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Chapter 515 - Kill One After Another!

Medical Master
     In front of the door, Fang Qiu used the Divine Consciousness to locate the martial arts practitioner and the three guardian beasts in the room and then gently knocked on the door.

    “Dong dong dong!”

    “Who is it?”

    Fang Qiu heard footsteps and a question from the room.

    He didn’t answer. Instead, he quietly waited at the door with a smile on his face.

    “Crack!” The door opened.

    A skinny man appeared. He cast a glance at Fang Qiu, but it seemed that he didn’t recognize him. Instead, he was a little impatient and wanted to ask him something.

    However, before he could say anything, Fang Qiu moved his right hand, grabbed his neck, and quickly entered the room to close the door. Then, he exerted force with his right hand. As soon as the skinny man released his internal Qi, there was a crisp sound in his neck. Then he instantly fell to the ground.

    Meanwhile, Fang Qiu threw the man to the sofa in the room. Then, he moved and immediately rushed to the three guardian beasts who were sleeping in the corner.

    The moment the skinny man lost his life, the three guardian beasts suddenly opened their eyes, jumped up in a panic, and were about to roar.

    Unfortunately, Fang Qiu didn’t give them the chance.

    There was a flash of bright light in his hand.

    With the surge of his internal Qi, Fang Qiu swept across the throats of the three guardian beasts instantly with a military dagger.

    The whole process took less than one minute. One person and three beasts all got killed!

    In the past, Fang Qiu wouldn’t have been able to do this when he went to Bhutan. After all, his strength at that time was not as strong as it was now. Even if he encountered a seventh-class martial arts practitioner with two opened meridians, Fang Qiu still needed quite an effort to take him down.

    However, things were different now.

    Now, in Fang Qiu’s eyes, a seventh-class martial arts practitioner with two opened meridians wouldn’t even stand a chance to struggle.

    After Fang Qiu glanced at the skinny man lying on the sofa who died reluctantly, he walked out of the room and closed the door as if nothing had happened.

    He soon came to the second door.

    “Dong, dong, dong…” There was a knock on the door again.

    This time, there was no inquiry from the room.

    Instead, he heard someone’s footsteps.

    “Crack!” The door opened.

    It was a fat man.

    As soon as he opened the door, the fat man rolled his eyes and suddenly asked loudly, “Who are you?”

    “The one who wants your life.” Fang Qiu smiled indifferently. Without saying anything else, he raised his hand and punched fiercely on the fat man’s chest.

    The fat man, who weighed 130 kilograms, was struck away by Fang Qiu’s punch and fell heavily on the tea table in the room.

    The teacups on the table were smashed into pieces.

    The pieces were scattered everywhere.

    “Puff!” The fat man spurted out a mouthful of blood and hurriedly stood up. He pointed at Fang Qiu, driving all his internal Qi to resist Fang Qiu’s attack.

    Unfortunately, he was too slow.

    Fang Qiu’s figure moved and he rushed to the front of the fat man in an instant. Before he could react, Fang Qiu punched again on his chest in the same position!Updates by vi p novel

    “Woo…” The fat man’s eyes bulged.

    He opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of blood.

    This time, he wasn’t thrown away.

    All the power from Fang Qiu seeped into his body and shattered all his viscera.

    “Bang!” The huge body suddenly fell to the ground!

    The impact caused the ground to shake slightly.

    At this moment, a confused voice suddenly came from the third room. “Brother?”

    Then came a rush of footsteps.

    In the room, Fang Qiu moved and rushed out hurriedly.

    He knew that those footsteps passed down from several floors above, which meant that the people on the upper floors had already discovered what had happened here.

    However, just as Fang Qiu rushed out of the room, a middle-aged man in the next room happened to come out.

    Seeing Fang Qiu, the middle-aged man was a little surprised.

    Fang Qiu moved and immediately ran outside.

    The middle-aged man’s face changed and he also rushed forward. When he saw that both the fat man and the skinny man were dead, he looked grim and his eyes were bloodshot.

    “Stop right there!” He let out an angry roar.

    The middle-aged man directly flew out and quickly chased after Fang Qiu.

    Fang Qiu sneered to himself.

    This was what he wanted.

    Although this middle-aged man was an eighth-class expert, his strength was obviously stronger than that of the people Fang Qiu met before. Even if Fang Qiu was confident that he could deal with him, it would take some time. If they fought in the base like this, it would certainly cause others to interfere in their battle.

    Under such circumstances, it was very likely that something unexpected would happen.

    Therefore, when sneaking into the Dawn Group’s headquarters, Fang Qiu had made up his mind to lure the middle-aged man out of the base and find a place without anyone else so as to have a good fight with him.

    As expected, the middle-aged man caught up.

    In the Dawn Group’s headquarters, most of the people were just ordinary criminals who didn’t know kung fu at all. Therefore, when they ran over, the place was already empty. When they rushed out of the base to search, there was no trace of them at all. Even if they asked the two guards at the entrance of the place, they claimed that they only felt a gust of wind and saw nothing.

    In the end, the people of the Dawn Group could only reinforce their defense and turned back.

    After rushing out of the Dawn Group’s headquarters, Fang Qiu directly led the middle-aged man to rush to a mountain brook a few kilometers away before he stopped.Updates by vi p novel

    “Who are you?” When they reached the brook, the middle-aged man glared at Fang Qiu maliciously.

    “The one who will take your life.” Fang Qiu held up his face which was covered with paints, smiling.

    “Swoosh!” Then, without saying anything, he rushed straight toward the middle-aged man.

    “You’re courting death!” The middle-aged man could no longer suppress the anger in his heart. With a loud roar, he rushed toward Fang Qiu and struck him with great anger.

    “Clap, clap, clap…” The next moment, the sound of violent collisions was spread.

    Both of them burst out with extremely horrible speed and strength and fought fiercely in the brook.

    The frightening energy Qi swept out in all directions like a tornado when the two collided, which even shattered the surrounding huge rocks into pieces.

    A burst of sharp energy Qi cut a boulder into two pieces in an instant.

    In such a terrifying battle, Fang Qiu was not at a disadvantage at all.

    Instead, he was locked in a fierce battle with his opponent.

    However, as for the middle-aged man, this situation was beyond his expectations.

    Without being noticed, his second and third brothers died miserably.

    This man with a painted face only had the strength of a fifth-class Martial Superior. How conflicting it was! This was impossible.

    Because he was in a hurry to chase after Fang Qiu, he didn’t think much about it.

    But now, as he carefully thought about it, the middle-aged man’s face fell.

    There was only one person with the strength of a fifth-class Martial Superior in the world who was able to sneak into the Dawn Group’s headquarters and kill a seventh-class man with two opened meridians and another one with three opened meridians. It was the mysterious man from Huaxia!

    In the middle of the fierce battle, the middle-aged man asked loudly and furiously, “Are you John Doe?”

    Fang Qiu smiled indifferently and didn’t respond.

    The middle-aged man was shocked.

    He didn’t expect that the mysterious man would catch up with them even when they ran all the way to the Middle East.

    The most important thing was that his second and third brothers were both dead.

    He now had less capital to cooperate with the Dawn Group, which made him furious.

    He had already made a plan for everything.

    But with the appearance of the mysterious man, everything was messed up.

    Of course, he was not worried about this battle with the mysterious man at all.

    In his opinion, even if the strength of John Doe was so strong that he was able to confront him, he would definitely not be able to hurt him. Besides, even if the mysterious man had the strength to hurt him, he was positive that he could escape.

    The reason why he decided to battle with John Doe was that, in addition to the anger in his heart, he really wanted to see how powerful the mysterious man was.

    However, the more he fought, the more frightened he became.

    In the beginning, the mysterious man was on a par with him on both strength and speed. But as they continued to fight, the mysterious man’s speed and strength actually promoted, which forced him to use all his strength.

    However, just as he had taken the battle with all his strength and fought against the mysterious man fiercely, the mysterious man’s strength and speed actually increased again.

    This time, the middle-aged man was flustered.

    A fifth-class Martial Superior could not only end up in a draw with him but was also getting stronger.

    How was this possible?

    Gradually, the more pressure he felt from Fang Qiu, the more flustered the middle-aged man was. He even wanted to run away.

    But Fang Qiu kept chasing and fighting him, so he didn’t even have a chance to escape.

    In a flash, they had exchanged dozens of moves.

    Fang Qiu held the upper hand completely.

    The middle-aged man was completely in a panic.

    Now, he had been completely suppressed by Fang Qiu. He was no longer able to fight back as he used to be at the beginning. He could only keep defending and couldn’t even have the slightest change to counterattack.

    And in this state, Fang Qiu felt as if he had gone mad. He was caught in an extremely manic feeling. The more he fought, the more comfortable and fresh he felt.

    Even he himself didn’t know what was going on.

    His speed, strength, and reaction were all promoting at a terrifying rate.

    In the face of this growth, the middle-aged man was being beaten and went backward.

    He tried to escape several times, but Fang Qiu caught up with him and severely injured him.

    In the end, the middle-aged man couldn’t stand it any longer.

    He condensed all the energy in his body into waves in an instant. Like a tsunami, they rushed to Fang Qiu in an overwhelming manner, trying to drive him away.

    Fang Qiu, who had gone mad, obviously didn’t think too much.

    He directly waved his fist and madly chased after the middle-aged man.

    In the end, he punched down.

    The waves of energy that erupted from the middle-aged man’s body collided heavily with his punch.

    Seeing that Fang Qiu was blocked by his energy, the middle-aged man turned around and was about to escape.

    But at this moment, an earth-shaking roar suddenly burst out from Fang Qiu’s mouth. “Ah!!!”

    Accompanied by an angry roar, Fang Qiu’s fist directly tore the waves of energy in half like a sharp blade.

    In the next second, under the sudden outbreak of power, Fang Qiu suddenly moved like a meteor and shot out under the lead of the fist that seemed to emit dazzling light.

    He rushed to the front of the middle-aged man in an instant.

    His punch hit right in the man’s chest!

    “Bang!” A loud explosion suddenly rang out and echoed in the brook.

    Running in the air, the middle-aged man stared at Fang Qiu in front of him in disbelief. He didn’t even open his mouth, and blood gushed out of his mouth and noses. Then he trembled all over, fell heavily to the ground, and hit on the smooth boulder under his feet.