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Chapter 227 - Please continue, don’t stop (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 227: Please continue, don’t stop (1)

    Xu Weilai never would’ve thought that he’d return. After all, it was only around four o’clock in the afternoon… She subconsciously wrapped her bathrobe a little more tightly around herself, not wanting Gu Yu to see her injuries.

    If he had seen them, there was no doubt that he would ridicule her. Besides…

    Xu Weilai glanced at him. That icy demeanor of his, that distant look in his eyes, even his lips were pressed tightly into a cold line… God knows who offended him again.

    She was determined to not become the scapegoat or his punching bag!

    Xu Weilai acted as if nothing had happened, calmly walking towards her closet. She planned to put on her clothes first, then apply ointment once he left.

    Yet when she walked past Gu Yu, she suddenly felt her wrist being tugged on. Then, she was instantly dragged by a force that allowed no resistance from her, causing her to fall back onto the bed.

    Shocked, Xu Weilai was dazed for a moment. Before she had any time to react, the man had already swiftly pulled on the tie of her bathrobe and unraveled.

    The abrasions and bruises of various sizes stood out on her fair skin.

    Gu Yu’s inky gaze hardened. The aura that he emanated turned colder and colder, with even a trace of the thick feeling of danger. The pressure that Xu Weilai felt was stifling.

    Her lips parted, but she remained silent until the end, only wrapping the bathrobe around herself once more. She didn’t look at him. With her head bowed, she waited for his snide remarks. By now, she was used to his insults anyway.

    The silence between the two persisted for a few seconds. Xu Weilai could feel Gu Yu’s gaze on her; it was particularly heavy today. Despite that, Gu Yu’s snide remarks never came. Instead, he turned around and walked straight out of the bedroom!

    Xu Weilai repeatedly blinked her eyes. What was going on?

    Soon, she heard footsteps again. As Gu Yu came back, Xu Weilai thought that what she would go through was inevitable. She thought about how impossible it was for Gu Yu to pass up a chance to ridicule her!

    Hm… This isn’t right… Why was there a first aid box in Gu Yu’s hands?

    Xu Weilai gazed at the first aid box in his hands in shock. Then, she watched as he walked towards her before taking a seat beside her and pulling the first aid box open.

    Disbelief filled Xu Weilai’s inky eyes. Not only did Gu Yu not ridicule her, but he was even going to help her apply some ointment?

    Was she not just hallucinating after all?

    Soon, Xu Weilai knew that it wasn’t a hallucination. With a grab of her arm, Gu Yu began dabbing the ointment onto her wounds with a cotton bud. A surge of pain hit her, causing her to gasp.

    Gu Yu cracked his eyes open, sparing her an apathetic glance. Xu Weilai clenched her jaw instantly, not letting herself yelp out in pain again.

    Her intuition might be wrong, but she felt that Gu Yu went softer with his ministrations.

    Xu Weilai wetted her dry lips and said, “Let me do it myself…”

    Gu Yu glanced at her once more. His cold gaze caused Xu Weilai to close her mouth shut right away. “Please continue, don’t stop!”

    Although she didn’t know what prompted his actions, she still thought that it would be best to not offend him!

    After applying the ointment, Xu Weilai’s back was covered with a thin layer of sweat. She heaved a sigh of relief, having finally survived through the ordeal. When Gu Yu had helped her rub out her bruises earlier on, she had almost dropped dead from the pain.

    Regardless, she had to show some appreciation after what he did for her. Pressing her lips together, Xu Weilai took in a small breath before saying softly, “Thank you.”

    After pausing for a moment, she thought of something. She then added…