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Chapter 229 - I Want to Beat You Up, Does That Count?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 229: I Want to Beat You Up, Does That Count?

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    All the other rookies were done with their training and they stood at the side, watching on.

    “What happened?”

    “No idea, she was told to run after she came back in the morning!”

    “Instructor Tang sure is ruthless!”

    “Besides that, Jian Qi is such a trooper! She hasn’t even fallen yet after running for so many hours!”

    “Why do I feel like this is a competition?”

    “Why is she so stubborn? She’d probably get off the hook if she were to give up!”

    “Yeah, hasn’t she always been smart? Why is she being like this?”

    Everyone was quite worried about Jian Qi, and Lu Yao looked at Jian Qi before he looked back at Tang Jinyu that was standing as straight as a flagpole.

    He knew Tang Jinyu’s personality, and he would not be one to punish a recruit for no reason.

    What he was surprised about was that it was Jian Qi that was being punished.

    The weather in summer changed quickly, and while it was sunny mere moments ago, once it got to five o’clock, the wind had started blowing and the sky darkened with clouds.

    Jian Qi could not help but feel frustrated. Was the heavens against her too?!

    The only help that rain would be for her right now was to relieve her thirst.

    She was parched!

    Then came thunder and lightning, along with the pouring rain.

    Other than the ones that were on duty, most of the recruits were brought back to practice indoors, while some were taken outdoors to practice too.

    After all, special ops squads would have to get used to battle in any weather, so the rain was a great training opportunity!

    Lightning and the others looked on and watched Tang Jinyu and Jian Qi, and they could not help but ask, “How much longer does she have to run?”

    “Does anyone want to give Boss an umbrella?” Crocodile asked.

    “You go!” Lightning spoke.

    Crocodile turned over and looked at Feng Yi. “Feng Yi, you go!”

    “I don’t want to go and get punished!” Feng Yi huffed and turned around, walking away.

    Was he sure that it was not because he was angry that his goddess was being punished so he wanted Boss to stand in the rain for a little longer?

    But it was true that whoever went over there right now would definitely be dragged into the run.

    The sky became darker and darker along with the rain that increased in intensity, and at this point, Jian Qi was moving forward solely on momentum and willpower.

    The rain continued for an entire night until the next morning, and Jian Qi was on the verge of collapsing but she was hanging on by a thread.

    He said that she could not stop unless he said so!

    Jian Qi could not help but think that it was a great choice to have Coco buy a grave for her in advance!

    She was going to die!

    The rain soon turned into a light drizzle, and Tang Jinyu finally spoke, his tone somewhat craggy from not speaking for an entire day. “Come over here!”

    Jian Qi jogged over, but when she finally stopped in front of him, she could no longer stand and dropped onto the ground.

    The mud and rainwater made her seem undignified and dirty, and she was too tired to even raise her head, so she turned around and lay on her back, looking up at Tang Jinyu.

    He had been in the rain for an entire night too, but in contrast, he still seemed elegant and composed.

    “Can you tell me what you thought about that run?” Tang Jinyu asked.

    “It made me want to beat you up, does that count?” Jian Qi smirked. “Instructor Tang, my answer won’t change even if you make me run for another day. I was wrong, but I wouldn’t change, and I would choose to do so again!”

    Tang Jinyu inhaled deeply, and this was the first time he realized how stubborn the person in front of him was.

    “Go back to sleep!” He stood there in silence for a few moments before he turned around and left.

    He had barely lifted his leg before it was hugged by the person on the ground.