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Chapter 223 - To the Meeting

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 223: To the Meeting

    On the balcony, Jiang Yao called her parents and her brothers. Knowing that she had a mobile phone, her parents cheered delightfully. They complimented Lu Xingzhi for being so considerate and thoughtful, they even praised him for being caring and passionate toward Jiang Yao and not being stingy about it.

    However, they were happy but also a little dejected when they learned that Jiang Yao would be visiting Lu Xingzhi at the base during the long National Day holiday, because it meant that they could only see her again during her winter break.

    Lastly, Jiang Yao gave Lu Yuqing a call. After Lu Yuqing’s divorce, she actually cared about her well-being because she was the first person she helped to change her destiny after rebirth.

    Lu Yuqing was not a wee bit surprised that Lu Xingzhi had bought Jiang Yao a phone. When Lu Xingzhi brought a phone with him when he came home the other day, she knew that her brother—the overly-devoted husband—would buy one for Jiang Yao, and they would talk or message each other every day.

    In the public’s eyes, Lu Xingzhi was taciturn and did not talk much, but Lu Yuqing knew her brother like the back of her hands. There was a different version of Lu Xingzhi when he was with Jiang Yao.

    When Jiang Yao asked her how she had been doing recently, Lu Yuqing chuckled and said, “I’m alright, I spend all my time and effort on work, it actually feels great. Funny thing, Zhao Zhuangzong’s bastard child was born with a heart defect, that kid is very ill, almost dying. The Zhao family cannot afford the medical bill, that b*tch and her family aren’t willing to fork out some money for the kid’s treatment. The old coot of the Zhao family has no choice but to take the child and beg for money and support every day. They even have the nerve to come to me to ask for money, saying bullsh*t like—we used to be a family and hoping that I can be compassionate for the sake of Zhao Zhuangzong’s son. Oh my goodness, they are such a joke!”

    Lu Yuqing snorted and continued, “If that kid is an abandoned child or whatnot, I still feel that it’s okay to give them some money as charity, but that kid is Zhao Zhuangzong’s bastard son whom he had with another shameless woman! What do I have to do with his welfare? That old coot even had the nerve to say that she will come at me if I let their only male heir die!”

    Jiang Yao was no stranger to the Zhao family’s blatant shameless acts, so after a brief shock, she laughed at their befall.

    Jiang Yao knew that Lu Yuqing was a woman with a tender heart. In her previous life, she remembered how Lu Yuqing raised the child with great effort and love. Even after the child’s identity was exposed, she could not bear to see the child suffering from illness and kept giving money to help him.

    However, things took a wild turn in this life. Lu Yuqing had never seen or even gotten in touch with the child, so she had no feelings of attachment whatsoever toward the child. Due to her resentment for the Zhao family and her ex-husband, she had no empathy for the child too.

    Jiang Yao knew that the child was innocent, but it was unfortunate for the child to be reincarnated as Zhao Zhuangzong and his mistress’s child. It was impossible to detach the child from this matter.

    No one was a saint with a generous heart. It was impossible to be rational on such a matter, no one had the responsibility to bear the consequences and guilt for the faults of others.

    Jiang Yao was relieved after knowing that Lu Yuqing was in great shape.

    She went to take a nap after the series of calls. After her afternoon class, Jiang Yao received a call from the director, notifying her that the driver was already waiting for her at the main entrance.

    She packed up her bag, and since Moe wanted to tag along, she put it into her bag, and off she went. She entered the car that the hospital sent to pick her up.

    “Miss Jiang.” The driver’s last name was Fang, a young man in his early twenties. Although he knew that Jiang Yao was younger than him, he still froze in surprise when he saw her.