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Chapter 174 - Only Second Place, How Can You Face Me?

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 174: Only Second Place, How Can You Face Me?

    The three of them turned their heads and were shocked by the person speaking.

    Su Cha raised her eyebrows, a little perturbed.

    It was Min Chen.

    But now, Min Chen’s appearance was a little scary.

    Her hair was rather messy, her face so pale it was frightening, and her eyes looked as if she had stayed up all night and not slept, so bloodshot it seemed it would ooze out.

    Looking at Su Cha at this moment, closely examining her appearance, it was rather scary.

    Le Anqi couldn’t help but grab Cai Ziya’s arm upon seeing Min Chen. The two felt the goosebumps on their bodies.

    Min Chen’s cold aura, why was it so strong?

    Many people saw Min Chen and started gathering around curiously. Upon seeing Min Chen’s appearance, they were shocked without exception.

    She always had the cold and perfect image of a genius girl, how could she now look so… so fallen?

    “Are you asking me?”

    Su Cha frowned slightly and looked at Min Chen.


    Min Chen nodded and walked a few steps towards Su Cha. “How do you do it, within a month?”

    She asked persistently. Le Anqi worried that Min Chen would step up and grab Su Cha’s hair to question her. After all, it seems that Min Chen was in a horrible state – not only externally, but mentally as well.

    It was just second place, why was she so scary?

    Fortunately, she stopped a few steps away from Su Cha.

    Su Cha looked at her with an inexplicable feeling, and felt that Min Chen seemed a little strange, but just replied, “It was just like that, I studied insanely for a month, there’s no other reason.”

    This was the case.

    Saying it this way, most people would not believe it. After all, one month was too scary.

    Min Chen took a deep look at Su Cha, turned her head and left.

    Looking at her back view, Le Anqi and Cai Ziya panicked. “What’s wrong with Min Chen?”

    Su Cha’s gaze was deep, but no emotions showed.

    After the commencement of the graduation speech, Su Cha was reluctant to go on stage. The principal did not force her and just boasted for ten minutes on stage.

    He boasted that Su Cha must have known that she was incredible from a very young age.

    The students around were naturally envious and sighed, most were jealous.

    The principal later selected several students from the top three to four positions who had performed outstandingly in the exams to speak on stage, but Min Chen was not there.

    This was a little strange. In the past, Min Chen was the frontline of outstanding school spokespersons.

    While others wondered about it, Su Cha didn’t think much. After the speech, she went to the principal’s office, and the principal officially handed the scholarship to her.

    Probably because everyone had run off after the ceremony, no one followed when Su Cha went there. There should’ve been no staff in the office at this time, but when she arrived outside the office, she heard the shrill voice of a female.

    “We didn’t even expect you to get first in the province. The first place in the city was our lowest expectation of you. In the end, you got second place? We spent so much money to raise you, so that you can reward us in this way? Aren’t you embarrassed for me to come to school today?”

    “You were already no match for your older cousins, if you don’t improve in your exams, how can I take you back home! What a shameful thing!”

    After this shrill female voice, followed the principal’s awkward consolation. “Ms. Min, in fact, it is already very good for Min Chen to get second place in the city. If not for the first place’s extraordinary performance, Min Chen’s score would have been the best in the city. She didn’t even regress, 718 is Min Chen’s best performance.”

    “Failure means failure, I don’t want to hear this!”

    Su Cha stepped forward and saw Min Chen’s side profile, her face drooping.

    Su Cha can’t see her expression, but could see the numbness in her expression.