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Chapter 226 - Got something to say? (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 226: Got something to say? (2)

    Gu Xue’s pompous aura evaporated in an instant as if she was a mouse that just spotted a cat. She heavily gulped before finally being able to find her voice. She greeted meekly, “Brother… Brother Yu…”

    Gu Yu cocked his head, his inky eyes sweeping over as he asked coldly, “What did you say just now?”

    Having been left speechless, Gu Xue shook her head instantly. “I… I didn’t say anything, I swear, I didn’t!”

    She had truly adored and looked up to her cousin Gu Yu, but she was also truly afraid of his icy demeanour. The last time, when he pushed her into the pond, she was ill for half a month.

    Gu Yu just gazed at her without saying anything.

    A mere second later, Gu Xue backed down, decided to just own up to her mistake, “Brother Yu, I’m sorry. I was wrong, I’m the one who wants to die.”

    The drivers of the cars that had collided into each other got out of their cars, all of them coming forward to voice their displeasure. “Do you know how to drive?” “You caused all of us to collide into each other.” “We won’t leave until you give us a good explanation!”

    Looking at Gu Yu’s car as well as the rest of the cars in the line, they were all in good condition. Furthermore, it only took one glance at Gu Yu for anyone to tell that can tell that he was a wealthy man. That watch on his wrist was ridiculously expensive!

    The drivers exchanged looks with each other as they reached a consensus inwardly. With such a wealthy man before them, they had to rip him off somehow!

    The driver leading the crew immediately approached Gu Yu and said, “Do you know that our livelihoods depend on our cars? With how badly damaged our cars are, how can we continue to work? You’ll have to pay for the car repair fees, as well as compensation for the time that we’d be unable to work!”

    The corners of Gu Yu’s lip quirked upwards as he said, “Fine.”

    Nobody knew what to say.

    How quickly he agreed to it had truly shocked everyone. Even the driver leading the crew was surprised for a good while. He initially thought he’d have to spend a long time convincing him, resort to threats, et cetera. Who would’ve thought he’d agree to it so readily?

    It seemed that the idea that the wealthy were fools was true!

    The driver leading the crew grinned from ear to ear and demanded an exorbitant price, “You’re fine with compensating each car with five hundred thousand dollars, right?”

    Once more, Gu Yu replied, “Fine”.

    “Then… shall I leave my bank account number with you?”

    Gu Yu raised his chin towards Gu Xue as his thin lips parted. Enunciating every word clearly, he replied, “You can leave it with her. She’ll compensate for all of your losses.”

    Gu Xue instantly turned pale. “Brother Yu…”

    No wonder she felt that something was off. Since when was it so easy to reach a consensus with her cousin? It turned out that he was just digging her grave!

    Gu Yu cracked his eyes open and asked lazily, “You have something to say?”

    Gu Xue clasped her hands together tightly, her face turning red from trying to hold herself back. Even so, she still didn’t dare to refute him. In the end, she could only force herself to shake her head. “I… I’ll pay!”

    Gu Yu tugged on his lips before withdrawing his gaze and rolling up the car window. The line of cars drove off.

    Gu Xue’s gaze followed the cars as tears of grief welled up in her eyes. She didn’t know what was so good about Xu Weilai for Brother Yu to stand on her side every time! Because of her, she was embarrassed multiple times!

    She despised Xu Weilai so much! She snatched Brother Yu away and even defamed her Rong Wang!


    Once Xu Weilai returned home, the first thing she did was to go to the bathroom for a shower. She had to admit that those little girls were pretty ruthless. Along with the filth covering her from head to toe, her entire body was also littered with injuries.

    Even though they were just superficial wounds, they still hurt!

    After taking a shower, she stepped out in a bathrobe, about to go apply some ointment on her injuries. To her surprise, the door was suddenly pushed open. The man strode in, emanating a menacing aura.