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Chapter 885 - Xinya Knows Our Idol!!!

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 885: Xinya Knows Our Idol!!!

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    Wen Xinya and Xu Tongxuan looked at each other before giving each other a high five. Seeing how conflicted Zhou Tianyu seemed, they reckoned that she definitely felt something for him.

    Next, Wen Xinya and Xu Tongxuan proceeded to have a whale of a time while shopping while Zhou Tianyu continued to be extremely distracted. On that day, she woke up to discover that she was hugging Gu Junling tightly while they slept on the same bed. She immediately grew flustered and beat Gu Junling up to vent her frustration while he frantically tried to explain things to her. However, she did not listen to him at all.

    Xu Tongxuan picked an orange skirt that was bright and vibrant like the evening sun in summer. Yet, it was not blinding and was extremely beautiful. “Xinya, try this on. I think it suits you.”

    Wen Xinya grabbed the skirt and took a look at it before saying, “I think it suits Tianyu better because she’s taller and slimmer. Such bright colors suit her vibe and aura too.”

    Xu Tongxuan winked at Wen Xinya before glancing at Zhou Tianyu. After shopping for a while, Xu Tongxuan and Wen Xinya bought several pieces of clothing. However, Zhou Tianyu did not get any because she was too engrossed in her own thoughts.

    Wen Xinya stuffed some clothes into Zhou Tianyu’s arms and said, “Tianyu, go try these on.”

    Zhou Tianyu snapped out of her trance and walked towards the fitting room in bewilderment.

    Xu Tongxuan remarked softly, “Did we go overboard? Tianyu seems to be unable to take it?”

    Wen Xinya shook her head and said, “Don’t worry. Tianyu is just worried about Little Eunuch Gu. That’s why she’s stuck in such a dilemma. They’ve dragged this on for years and it’s time they had a breakthrough.”

    The fact that Zhou Tianyu had become a foreign affairs minister in her previous lifetime was like a heavy stone that was being pressed against Wen Xinya’s chest and she was still feeling uneasy about it.

    The two of them continued to chat for a while, after which Zhou Tianyu exited, clad in the clothes that she had tried on.

    The bright and vibrant orange color made Zhou Tianyu look even more radiant like the sun. The cinch waist design accentuated her curves and the pleated skirt made her look even more slender and tall.

    Wen Xinya remarked smilingly, “It’s beautiful. This color and design really suit you well.”

    Xu Tongxuan agreed. “You look so pretty and refreshing. Xinya really has great taste.”

    Most of Wen Xinya’s clothes were mostly in lighter colors like yellow, green, blue and purple, which made her look graceful and pretty. Zhou Tianyu rarely dressed in bright colors and hence, Wen Xinya wanted her to try on some brighter colors.

    Wen Xinya then picked out a purple-colored high-waisted skirt which looked posh and elegant on Zhou Tianyu.

    They proceeded to pick out some more clothes and accessories. Zhou Tianyu gradually began to relax as well.

    “Xinya, Xinya… hurry and take a look!” Zhou Tianyu exclaimed, patting Wen Xinya who was trying on some clothes.

    Wen Xinya stared at her in bewilderment, and looked in her direction, only to notice Si Yiyan’s presence. She got a great shock and wondered to herself, just why she would bump into Si Yiyan wherever she went lately.

    Upon sight of her, Si Yiyan looked up and held her gaze.

    A little agitated, Xu Tongxuan said, “Turns out it’s that perfect and godlike Mr. Si. I didn’t expect to see him here. I wonder if he’s out for shopping with his girlfriend.”

    Zhou Tianyu chimed in. “That must be the case! Otherwise, what would a man like him be doing in the women’s clothing section?”

    Xu Tongxuan was gazing at him in complete awe and admiration. “Oh my god! Not only is he stunningly handsome, but he’s also even so kind as to be willing to accompany his girlfriend to go shopping. Men like him are so rare.”

    Wen Xinya began to get a little jealous after seeing how gaga Xu Tongxuan and Zhou Tianyu were going over Si Yiyan. She felt like others were taking advantage of her man. Hence, she gestured at Si Yiyan, thinking to herself that it was alright to introduce her friends to Si Yiyan since Old Mr. Wen had already met him anyway.

    Si Yiyan then walked towards her.

    Zhou Tianyu screamed and exclaimed, “Oh my god! He’s walking towards us!”

    Xu Tongxuan said agitatedly, “He’s definitely walking towards us.”

    Wen Xinya said smugly, “He’s walking towards me.”

    She thought to herself,

    Xu Tongxuan and Zhou Tianyu stared at Wen Xinya apprehensively and chorused. “Dream on!”

    At this moment, Si Yiyan stood in front of Wen Xinya, who held his arm possessively before introducing him to her friends. “This is Si Yiyan, my Grampy’s student.”

    She continued, “My friends, Tianyu and Xuanxuan!”

    After the introduction, she even raised her brows at Xu Tongxuan and Zhou Tianyu at them smugly in a boastful manner.

    Zhou Tianyu and Xu Tongxuan were shocked speechless. They waved at Si Yiyan in bewilderment…

    Zhou Tianyu said, “I think I saw that rare godlike Mr. Si smiling at me and giving me a handshake. I must have been dreaming…”

    Xu Tongxuan chimed in. “I think so too…”

    By the time they snapped back to reality, Si Yiyan was already gone. They began venting their anger on Wen Xinya.

    Zhou Tianyu grabbed Wen Xinya menacingly and questioned furiously, “Why didn’t you tell us that Mr. Perfect is your Grampy’s student and that you have known him for a long time? You’re such a horrible friend. You actually saved such a good man for yourself…”

    Wen Xinya finally realized that she had made a wrong move. She frantically tried to plead for mercy. “Well, we weren’t that close in the past!”

    She was referring to the time when Si Yiyan stayed over at Old Mr. Mo’s place temporarily.

    Xu Tongxuan glowered at her and demanded. “Speak up and come clean. How long have you known him? When did you get to know him and what’s going on between you two?”

    Wen Xinya was behaving affectionately with Si Yiyan and, although she may not have realized it, her best friends had seen everything clearly. They had also noticed that he gazed at her tenderly.

    Wen Xinya swallowed her saliva and took a step back stealthily before giggling. “Hehe… it hasn’t been that long… (just three years!) As for our relationship… our relationship… is just… hmm! We’re closer than normal friends…”

    Well, that just means that they were in a relationship and she really wasn’t lying.

    Zhou Tianyu screamed and barked. “You actually subdued Mr. Perfect and made him yours without our knowledge. We clearly agreed on sharing. What happened to the sister code? Wen Xinya… I’m not going to talk to you anymore. You’re too evil.”

    Xu Tongxuan clutched her broken heart and lamented. “Our idol already has a girlfriend and there are no more Mr. Perfects in this world. It’s such a cruel world…”

    Wen Xinya was extremely embarrassed.