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Chapter 172 - A Bright Future Thanks To A Studen

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 172: A Bright Future Thanks To A Student

    Being reprimanded by Cao Yanhua in this way, Chang Wugui’s face flushed red.

    He couldn’t believe this, or believe that Su Cha could get such a high score.

    But now, what could he do?

    Cao Yanhua glared at Chang Wugui, frustrated by his obstinance. “If you don’t want to apologize, don’t add to this mess either. The school now has a provincial champion, if you utter any more ugly words, you won’t be able to teach again in this lifetime! Su Cha is now our school’s lucky star. If you dare to scheme, don’t even mention your current job as a teacher, you will immediately lose your license to teach!”

    Hearing Cao Yanhua throw this stern warning, making Chang Wugui’s cheek muscles tense up even further. “… I… I get it.”

    Whatever the circumstances, he dared not joke about his career.

    He could only watch the graduation speech that afternoon.

    What made him feel so resentful was that He Qun, the class teacher of Class 5 who used to be as lowly as he was, now probably had this opportunity to soar into the skies.

    Being able to teach a provincial champion was already glorifying. Being granted the fame of an excellent teacher was more than enough, not to mention other rewards.

    Although it seemed that this had little to do with He Qun, who let her be the class teacher?

    The class teachers felt unsettled and rather jealous, but they couldn’t do anything, they could only sigh about He Qun having such a good life.

    When Su Cha arrived at the school, the principal personally welcomed her into the office.

    As soon as she entered, she saw the teaching director Cao Yanhua smiling meekly inside, as well as her own uneasy class teacher He Qun.

    “Student Su, I really congratulate you. I didn’t expect that. That day, Teacher was blind, I was too narrow-minded, please do not take it to heart.”

    Since Cao Yanhua was a teaching director, he still was able to act pragmatically.

    This time he apologized directly to Su Cha, and there was nothing to be embarrassed about. At least on the surface he had done enough.

    Su Cha was not petty. Knowing that she would not be involved with these people in the future, she did not mind at all, and said with a light smile, “Teaching Director exaggerates, I did not take it to heart.”

    Everyone had a tacit understanding, they let the matter pass with an apology.

    The principal warmly asked Su Cha, “Su Cha, will you give a speech on behalf of the student body for the graduation?”

    Su Cha shook her head directly. “Principal, there’s no need. I came to school for another reason.”

    If not for the gamble with Yu Chuai, she would not even come to school.

    As if he remembered something, the headmaster glanced at Cao Yanhua with an awkward expression.

    Apparently, Su Cha and Yu Chuai’s gamble was also known to the school leaders.

    At that time, everyone treated it as a joke, but seeing that Su Cha was serious about it, they suddenly did not know what to say.

    If this thing really happened, it would not be good for the school’s reputation.

    But what mattered was that they did not really have a say in the matter, hence they retreated first to make arrangements for the talk, leaving only He Qun and Su Cha in the office.

    Seeing Su Cha and that the leader had left, He Qun stood up and smiled, a little embarrassed. “Su Cha, I really have to thank you.”

    The principal had just informed her that day about her guaranteed promotion and salary raise, and she would also receive an award from the Education Bureau, on top of being transferred straight to the top class in the future.

    She originally did not have much hope for her life, and just wanted to teach honestly.

    She never expected to have a bright future again, thanks to a student.