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Chapter 216 - The One You Let Off

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 216: The One You Let Off

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    Feng Zhiqiang knew how to conduct psychological warfare, but Xiao Luo knew it even better.

    He aimed his gun at Feng Zhiqiang and shouted, “Feng Zhiqiang, if you have balls, come out by yourself! Don’t ask unrelated subordinates to die for you!”

    Feng Zhiqiang gritted his teeth. Suddenly, he kicked one of his subordinates. He sent him flying to attract Xiao Luo’s attention. With a swoosh, he took out the gun he had been hiding behind him and aimed it at Xiao Luo.

    “Go to hell, you brainless retard!”

    Bang! Bang!

    In an instant, he fired twice. The bullets whistled as they shot out and cut through space.

    Regardless of how good Xiao Luo was in martial arts, he couldn’t possibly move faster than bullets. Furthermore, Wang Lihu and his other men were behind him. Even if he could have dodged the bullets, he could not do it. Otherwise, Wang Lihu and the others might have been killed by the bullets. At the same time Feng Zhiqiang fired, Xiao Luo fired twice.

    Bang! Bang!

    Incredibly, the two bullets accurately stopped the bullets fired by Feng Zhiqiang in midair. It was a direct collision of high-speed objects. The four bullets instantly shattered into dust.


    Xiao Luo was a half-beat faster than Feng Zhiqiang. He fired the third shot. The one bullet left in the barrel tore through layers of air and hit Feng Zhiqiang in the chest. To be exact, it hit his heart. Feng Zhiqiang was seeking his own death from the moment he dared to take out his gun. Xiao Luo was naturally happy to help him with it.


    Feng Zhiqiang spurted blood out from his mouth and nose. He dropped his gun. His plump body was thrown backward about nine or 10 feet. With the help of his subordinates, he stood up.

    “Huh, not dead yet?”

    Xiao Luo narrowed his eyes, appearing rather puzzled. He saw the black garment inside through the hole in Feng Zhiqiang’s clothes and said in realization, “Oh, so he was wearing a bulletproof vest. He is indeed well-prepared.”

    Bearing with the pain, Feng Zhiqiang roared, “He has no more bullets! Hack him to death with your knives! Hack him to death fast!”

    His gaze was vicious, and his eyeballs bulging. He wished that he could swallow Xiao Luo alive.

    “Kill him!”

    Upon hearing this, the 200 men pounced toward Xiao Luo like 200 wild wolves. Since he had no more bullets, nothing was holding them back.

    Wang Lihu and Ye Qiu, who had been prepared, roared loudly and rushed toward them. Wang Lihe snatched the baseball bat from a person and began to viciously smash it at people. Due to the powerful strength he possessed, each swing of the bat by him caused a member of the Dragon Gang to fall to the ground with a head bloody. Each fallen man was unable to get up again.

    Ye Qiu didn’t need weapons. His hands were lethal enough.

    His iron-like hands, which formed eagle-like talons, waved about viciously. With terrifying strength, which was enough to tear flesh apart, his 10 fingers attacked the members of the Dragon Gang, forming bloody trajectories all over the place. One after another, the gang members fell to the ground howling in pain. The wounds on their bodies, which had been torn open by Ye Qiu’s fingers, were incredibly painful. It made their screams extraordinarily shrill.

    Xiao Luo rushed forward in a few steps. His swinging right hand rotated as it moved and abruptly hit the person in front squarely in the chest. The terrifying impulsive force surged like furious waves. The first shattered the man’s ribs and entered his chest. Due to the force and shattered bones, his beating heart ruptured.


    Thick blood spluttered out from the man’s mouth. As if he had been hit by a train, the poor man flew backward. He forcefully smashed into five of his companions, who were rushing up behind him.

    The body, which had smashed toward them like a cannon, heavily landed on them. After a series of cracking sounds and screams, their arms were left broken. Blood shot out. All of them laid on the ground.

    The terrifying outburst shocked everyone present.

    The expressions of Feng Zhiqiang’s subordinates immediately changed. Their momentum weakened as they rushed toward Xiao Luo.

    Liu Tieguo’s capabilities were the weakest, but Wang Lihu, Ye Qiu, and Xiao Luo had attracted most of the firing power. Still, he was capable enough to protect himself. Moreover, he was more far-sighted. Making use of the fact that his existence was relatively less prominent, he carefully inched his way toward the gun that Feng Zhiqiang had dropped on the ground. No matter how good they were at fist-fighting, it was the safest bet to ensure that such lethal hot weapons were in their hands and under their control.

    The few Dragon Gang members who were supporting Feng Zhiqiang by the arm were trembling. Looking at the three attacking figures on the battleground, their gazes turned fearful. They questioned whether those men were humans or monsters.

    Feng Zhiqiang was badly wounded. Even though he had been wearing a bulletproof vest, the huge impact from the bullet exerted on him caused his internal organs to be shaken so badly that he felt as if they had shifted places. The pain was excruciating.

    With difficulty, he shouted, “Hurry… Hurry up and get my gun back! Hurry!”

    “Yes, Sir.”

    Upon hearing his words, one of his subordinates began searching the ground.

    However, Liu Tieguo was one step faster than them. He picked up the gun that had been dropped in a corner on the streets. He rapidly rushed toward them. He aimed it at Feng Zhiqiang from a short distance and announced, “Feng Zhiqiang, you are being arrested!”

    Right after he finished speaking, he fired at the sky.


    The sound of a gunshot was always intimidating. The group of people who had been fighting fiercely immediately stopped.

    “Put all your weapons down and squat down! Hands above your heads! You have all been arrested!” Liu Tieguo shouted with a strong, thick voice.

    The crowd, which had long since been scared sh*tless by the fighting skills demonstrated by Xiao Luo, Wang Lihu, and Ye Qiu, lost all will to resist after seeing that Feng Zhiqiang had been controlled. They all threw down their weapons.

    “Good job, Tieguo!”

    Wang Lihu cheered for Liu Tieguo. He had several wounds. He had been hacked open by knives. Blood was flowing non-stop, but his spirits were high and fearless.

    Ye Qiu began to laugh. His fingers were covered in the blood and flesh of the members of the Dragon Gang. It was as if he had used his hands to tear people apart alive. He was hurt as well, and his back and shoulders were covered in knife wounds.

    On the contrary, Xiao Luo had very few wounds on him. Although there was blood on his uniform, it was all from the members of the Dragon Gang.


    All the 200 men, in addition to Feng Zhiqiang, were arrested and taken back to the police station. They didn’t have enough handcuffs, so the criminals were tied up with rope.

    That night, everyone on duty at the police station worked overtime to lock up the 200 people. The detention cells were full, so they locked them up in jail.

    With just four men and a gun, they managed to completely uproot Feng Zhiqiang’s business in the sex trade. This significantly shocked the people in the Liren Police Station. One needed to take note of the fact that, generally, only the regional police were able to handle criminals of that level. However, the regional police had failed to do so, yet they managed to succeed. It was simply unbelievable.

    “Now, I would like to see whether those fellas will still dare to complain about us.”

    Feng Yuqi was extremely pleased. He felt that the success this time had helped him vent out a lot of pent-up anger. Not only did they shake up the members of the Dragon Gang within their area, but they also gained face and made their name known at the regional police station and police headquarters.

    The instructor didn’t say anything. He was still immersed in the shock he felt because of Xiao Luo and the other’s actions.


    When Xiao Luo returned to the police station, he realized that Feng Zhiqiang’s wife was no longer detained. He only learned that she was released by Ma Pijin after asking around.

    “Did you let her off?”

    Xiao Luo walked up to him and stared at him coldly.

    Looking at Xiao Luo, who was covered in blood like an asura soaked in blood, Ma Pijin couldn’t help but tremble. “You… What do you want? Don’t you… Don’t you act recklessly… We are at the police station…”

    “I will ask you again, are you the one who let that woman off?” Xiao Luo’s tone turned slightly more demanding.

    “Yes, I am the one who let her off.” Ma Pijin forced himself to calm down and explained his actions. “She was only arrested for gathering a crowd to fight and cause trouble, and nothing serious happened. Detaining her for a day was already enough. My release of her is in accordance with the rules. I have done nothing wrong!”