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Chapter 233 - It Seems That Our Timing is Terrible

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 233: It Seems That Our Timing is Terrible

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    Sure enough, as soon as Tang Jinyu said so, Lightning’s resentful gaze appeared.

    Why did these two have to get them involved in their play?

    As Lightning walked out, he whispered to Jian Qi, “Big Sister Qi, go easy on us!”

    Jian Qi raised an eyebrow before nodding at Lightning.

    This interaction was seen by Tang Jinyu but he did not say a word.

    After Lightning Left, Tang Jinyu looked at Jian Qi and said, “There’s a computer there, use it to find all the past-year questions from the national college examinations and give the document to me!”

    “Shouldn’t I be the one creating the test?” Jian Qi was quite confused.

    After fifteen minutes, Jian Qi printed out a few sheets of paper of all the questions that Tang Jinyu ticked off, and it was only then that she realized what it meant when he said that she would make the test questions.

    All the questions that Tang Jinyu ticked off were not easy in the slightest!

    Jian Qi could already imagine the expressions of the others later when they see these questions. They would probably glare at her like they wanted to eat her up!

    “Instructor Tang, aren’t these exams boring? I feel that training would be better!”

    These words merely earned her a glare from Tang Jinyu. “Special ops recruits should be tested on their intelligence too! If they can’t even understand what you meant by your words, how could I send them out on missions with a peace of mind?”

    Jian Qi was in a difficult spot.

    She had inadvertently caused a lot of people trouble!

    What a sin she had committed.

    After she finished tidying up the papers and printing them, Tang JInyu looked at her and smiled mockingly. “Go, top achiever, you’re going to be their invigilator!”

    Jian Qi. “…”

    Could she not go?

    Everyone was quite calm before they got the papers, but after they got them, it seemed as if the entire exam hall was filled with a grudgeful atmosphere.

    Jian Qi was just the tiniest smidge regretful, but just the tiniest bit.

    But since she had already been thrown so much hate, she was calm!

    The comrades close to her could not help but say, “Comrade Jian Qi, doesn’t it pain your conscience? These are too difficult!”

    “If I told you these were made by Instructor Tang, would you believe it?”

    The people that heard it only glared at her.

    Lightning already told them that she was the one that came up with the questions!

    Jian Qi was quite gloomy at being hated on for no reason.

    Rumors were scary!

    After an hour, Jian Qi collected all the papers.

    After the exams, some were happy while others were depressed, and Jian Qi took the papers back to Tang Jinyu. Unexpectedly enough, she was the one that was given the duty to grade the papers.

    Jian Qi took the chance to give them all passing grades.

    After she graded the papers, she gave them to Tang Jinyu who flipped through the papers before looking back up at her. “Did you get the first place on the exams through sheer luck?”

    Once she heard this, she knew that she had been busted!

    “Instructor Tang, are you sure your answers are correct?”

    Tang Jinyu took the papers and set them aside. “After the eliminations, you’ll have extra training along with all of them.”

    “Why? You’re doing this on purpose!”

    “Yes, I am!”

    Jian Qi. “…”

    How could he be so straightforward about it? Was he not afraid that she would get angry?

    Jian Qi was about to speak again but there was a knock on the door.

    “Instructor Tang, the higher-ups are here.”

    As the person outside spoke, two men in camo suits walked in.

    Jian Qi recognized the middle-aged man as the one that appeared together with Tang Jinyu a few days ago, while the other man looked familiar too.

    The other man’s expression became somewhat teasing upon seeing the two of them. “It seems that our timing is terrible!”