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Chapter 251 - She Is Nastily Adorable

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 251: She Is Nastily Adorable


    Ning Meng turned her head to look at God stiffly. Oh no, she had totally forgotten that this boy was still there!

    And… as expected, suddenly, a cold icy aura seemed to seep out from the phone, the man’s voice sounding as though he wanted to murder someone. “Who’s in your room?”


    Ning Meng instinctively tried to come up with an explanation. “Brother… Brother Chen… I’ve got a good explanation for this…”

    “Brother? Oh, that bro?” God, still dazed from waking up, sleepily gave a greeting like an obedient child. “Good evening, bro. How are you~”


    Could she just dig a huge hole and die in there?!

    No, wait. She had not done anything wrong. There was no need for her to be panicked about or feel guilty over.

    Clearing her throat, Ning Meng opened her mouth. “God’s E-sports Club is nearby. Aunt Meilin wanted me to check up on him earlier, however, his training was so strenuous that he fell asleep on the sofa after seeing me and Li Shiyao back to the hotel here.”

    “Sorry for causing this much trouble, sis.”

    Before Ning Meng could say anything to comfort the puppy boy, Huo Beichen’s cold voice came through the phone again. “It’s getting late. Shouldn’t God be heading back now?”

    God stood up obediently and smiled. “Yeah, I should be leaving now. Sis, after you’re finished with your work, do let me know. There are many places in Shanghai that I want to bring you to.”

    Well, the E-sports Club was only a few hundred meters away from the hotel after all.

    Nodding her head, Ning Meng gently advised him, “Now that you’ve applied for a leave, you should head back and get some proper sleep. Don’t train too much until you get ill. It’s very important to maintain good health, understand?”

    “Okay, sis.”

    After seeing him off, Ning Meng held her phone to her mouth. Before Huo Beichen was able to say anything, Ning Meng said, “Brother Chen~ do you know your place of origin?”

    Huo Beichen gave it a pause before answering, “I’m from… Beijing…?”

    “No. You come from my heart.”


    Seeing that he was stunned from this, Ning Meng quickly spoke again, “Aah~ I’ve gotten quite tired from the trip today. I’ll be hitting the sack now. Good night, Brother Chen~”



    Ning Meng had hung up.

    Huo Beichen was shocked as he stared at his phone. Then, he glared at Su Ye who was sitting in his office.

    “She dares to hang up on me?!”

    Seeing him like this, Su Ye could not help but smile slightly. His boss had been very uncomfortable and fidgety at work lately, so, this was why? The missus had traveled outstation for work!


    He had to be missing her so much!

    Thus, Su Ye, wanting to comfort his boss, said, “Yeah, the missus is so nasty!”

    Huo Beichen put his hand over the smile that was curved upon his face.

    This lady was finally not afraid of him anymore!

    “Yeah, that was nasty indeed… nastily adorable.”


    What had his boss said earlier? Su Ye could not believe his ears.


    Meanwhile, at the E-sports Club.

    After entering the lobby, Han Feng walked toward him and gently spoke. “God, you’ve been here for a month now. Is there anything that you’re feeling uncomfortable with?”

    A frown was pinched on God’s face. This man… he must be scheming something.

    God lowered his head and replied, “No. I’m doing fine.”

    Han Feng replied with a smile. “Good. Now, those tasks that we assigned to you, you must finish them. If you can finish them, we will allow you to participate in the tournament that is coming up in two days. Alright?”

    Hearing this, God raised his head and looked at Han Feng. If he could participate in the tournament, he could show his skills to the managers of the other E-sports teams. Then, it would be possible for the other teams to come to poach him off of this d*mn Team ET, releasing him from this endless torment!

    This was the chance he had been waiting for!

    Hence, God nodded his head. “Okay. I’ll get back to work right away.”