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Chapter 218 - Appointed by the District Police

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 218: Appointed by the District Police

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    The vigorous crackdown on the sex trade and the gang behind it caused Xiao Luo’s name to be known throughout all major police stations at the community level, district level, and even at the headquarters. Many cops wanted to meet Xiao Luo in person and see if he had three heads and six arms. They found it simply unbelievable that just four police officers were able to arrest 200-plus people.

    In the vintage study of a villa in the Guangming District, were rows of bookshelves. On the table was a rare and expensive tea set.

    No one would have thought that such a quaint study, which seemed like a place for scholars to read, belonged to the leader of the Dragon Gang, Long Sankui.

    Long Sankui was standing before his study table. He was holding a calligraphy brush in his hand and writing the Chinese character “Ren,” which meant tolerate. He had a serious expression. The news Han Mian brought him made his expression grow uglier. He threw the brush onto the ground hard and shattered the table with a single hit of his palm. He angrily roared, “That mother*cking piece of sh*t became a police officer and uprooted all your businesses?”

    Han Mian, who was wearing a suit that looked exceptionally clean and was void of even a speck of dusk, looked rather uneasy. He lowered his voice and replied, “Yes…”

    “F*ck!” Long Sankui loudly cursed. “If so, I was right for not showing Chu Yunxiong due respect. Immediately take your men to kill him tonight.”

    “Mr. Long, this is inappropriate. Xiao Luo is a cop now. The repercussions might be very serious if we publicly kill a cop.” Hei Lang, who was usually quiet, had finally spoken up. His face was expressionless. He was wearing all black, which made him seem extraordinarily forbidding.

    “If we can’t do it publicly, can we do it secretly?”

    Long Sankui’s face was grotesque as he shouted at Han Mian, “I command that you all wear a mask during the operation tonight! I will give you 100 elite troops! Bring me that little bastard’s head tonight.”

    “Yes, Mr. Long!”

    Han Mian acknowledged his order and turned to leave.

    Hei Lang still felt that it was not a wise move. After all, they had yet to get to the bottom of Xiao Luo’s actual capabilities. Since Mr. Long had made his command, it was not his place to say anything else.

    Long Sankui was angered beyond measure. Not only had Xiao Luo destroyed his casino, but he had also uprooted his business in the sex trade. Other than that, there was still his modus operandi of controlling children and forcing them to be beggars, as well as Taste Buds, which Long Sankui was the most upset about. Taste Buds was a steppingstone for him to whitewash himself, but he didn’t expect that it would be taken down before he could use it. All these had to do with Xiao Luo.

    Xiao Luo was like a thorn in his side that he desperately wished to get rid of, so, naturally, he couldn’t tolerate it any further.


    Feng Yuqi sat on a chair in his office. He had a forlorn expression. He wasn’t even in the mood to drink his tea.

    The instructor sighed. “The district police have crossed the line. They are obviously trying to poach our employees!”

    “Clearly, but since they have asked for him, we can only obey.”

    Feng Yuqi sighed slightly. “Heh… We miscalculated. I was fixated with showing off in front of them and ignored the fact that they might poach him from us. I’m so annoyed just thinking about it. Xiao Luo is like a sharp sword. He can use his talents in our station all the same. Now, he will be using his talents in the district police station and become the ace up someone’s sleeves, helping them with their personal achievements.”

    It was like he was about to lose a treasure. He was incredibly sad.

    “Go and ask those four fellas to come in. There’s nothing we can do no matter how reluctant we are to let them go.”

    The instructor obliged and walked out. Not long after, Xiao Luo, Liu Tieguo, Wang Lihu, and Ye Qiu, the entered the room.

    Feng Yuqi cleared his throat and said, “The four of you, listen. The district police station will send a car to fetch you all this afternoon. From then on, you all will be part of the district police.”


    Liu Tieguo, Wang Lihu, and Ye Qiu all thought that they were hallucinating. District police? They were joining the district police? The sudden promotion from auxiliary police at a local police station to joining the district police was too fast, wasn’t it?

    Xiao Luo was just momentarily surprised, but he didn’t show much change in his emotions.

    “Chief, after joining the district police, are we still considered auxiliary police?” Liu Tieguo hurriedly asked.

    “There are no auxiliary police at the district police station,” Feng Yuqi somewhat impatiently said. “You will all become formally employed members of the police force.”

    Hearing his words, three of the men cheered in joy and excitement. They were going to be formally employed, which meant that they would officially be part of the police force from now on. How could they not be excited and happy?

    “Do I have to go?”

    Just as they were immersed in joy, Xiao Luo suddenly spoke up.

    They all were stunned and looked at him questioningly.

    “Head, it is a good thing, so why not?”

    “Yeah, it is my dream to work in the district police station.”

    Wang Lihu and Ye Qiu furrowed their brows and expressed their puzzlement.

    Xiao Luo did not reply to them. He felt somewhat uneasy. It was as if he had been targeted by one of the higher-ups in the police force. This was especially so because Gu Qianlin surprisingly didn’t even come and ask about it after he caused such a huge commotion. It was too out of the ordinary and not in alignment with that woman’s personality.

    Feng Yuqi looked at him intensely for a while before replying, “No, it is a direct order given by the district chief. Unless you quit, you can only obey and report to the district police station.”

    “Everyone in this station would fight tooth and nail just to be sent there,” the instructor said. His gaze was intense. “Xiao Luo, can you tell me why you don’t want to go?”

    Xiao Luo thought for a moment and came up with a perfunctory excuse. He laughed and said, “It’s because I’ve already developed feelings for this station. I’m worried that I might not be able to get used to the new, foreign environment.”

    “Dude, you’re overthinking,” Feng Yuqi said. “You four will continue working as a team in the district police station, but there will one additional team member. Thus, you will form a special task force to specifically target the underground drug trade in the Guangming District.”

    Xiao Luo was very sensitive, so he asked, “Why us? Aren’t there more suitable people for the job in the district police station?”

    “Head, isn’t it obvious?” Wang Lihu asked with a laugh. “It must be that the district police have approved of our capabilities because we have successfully arrested 200-plus people in one go. That’s why they made an exception and promoted us.”

    Feng Yuqi said to Xiao Luo, “Sometimes I feel that you are quite smart, but sometimes I feel like you have a brain made of wood. See, even Wang Lihu knows the reason, but here you are still asking why. Are you dumb?”

    “Well, it’s because I believe that if there’s free lunch falling from the sky,” Xiao Luo solemnly said. “There must be a trap on the ground waiting for you to step into it.”

    “Where did all these dark thoughts in your mind come from?”

    Feng Yuqi slightly reprimanded him before earnestly saying, “I can pat myself on the chest and tell you loudly that you can relax. This isn’t a trap. Furthermore, I am the one they are screwing over this time around. You all are the talents in our station. Now that they have poached you, I’m left with a bunch of incapable fools. We won’t be able to handle any major cases next time. We’ll only be dealing with a bunch of trivial civil disputes.”

    His words boosted the ego of Liu Tieguo, Wang Lihu, and Ye Qiu significantly. So, they were all talents in the chief’s eyes. Without realizing it, they puffed their chests out and held their heads high.

    Xiao Luo said nothing else. He was only able to take one step at a time, and he had to be more careful about it.