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Chapter 225 - Stunningly handsome face (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 225: Stunningly handsome face (1)

    So utterly angered, Gu Xue ordered with reddened eyes, “Sisters, tear her to shreds!”

    The fans swarmed in, throwing punches at Xu Weilai.

    Since they were all little girls, Xu Weilai wasn’t scared of them. Rolling up her sleeves, she flung off the one on her left, pushed back the one behind her, and gave the one before her a kick!

    When they started throwing things at her, Xu Weilai had initially intended to let this go. After all, they were just being manipulated by Rong Wang. But with how they were throwing punches at her with reckless abandon, it was impossible to just stand there and let them beat her up!

    Even so, she knew she was powerless on her own. If these fans came one by one, their fighting ability surely wouldn’t rival hers. However, she would eventually be defeated by this group of people who acted as if they were ready to forsake their lives.

    And so, Xu Weilai didn’t wish to fight. She inched towards her little car, bit by bit.

    She ran quickly and soon reached the side of her car. Unlocking it, she pulled open the door and got in. Igniting the engine, she stepped on the gas, all in one swift motion!

    Before the fans managed to catch up to her, she sped off!

    Gu Xue stomped her feet in anger. Not willing to just let Xu Weilai get away like that, Gu Xue called out to the fans, “Get in your cars and chase after her. We definitely can’t let her escape so easily. She must be punished!”

    “Yes, Sister Xue. For our Brother King, we’ve got to catch her!”

    All the fans returned to their cars, having hired someone to drive them over. At least ten private cars made their grand entrance on the road, relentlessly chasing after Xu Weilai’s car!

    The cars that these fans had hired were usually the ones used to chase after celebrities. As long as the drivers were paid to do it, these cars paid no heed to traffic rules and road safety. They’d just step on the gas, and do whatever they wanted on the road.

    From her rear mirror, Xu Weilai looked at the chaos unfolding behind her. She felt bad for the parents of these children. If something happened to them, she could only imagine how sad their parents would be!

    Even so, that was what it was like to have pity. If they managed to catch up to her, she would be the pitiful one!

    Xu Weilai’s driving skills weren’t lacking. After all, she got an adequate amount of training from all those years of going around interviewing people. Moreover, her little car… She had to admit that it was a reward that Gu Yu had gifted her after she got her license.

    The little car had been parked in the Xu residence’s garage for the three years that she had been overseas. After she returned, since she didn’t have the money to get a new car, she just went ahead and used it.

    Because of that, the car was a good one. Thus, it was naturally fast and was able to put a good distance between her and the cars chasing after her.

    However, the sports car that Gu Xue drove was also in good condition. With a step on the gas, she was hot on Xu Weilai’s heels in an instant.

    Xu Weilai cleared the wild thoughts running in her head, holding her breath as she focused. With a turn of the steering wheel, she turned left. She’d be forced to stop once Gu Xue caught up and went ahead of her!

    Gu Xue could tell what Xu Weilai’s intentions were. Sneering, she prepared to make a turn. Just then, a line of cars suddenly appeared out of nowhere. She had no idea why it had to occur now. It blocked off her route to make a full left turn.

    Gu Xue was forced to use the emergency brake. Her forehead hit against the steering wheel, causing her so much pain that her eyes welled up with tears.

    When the cars behind had caught up, they were all forced to hit the brakes just as Gu Xue did. Their bodies jerked forward from the resulting inertia, causing their head or their limbs to get hit. It was a sorry sight.

    The last car didn’t have the time to slam on their brakes and collided into the rear of the car in front of it. The car in front collided into the one before it, creating a chain reaction of cars crashing into one another. In the end, even the rear of Gu Xue’s car got hit.

    Gu Xue’s head hit the steering wheel once more, causing a bump to swell up once more.

    She gritted her teeth and left her car in a rage. Stomping towards the black car that led the line of cars in the distance, she yelled out, “Who’s the blind idiot blocking my way?! Do you want to die?!”

    The glass window of the back seat lowered to gradually reveal the man’s stunningly handsome face.