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Chapter 231 - I Wanted To Die Because Of You

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 231: I Wanted To Die Because Of You

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    Tang Jinyu walked while Jian Qi clung onto him, and after a while they arrived at the infirmary, surprising Jian Qi slightly before she smiled. “Instructor Tang, aren’t you thoughtful?”

    The doctor stationed in the infirmary was somewhat taken off guard when he saw Jian Qi’s position on Tang Jinyu.

    Was it not too intimate?

    “Get off of me.” Tang Jinyu ordered, and Jian Qi got down from him obediently before plopping down on a chair nearby.

    “Check on her condition and give her some medicine that would allow for a quick recovery, please.” Tang Jinyu told the doctor.

    Jian Qi lay back on the chair and she smirked softly. “Instructor Tang, I did not know that you were so concerned about me!”

    Tang Jinyu was completely unfazed by this and he replied. “For tomorrow’s eliminations…”

    “Are you worried that I would get eliminated because of my cold?” Jian Qi asked, her smile growing wider and her tone teasing.

    Tang Jinyu’s eyelids twitched slightly. “Jian Qi, it’s a good thing to be confident, but too much confidence is conceited. This is only because I don’t want you to delay our schedule, and to ensure that the eliminations are fair!”

    “Can I take that as you being worried for me but you’re too shy to say it? Just say that you care about me! I wouldn’t laugh at you even if you did!”

    Tang Jinyu rolled his eyes and left the infirmary, not wanting to engage in any further banter with her.

    After he left, the doctor gave Jian Qi a thumbs up. “Very brave, young lady! I’ve never seen anyone tease Instructor Tang like that!”

    “Awh, that was nothing! You’re too kind!”

    The doctor. “…”

    ‘Well, you certainly aren’t bashful at all, are you?’

    Jian Qi’s constitution had become sturdier and healthier after all sorts of grueling practice and training, but the long periods of time spent in the scorching sun then the rain caused her to have a slight fever.

    The doctor administered an injection for her and a few types of medicine and told her to go back, have a shower and eat the medicine before resting, and that it was not that big of a problem.

    Jian Qi was quite tired so she fell asleep quickly.

    The next morning, Jian Qi was completely refreshed, and she joined the afternoon training along with everyone else.

    Understandably, everyone’s soul of gossip was burning brightly, and Jian Qi replied all of their questions calmly.

    Men were much more gossipy than women if they wanted to be, and after a while, the love story of Jian Qi that had been adapted and changed from different reiterations of the story spread among the recruits, and naturally into Tang Jinyu’s ears.

    Tang Jinyu walked around the entire base, and he had heard many different versions of what happened between him and Jian Qi, but no matter what, the key points were still there!

    Jian Qi was called to the office again that day, and she arrived there with a bright smile.

    “Instructor Tang, what is it?” Jian Qi asked.

    Tang Jinyu stared at her with an unamused glare. “Jian Qi, I heard some rumors about me that are detrimental to my image!”

    Jian Qi merely replied, “Instructor, you should know that rumors are only for the gullible!”

    “But these rumors were spread by you in the first place, so tell me, how did I pursue you without any morals, even disregarding your refusal?”

    At this point, Tang Jinyu was already speaking through ground teeth. “I committed self-harm because of you? I wanted to die because of you? I cried and sobbed for you? I drank alcohol all night because of you?”

    Jian Qi. “…”

    “Ahem, ahem…”

    “Uh, I…”

    Were these men all so keen on spreading rumors?

    “Explain yourself, or else I’ll punish everyone that spread these rumors!”