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Chapter 173 - How Did You Do It?

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 173: How Did You Do It?

    There were too many such teachers in schools. They led ordinary lives, received their salary with occasional bonuses, though it wasn’t bad, but it was rather meaningless.

    Once transferred to the top class, her status would be different.

    A teacher of the provincial champion, could her future still be bad?

    The main point was that no one expected the provincial champion to emerge from such an ordinary class.

    Therefore, while being in disbelief, others could only be envious.

    Others said getting into a good university was the way to the skies, but now this teacher relied on her student to reach the skies.

    Su Cha pursed her lips and smiled softly, her gaze gentle. “Teacher, this is all because you taught well. For three years, I’ve been under your care.”

    He Qun in the past was not especially good to Su Cha, but she had not been harsh on her and she also did not give up on her.

    Some time ago, when she had to participate in the program, in such a nerve-wrecking period of time, she was willing to let her take leave, that was already out of the ordinary.

    She had fulfilled her duty towards Su Cha. She had done her job as an educator. Getting this treatment today was unexpected.

    He Qun felt warm in her heart for a while. Although Su Cha looked different now, she was still the little girl who had just entered high school in her heart.

    “I saw on the Internet that you are in the top 50 in the competition, do your best. When you advance, Teacher will vote for you, together with your juniors.”

    He Qun smiled brightly. Su Cha too smiled softly, her gaze mesmerising. “Thank you Teacher.”

    After speaking with He Qun, Su Cha left the principal’s office.

    The graduation speech ceremony was imminent. There were quite a number of third years who had returned to school, but some of them had already bought tickets to travel or report directly to their universities.

    Su Cha did not stand on ceremony. She went directly to Yu Chuai’s class and asked, “Is Yu Chuai coming?”

    The classmates who were tidying the class saw her, and all started stuttering, “She… She didn’t come, it seems she won’t be coming.”

    Su Cha today was already the provincial champion that everyone looked up to.

    Even the excellent students in the top class lost all arrogance in front of Su Cha.

    Too frustrating!

    Su Cha was not on her high horse, she only targeted Yu Chuai.

    At this time, when she heard that Yu Chuai didn’t come, she let out a light tsk.

    It was a kind of scornful contempt. Standing too high made others feel powerless.

    She was qualified to look down on Yu Chuai, even these students looked down on Yu Chuai now.

    She didn’t come to school after she lost. If she asked herself sincerely, if it were Su Cha who lost, Yu Chuai would’ve appeared here long ago.

    “Su Cha, Su Cha, you are here.”

    Le Anqi was panting and running over with Cai Ziya, her face full of resentment. “Don’t look for Yu Chuai that useless trash, once the results were released she fled immediately on a flight, she didn’t come to school at all. She simply has no guts!”

    Being unable to see the scene in her imagination play out, Le Anqi was agitated.

    What a coward, she ran the moment she lost.

    Su Cha actually expected this result, she did not expect Yu Chuai to honour her word.

    She was already being accused by many of being spineless and being a sore loser. If she really knelt before Su Cha, she wouldn’t be able to lift her head for a lifetime.

    If she didn’t run first thing in the morning, when would she?

    Unexpectedly, though Yu Chuai couldn’t be found, Su Cha heard a hoarse voice from behind her. “How did you do it?”