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Chapter 217 - Mr. X

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 217: Mr. X

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    Xiao Luo didn’t say anything else. Instead, he kicked Ma Pijin hard.

    Like a ball, Ma Pijin rolled onto the floor. His teeth bit his tongue. Blood soon filled his mouth. A trace of blood trickled down the corner of his mouth.

    “Wang Lihu, Ye Qiu, handcuff him!” Xiao Luo shouted, pointing at him.

    “Yes, Sir.”

    Like two steely warriors, Wang Lihu and Ye Qiu walked up to Ma Pijin and helped him up before handcuffing both of his hands.

    “You d*ckhead surnamed Xiao! What do you want to do?”

    Ma Pijin widened his eyes and loudly shouted, “How could you handcuff me? What right do you have to handcuff me?”

    “Feng Zhiqiang admitted that his wife, Madam Xin, has also participated in forcing women to prostitute themselves. You have let a crime suspect off, so what right do you think I have?” Xiao Luo coldly laughed.

    Hearing his words, Ma Pijin looked as if he had been struck by thunder. He only went against Xiao Luo because he couldn’t stand how dominant Xiao Luo behaved in the police station. He felt that it was very unfair for Xiao Luo to be able to become a full-time police officer. Furthermore, him releasing Madam Xin was perfectly reasonable and in accordance with the rules, so he wasn’t afraid of Xiao Luo. In fact, he was very confident. He wanted to see Xiao Luo suffer a silent defeat. However, he ended up digging a hole for himself.

    There was no way he knew that the woman was a wicked person who had broken the law.

    Cold sweat cascaded down his body. He humbled himself and apologized with a forced smile. “It was… It was a mistake, Brother Xiao. I didn’t know that she was also involved in forcing women to prostitute themselves. If I had known, I definitely wouldn’t…”

    Xiao Luo waved his hand and interrupted him. “You can explain it to the presiding judge in court. Lock him up!”

    Wang Lihu acknowledged his order and pushed Ma Pijin. He snickered and asked, “Ma Pijin, what are you still waiting for? Let’s go. You probably know the way. Surely there isn’t a need for us to resort to force.”

    “Usually, if you seek trouble, our head is too lazy to respond, but aren’t you seeking your own death by finding trouble with our head at this juncture?” Ye Qiu coldly asked.

    “Dumb*ss,” Wang Lihu coldly said.

    There was no way Ma Pijin could remain calm. He was panicking. Cold sweat cascaded down his body. He said to Xiao Luo, “I am innocent. I really didn’t know that Madam Xin also participated in forcing women to prostitute themselves…”

    With the side of his hand, Wang Lihu hit Ma Pijin on the neck. It caused Ma Pijin to immediately faint.

    “He is really noisy and has no sense of self-awareness. It seems that we have to resort to force.”

    With a single hand, he grabbed Ma Pijin and lifted him. He walked towards the direction of the jail. Wang Lihu could handle it alone without Ye Qiu’s help.


    All the other people in the police station inhaled deeply. When they looked at Xiao Luo, their gazes were full of respect and fear. The auxiliary police close to Ma Pijin were so scared that they even trembled. They were deeply worried that they might also get involved.


    “What? The spots where the sex trade is conducted in Liren have all been uprooted? Liren Police Station is behind it? Since when was Feng Yuqi so capable?”

    “I heard that it was a community police officer who did it. Along with three other auxiliary police, he managed to arrest 200-plus criminals who had been forcing women to prostitute themselves. Their leader is Feng Zhiqiang. He is one of the group leaders in the Dragon Gang.”

    “He did well. It can be considered a serious hit to the gangs of Jiangcheng. Oh yeah, what’s the name of that community cop? What’s his background?”

    “About that… It’s still unclear.”

    “Look into it. I want to see detailed information about him within the hour.”

    “Yes, Sir.”

    Upon hearing that Feng Zhiqiang and the large gang of criminals he controlled had been uprooted, the chief of the Guangming District was so excited that his spit flew everywhere as he spoke. One had to take into account the fact that the district police had targeted the sex trade in Liren for more than a few days. In fact, it had been almost two years. Even in his dreams, he wanted to annihilate those dirty businesses.

    However, the matter was too complicated. There were spies from the other party in the district police station. Every time they sent a team of police to enforce the law, the other party always received word of it in advance. It made their efforts useless. He had long since considered it a long-term battle, so just he didn’t expect victory to come about so suddenly.


    In the office of the Jiangcheng police headquarters, a middle-aged man in a uniform stood on the balcony. His hands were behind his back. His hair had greyed, but he stood perfectly straight like a mountain. He gave off an air of righteousness. He was Fan Changlong, the Jiangcheng chief of police. He held a concurrent post as the deputy mayor of Jiangcheng. He was a man of power and influence.

    After some time, he suddenly turned and said to Gu Qianlin, who was standing in front of his desk, with a smile, “This Xiao Luo is rather interesting. He is fairly capable of fighting crime and a rare talent. If not for your prior report, even I would be oblivious to it. Who could believe that the boss of a successful company would be willing to go work as a cop.”

    Gu Qianlin nodded slightly. “His intention is already very obvious, which is to use his identity as a cop to damage Long Sankui’s illegal businesses.”

    “In your report, you mentioned that the first time he came into conflict with the Dragon Gang was three months ago when he saved a little girl forced to work as a beggar by the Dragon Gang,” Fan Changlong said. “He had several consecutive clashes with the Dragon Gang after that. He was even a major suspect for the 912 incident. Next, it was Fang Changlei from Taste Buds. A conflict finally occurred because of a girl named Sun Yu. Did I get anything wrong?”

    “Yes, Xiao Luo was the major suspect for all those, but every time, I couldn’t find any evidence pointing to him,” Gu Qianlin said “Some of the things that we can confirm were done by him ended up being proven to be unrelated to him, but my intuition tells me that he is behind this series of events. Even the fall of the Red Scorpion Mercenaries is likely to be his doing. He must be the ‘Mr. X’ we have been searching for all along.” She was very sure of herself.

    The so-called Mr. X referred to the mysterious criminal behind the fall of the Red Scorpion Mercenaries and the 912 incident. Gu Qianlin had been searching for him all along. In the process, Xiao Luo gradually entered her field of vision.

    “I know that I should not determine the identity of Mr. X based on my subjective judgment before having any evidence, but I will definitely find him.”

    “Of course, we must find this Mr. X, but we are in no hurry to draw conclusions regarding whether he is Xiao Luo or not. Just from the fact that he dared to go against the largest gang in Jiangcheng for a girl, this Xiao Luo is definitely a man with balls.”

    Fan Changlong loudly asked, “Doesn’t he want to damage the Dragon Gang? In that case, I will give him a platform to do it. We can see four ourselves whether he is truly capable.”

    1“Chief, you…”

    Gu Qianlin was shocked and thought that Fan Changlong had gone mad. It was extremely likely that Xiao Luo was Mr. X, yet he still wanted to give Mr. X even greater power. Wasn’t he worried that the situation might go beyond control?

    Fan Changlong waved and interrupted her. He sat back onto his soft chair and said, “You want to find evidence to prove that he is Mr. X. The only way to do so is to let him have his way. If we can annihilate the Dragon Gang and find Mr. X, it will be killing two birds with one stone. Furthermore, you have probably seen Old K. His opinion is to let him have his way as well. Xiao Luo will be the bane of Long Sankui.”

    Gu Qianlin slowly calmed down. “Will Old K be in mortal danger?”

    Fan Changlong shook his head and said somewhat resignedly, “He’s in the special service. How could it not be dangerous? Besides his task is to conceal himself around Mr. X.”

    The image of the hospital director He Ruanliang being killed in the basement carpark suddenly appeared in Gu Qianlin’s mind. Mr. X was incredibly cruel and cold-blooded. She couldn’t help but shiver when she thought of the scene.