning Meng sat next to him and started to browse the Weibo—she needed to wait for Li Shiyao, who had gone back to her room next door for a shower.

    #SuTiantianLoveintheSummer# was now on the Hot Search engine on Weibo. The official Weibo page of “Love in the Summer” had also released the cast list.

    @Su Tiantian: [After working really hard, I’ve finally acquired this role. I’ll make sure to not disappoint everyone.]

    Then, a string of heated debate exploded in the comment section. Everyone began to talk about the news of Su Tiantian and Li Shiyao competing for the role of this TV drama. Some comments even talked about the rumor that Li Shiyao had the support of some prestigious background, resulting in her almost grabbing the role away from Su Tiantian.

    Consequently, as expected, many people started to badmouth Li Shiyao.

    Letting out a snigger, Ning Meng prepared to type something to counter these haters when suddenly, her phone rang.

    It was from the “Lemon Extract”.

    A deep attractive voice that was muffled through her phone flowed through after she accepted the call. “What are you doing right now?”

    Before she was able to say anything, God yawned lazily and mumbled softly.

    “Sis… I… I didn’t think I would fall asleep…”