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Chapter 228 - Please Continue, Don’t Stop (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 228: Please Continue, Don’t Stop (2)

    “And thank you for what you did before. I sincerely mean that.”

    Xu Weilai was able to distinguish between good and bad. Previously, the situation had been critical; had it not been for Gu Yu’s timely rescue, Rong Wang would’ve violated her. While she had always been prepared to sacrifice herself for the sake of obtaining news, that didn’t mean that she never felt fear.

    That day, if Gu Yu had never spoken in that way, she probably would not have spoken out of spite.

    Gu Yu did not speak for a long time.

    When Xu Weilai did not receive his response, she quickly looked up and took one glance at Gu Yu. As usual, his handsome face was expressionless. She could not tell if he had accepted her gratitude.

    Xu Weilai rolled her jet black eyes and organized her thoughts before she spoke up again, “Gu Yu, I… I also want to apologize for speaking rudely to you before. But you… Didn’t you also make some offensive remarks as well? I guess that makes us…”

    Before Xu Weilai could complete her sentence, a long arm suddenly circled and tightened around her waist. She was instantly pulled over towards Gu Yu, who then lowered his head and sealed her lips with a kiss.

    His handsome face was suddenly magnified, and Xu Weilai’s eyes instantly widened. For a moment, she was stupified.

    Why did Gu Yu… kiss her out of the blue?

    The kiss did not deepen; not even a hint of lust was involved. It seemed more as if… he was venting some sort of emotion. However, Gu Yu had already let go of Xu Weilai before she could figure it out.

    Xu Weilai looked at him dazedly as she tried to read some clues from his face.

    Gu Yu’s black pupils were deep and unreadable and his face was expressionless. Pouting his lips, Gu Yu directly answered her doubts, “You’re too nosy!’

    Xu Weilai didn’t know how to respond.

    As expected, it was better for her to stay silent. Any fantasies that she had of him were dashed the moment he spoke up.

    Gu Yu packed up the first aid kit and placed it aside before he stood up and walked towards the bathroom. After he turned the faucet on, he checked himself out in the mirror as he washed his hands and smiled to himself.

    How pathetic Gu Yu was…

    Xu Weilai had merely said some kind words.


    Xu Weilai went into the changing room. After changing into a set of home clothes, she carried her laptop and sat down on the sofa. After she switched the laptop on, she logged in to her Weibo account and clicked on the hottest topics in the search list. As expected, the top search was a public notice of clarification that Rong Wang had issued.

    The second one on the list was a news article that Zhou Meiqi had written.

    So… Rong Wang managed to make a comeback this time around because of Zhou Meiqi’s intervention…

    Xu Weilai clicked on the news article that Zhou Meiqi had issued. Zhou Meiqi mentioned that she had also been waiting to catch Rong Wang that day and coincidentally managed to capture the real situation inside the private room at the time!

    The real situation was that Xu Weilai had pretended to be a fan and intentionally seduced Rong Wang to create fake news. Rong Wang also did not spike her drink. The pill was merely a hangover medicine. Rong Wang realized that Xu Weilai was intoxicated and he merely fed her the drink because he wanted to help her sober up. Eventually, Xu Weilai made up the excuse to answer a call and made off subsequently. Rong Wang never expected Xu Weilai to be so vicious as to write such a piece of news to defame him.

    Zhou Meiqi said that Xu Weilai’s behavior was an utter disgrace to the news industry. She couldn’t bear to see Xu Weilai act like this anymore. Thus, Zhou Meiqi decided to expose her out of justice for Rong Wang.

    She uploaded the video that she had captured along with the WeChat chat history that she obtained from Rong Wang online.

    All the screenshots of the WeChat chat history were of Xu Weilai acting cute and coquettish. Following that was a video of that night when Xu Weilai was drinking normally with Rong Wang. In the video, they were talking and laughing. However, the scene whereby Rong Wang closed in on Xu Weilai and hugged her shoulder had been removed.

    There truly was nothing that Xu Weilai could do to clear her name if one were to judge her actions simply based on these.

    Xu Weilai sneered coldly and she merely had one thing to say, “What a thick-skinned and shameless person!”

    Xu Weilai wanted to head to the kitchen to pour herself a glass of water to quell her anger. Right after she stood up, she then discovered that Gu Yu had been standing behind her without her realizing it. His black pupils coldly stared at the screen of her computer.