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Chapter 175 - She May Know Her

The Queen of Everything
     Su Cha’s sudden appearance outside the principal’s office made the principal cough.

    Standing in front of him, a woman next to Min Chen with her back to Su Cha immediately turned around.

    Even if she was old she had a pretty face. It was visibly well cared for. Unlike most women in Yonggu Town, she had a different temperament.

    Seeing that face, it was hard to imagine such sharp words came from her mouth.

    Her eyes and Min Chen’s had some similarities, it was not hard to guess her identity.

    Probably because she saw a student approaching, she smoothed her hair out with her nails and glanced over arrogantly.

    Even if Su Cha’s beauty was out of the ordinary, she seemed not to want to take a few more looks.

    Seeing Su Cha’s figure, Min Chen’s numb face turned, without emotion in her eyes.

    However, when Su Cha entered the office and asked for the principal, Min Chen’s mother suddenly turned her head again.

    At this moment, her eyes were locked on Su Cha, as if she hadn’t seen her just now, she took a closer look and her brows slightly twitched.

    Her reaction was very strange. Both the principal and Su Cha noticed, and both looked at Min Chen’s mother, puzzled before they even spoke.

    “Ms. Min, do you know…”

    The principal smiled and tried to ask courteously, but before he finished speaking, Min Chen’s mother interrupted. “I don’t know!”

    Compared to the harshness and sharpness just now, her tone of voice now was just full of pride and indifference, which was brought out by a natural sense of superiority, not just towards Su Cha, it could be seen that she was treated as an equal by the principal.

    But Su Cha still keenly noticed that even though the woman said she didn’t know her, her gaze still fell on her several times.

    She may know her.

    This was Su Cha’s conclusion, but in her memory, Su Cha was quite sure that she didn’t know such a person.

    Unless she watched the show “Dream in Progress”, but looking at her expression, she suspected she didn’t know her from TV.

    She appeared calm and showed no expression.

    Min Chen’s mother looked at Su Cha twice, pulled her Hermès scarf, and glared at Min Chen. “You remember to come home early!”

    After she said this, she strutted off.

    Walking with high heels, the loud click-clack sound carried with it arrogance, it was obvious she was no ordinary woman.

    The principal also accompanied her and saw her to the door with a warm and respectful smile. “Ms. Min, please watch your step!”

    Realising her mother was leaving, Min Chen didn’t look at her back view from the beginning to the end, and only hung her head, it was unclear what she was thinking.

    Su Cha looked at her thoughtfully.

    With just a few words, Su Cha suddenly understood Min Chen’s behaviour. It seemed that the perfect genius girl from others’ rumours wasn’t as perfect as they thought.

    At least her family wasn’t.

    Seeing the principal’s attitude, Min Chen’s family status was definitely not low, and her mother was no ordinary person, otherwise she would not be received with such enthusiasm by the principal. Min Chen’s mother’s attitude was horrible from beginning to end.

    Towards rumours regarding Min Chen’s household, Su Cha had some understanding.

    “Student Su Cha.”

    When the principal returned, there was no lingering embarrassment from other parents’ outrage. He smiled and said, “Your reward will be transferred to you after you sign for it. The Education Bureau needs you to sign a confirmation document.”