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Chapter 215 - A Shot Without Hesitation

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 215: A Shot Without Hesitation

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    Fresh blood flowed from the man’s head and followed the curvature of the table. It flowed down the sides and dripped drop by drop onto the ground.

    The 20 to 30 men, who were lying on the ground after being taught a lesson by Wang Lihu and Ye Qiu, suddenly changed their faces upon witnessing this scene. In their hearts, they thought, Are the four of them really police officers? When did the working style of police officers become this fierce?

    Xiao Luo’s eyes turned frosty cold. He looked icily at the man who’s head was being held in front of him and said, “Alright let me ask you again. Where is Feng Zhiqiang?”

    The man no longer had any guts. He felt like he had encountered fake police officers. They showed no mercy in their beatings and even used brutal means. He looked at Xiao Luo in horror and muttered, “He is… He is…”

    “Why the f*ck are you looking me for?”

    A powerful and fierce voice was suddenly heard in the distance.

    Xiao Luo and the other men looked up. A large group of fierce and evil men came walking in slowly from both sides of the street. They seemed extremely bad and evil. They were led by a fat man in a white top and gold chains. The fat man held a cigarette in his hands. He looked like a big smoker because his teeth had already turned yellow and black from the constant smoking.

    The group of men walked over like two huge walls of people. They squeezed along Hualong Commercial Street without proper crowd flow. This gave them a menacing sense of oppression.

    Liu Tieguo’s face changed tremendously. Even Wang Lihu and Ye Qiu slightly flinched.

    The man whose head was held by Xiao Luo seemed to have found his gang and excitedly shouted to the fat man, “Boss, these annoying police officers are here to smash up our place! They even beat up all our brothers! You must stand up for us!”

    Xiao Luo kicked the man to the ground and stood up. He faced the fat man in the white top and said, “Are you Feng Zhiqiang?”

    “Yeah, that’s me.”

    The fat man calmly spoke. He conveniently took a deep puff from his cigarette.

    “You are suspected of coercing women into prostitution, selling women, and cruelly killing women who violated your brand of discipline, as well as rape and corrupting women,” Xiao Luo said. “I am now arresting you based on the law. This is an arrest warrant, please follow me!” He followed procedures and showed the arrest warrant to Feng Zhiqiang.

    “Liren Police Station?”

    Feng Zhiqiang glanced at the arrest warrant and smirked. “Shouldn’t your little police station be dealing with some civil disputes instead of coming into my territory and finding trouble? Does this mean that you have no self-knowledge or do you really not have any brains? Oh, by the way, you are the officer Xiao who caught my wife, right?” His smile converged. The look in his eyes became fierce. “Release her immediately, or you and your friends are dead meat!”

    Xiao Luo smiled playfully and replied, “I absolutely hate it when people threaten me.”

    “So what if I threaten you?” Feng Zhiqiang asked with a grin. “In this land, here in Jiangcheng, no one dares to jump in front of the Dragon Gang. You are the first, and you will also be the last.”

    After finishing his sentence, he threw the cigarette in his hand to the ground and stomped it out fiercely with his foot. Turning to the crowd, he waved his hands and coldly said, “Hack them to death!”

    A large group of people received their orders. They loudly screamed and rushed up like a ferocious tide.


    Xiao Luo fired a shot into the sky. The sound resonated in their eardrums. It had a great deterring effect. The people from the Dragon Gang simply stopped moving.

    “You have all been arrested. You now have the right to remain silent. Every word you say will be henceforth used against you as a testimony!”

    Feng Zhiqiang recovered from the deterrent gunshot and jokingly said, “You brainless piece of sh*t. Do you think this is some big show? Do you really plan on arresting people from the Dragon Gang just relying on the four of you?”

    Xiao Luo nodded seriously and said, “I am a police officer. You are from a secret society that disobeys the law. Catching you is my moral duty.”

    Looking at his serious look, the members of the Dragon Gang were about to hold their stomachs and burst into laughter. They thought, a sheep just said that he would catch a group of wolves! How ignorant and arrogant is he?

    Feng Zhiqiang was equally amused and said, “Police officer, I sure want to see how you intend to catch us. Go, kill them!”

    A burly man with a knife rushed toward Xiao Luo with a smile.

    Wang Lihu and Ye Qiu prepared to start moving. Suddenly, the piercing sound of a gunshot was heard.


    Xiao Luo pulled the trigger without any hesitation. It was just one shot, but it went directly into the man’s head.

    The burly man was in utter shock as he fell straight down without making a sound.

    Feng Zhiqiang and the other burly men’s smiles instantly froze. Although they heard that Xiao Luo dared to shoot indiscriminately, they had never heard that he actually dared to kill people at will. He had fired shot in the middle of that man’s eyebrows. Even if the Darrow Fairy were to come, he probably couldn’t be saved.

    “You better not force my hand anymore,” Xiao Luo said while waving his pistol. “Drop your weapons and obediently follow me back to the police station.”

    “As a police officer, firing indiscriminately and killing people can be considered a felony,” Feng Zhiqiang coldly said.

    Xiao Luo hummed softly and sighed. “You attacked a police officer. In order to ensure my own personal safety, I had the right to shoot.”

    Wang Lihu, Ye Qiu, and Liu Tieguo felt a terrible cold pass through them. They understood the situation earlier between Xiao Luo and the big man who had charged toward him with the knife, yet it was the big man who had fallen. There was no threat to Xiao Luo’s personal safety at all. Xiao Luo had fired with the intent to kill.

    “Oh, really?” Feng Zhiqiang asked. “You of all people should know that there are only nine bullets in your 92-type match gun. Two rounds have already been used, and there are seven rounds left. Just seven bullets. How do you deal with my 200 brothers here?” He was the leader of the gang because he naturally possessed extraordinary courage and insight. If more than 200 people were scared by a single broken gun, it would have been quite ironic.

    He worked hard to increase the morale of his team. “Brothers, go forth and avenge your loyal brother who’s now dead!”

    Four men were just getting ready…

    Bang! Bang! Bang!

    Xiao Luo raised his hand and pulled the trigger. He immediately fired four bullets.


    The four men screamed and fell to the ground. There was a bullet hole in the middle of each man’s eyebrows. Blood was gurgling from their wounds non-stop.

    The 200 men who had originally begun charging toward Xiao Luo immediately withdrew their footsteps. Their intention to fight had dissipated into the air. They stood still, not daring to move.

    Feng Zhiqiang’s face also dramatically changed. Subconsciously hiding behind several men, his right hand reached for the firearm behind his back. This was his last resort.

    “You have but three bullets left. How can you survive with three bullets? No matter how capable you are, you can only deal with three of us.”

    He had begun to play the game of psychological warfare. He was trying to psychologically crush Xiao Luo. At the same time, he was cursing in his heart. Where did this bastard come from? Let’s not even talk about his marksmanship, but he is so f*cking ruthless. After killing five people, he didn’t even blink an eye.

    “Indeed I can only deal with three people. For the first three who rush up, their mortality rate will be 100%. Which of you men would like to be the three who have to die?” Xiao Luo smiled with disdain.

    As soon as he spoke, the expressions of the Dragon Gang members became very complicated. They wanted to hack Xiao Luo to death, but they did not want to be shot in the head. After all, this life was only lived once. No matter who it was, it was an expensive price to pay.