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Chapter 232 - Are You Trying To Get Them To Hate Me?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 232: Are You Trying To Get Them To Hate Me?

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    “Instructor Tang, I believe that our other comrades have misunderstood…”

    “Really?” Tang Jinyu smiled, but there was no warmth behind that smile, and along with his almost murderous gaze, it made whoever looked at it chilled to the bone.

    Jian Qi nodded and replied with a smile, “I said that you chased me around to beat me up, and they thought that you were pursuing me!”

    Tang Jinyu scoffed. “No wonder you were the first in the exams, aren’t you a smart one…”

    “Thank you for the compliment.” Jian Qi nodded and smiled.

    Tang Jinyu huffed humourlessly. “That wasn’t meant as a compliment.”

    Jian Qi, “…Instructor, I thought that you were praising me! Do you see how easy it is for people to misunderstand something? It is completely understandable that our comrades took it the wrong way!”

    Tang Jinyu scoffed. “Is that so? Then what about the part where I committed self-harm and that I wanted to die? Is that another misunderstanding too?”

    Jian Qi nodded and replied, “Yes, it is!”

    “What I said was that I was punished by you so badly that it felt as if I almost died! They got the subject matter wrong, that’s all.” Jian Qi was saddened all of a sudden, and she continued, “I’m so devoted to you, but who knows whether you would even feel a sliver of regret upon treating such a beautiful and flawless woman like this, and whether you would get drunk because of it and cry…”

    Tang Jinyu raised his eyebrows at her before getting up and walking over.

    Jian Qi’s expression was still sad but the man’s aura was still as oppressive and strong as ever.

    Did he want to hit her?

    Were her crocodile tears not working at all?

    Tang Jinyu stopped, and Jian Qi asked, “Instructor Tang, are you touched?”

    Jian Qi had barely finished her sentence before Tang Jinyu raised his hand.

    ‘F*ck! He is really going to hit me!’

    Should she retaliate?

    Jian Qi was already prepared to do so, but his hand was unexpectedly pressed onto her forehead, making Jian Qi stunned as the man hummed.

    “Your fever is gone, but your brain is still fried I see!”

    Jian Qi. “…”

    The word unromantic was tailor-made for this man!

    Tang Jinyu retracted his hand before looking at her again. “Are you done explaining?”

    “Were you not satisfied with my explanation?” Jian Qi asked before walking one step toward him and closing the distance between them. If he were to lower his head right now, he would be able to kiss her on the forehead.

    “Boss, I… What the f*ck!”

    Lightning came in through the door and the first thing he saw was the two people locking gazes ‘lovingly’.

    Was he supposed to retreat without a word or was he supposed to spectate?

    Thankfully, Tang Jinyu did not give him much time to weigh his options.

    “What is it?” Tang Jinyu asked and stepped back before going back to his seat.

    Jian Qi sighed. ‘There goes a great chance out the window!’

    Lightning glanced at Jian Qi.

    He had underestimated her, how did she get her hands on Tang Jinyu so easily?

    Lightning handed the document that contained the name list of everyone that was to join the eliminations the next day.

    Tang Jinyu flipped open the document before asking, “Do you have something else to report?”

    Lightning ‘ah’-ed, before he shook his head. “I’ll leave now!”

    As he turned around, Tang Jinyu said, “Tell everyone that you’re going to have a test this afternoon. Whoever fails it has to have more training!”

    Lightning was quite confused. “What are the contents of the exam?”

    “All the literature and culture related topics at high-school level. Jian Qi will give you the papers herself!” Tang Jinyu’s tone was calm, and he spoke slowly. “You should be honored that the highest achiever for the national exams is willing to make a test for you personally!”

    Jian Qi. “…”

    ‘Little Tang Tang, are you trying to get them to hate me?’