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Chapter 230 - Fed With Dog Food!

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 230: Fed With Dog Food!

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    “I can’t move, can you bring my bed over here?” Jian Qi whined softly and looked up with puppy dog eyes at Tang Jinyu.

    The ground was completely wet with rainwater and had mud everywhere, how could she even think of sleeping here?

    Tang Jinyu reached down and grabbed her collar, lifting her like a puppy that was grabbed by the scruff of its neck.

    Jian Qi could not help but curse internally. Did he not have the decency to at least carry her in a princess hold?

    Why was he so rough?!

    “Do you want me to carry you like this back to your room or do you want to walk on your own two feet?”

    His tone was cold which served as a warning, and Jian Qi blinked, before smiling mischievously.

    “Let go of me…”

    Tang Jinyu released her collar, thinking that she would stand back up, but he did not know that she was the literal definition of the saying ‘give an inch and they would take a mile’.

    Immediately, Jian Qi’s arms clung onto his while she wrapped her legs around him like a koala!

    “I told you I can’t go back by myself!”

    Then, Jian Qi rubbed her face that was covered with mud on Tang Jinyu’s neck, and only then did she feel much better.

    Tang Jinyu glared at her, his expression looked as if he was force-fed dirt.

    “Do you want to run again?”

    “Instructor Tang, shouldn’t comrades help each other?” Jian Qi asked with a smile.

    After she said so, she sneezed, and she freed one of her hands and covered her nose and mouth, her head shrinking inward reflexively.

    With an ‘achoo!’, Jian Qi’s head bumped onto Tang Jinyu’s chin, making his face scrunch up in pain.

    “Jian Qi, get off of me!” Tang Jinyu ordered angrily.

    Jian Qi merely rubbed her nose calmly in response before rubbing her forehead and suppressing the urge to laugh after she looked up at his expression. “Instructor Tang, you can’t blame me for not being able to control my sneeze, my head hurts too!”

    Tang Jinyu tried to pry her off, but it was as if she was glued to him, and it was impossible to get her off of him!

    Meanwhile, all of the other recruits that got up early to practice saw this scene and they all stopped in shock.

    “As expected of Big Sister Qi!”

    “What happened last night?”

    “I’m so excited!”

    “I was completely prepared to collect her corpse!” Lightning could not help but laugh. “But from the looks of it, we’re the single dogs that have to be fed dog food!”

    “How wild!”

    “So we were worried for nothing yesterday? Aren’t they just showing off their love?” Crocodile could not help but exclaim.

    This was too surprising!

    Feng Yi spoke with a gloomy tone, “This was all a scam!”

    They were fed the couple’s dog food without any warning!

    Jian Qi noticed the people that had gathered, and she smiled. “Instructor Tang, it seems that we have an audience!”

    “You have one second to get off of me.”

    “I don’t want to!” Jian Qi did not even budge. “Carry me back if you can, what kind of man are you!”

    At this point, she was already no different from a gangster!

    This girl was not scared of any threats and warnings, and it was as if she was not afraid of getting punished in the slightest!

    As the girl clung onto him, Tang Jinyu felt a strange sense of warmth from her arms, and even her head that rubbed onto his felt a little hot too.

    Tang Jinyu sighed sufferingly before he turned around and walked away with Jian Qi in tow.

    Jian Qi was quite surprised that he did not persist any further!

    In contrast to Jian Qi, all of the other recruits were horrified.

    Since when was Boss so nice?

    “We haven’t even eaten breakfast yet, and we’ve already been fed to the brim with dog food!”

    Someone exclaimed, and this statement was greeted with the agreement of everyone there!