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Chapter 253 - Step Hen, Kick Down That Door!

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 253: Step Hen, Kick Down That Door!

    Ning Meng knew that most E-sports clubs had tight training schedules, hence, it was indeed quite normal for them to not allow visitors.

    However, she was already at their doorstep, it should not be a problem for them to at least allow God’s sister to have a peek at the boy’s training. Seeing the manager’s insistence on refusing her visit, Ning Meng had started to suspect that something was off.

    Unwilling to argue with him, Ning Meng raised an eyebrow and glared at the manager. “Are you sure you’re not going to allow me in?”

    The girl looked gentle and weak at first. She looked so stunningly beautiful that one look at her would transform a person’s regular breathing into a gasp. Now, seeing her raising her voice, demanding to meet her brother sternly, the manager could not help but feel that Ning Meng was not someone he could cross.

    However, after recalling Young Master Lu’s order, he pulled himself together and nodded. “Yes, I can’t allow you in.”

    Ning Meng smirked. “Alright, then.”

    Having said that, she moved her wrists in a circular motion and started to stretch her body, warming up for a fight. “You asked for this!”

    The manager was dumbfounded by her reaction, and in the next second, the girl was already walking straight into the villa. Instinctively, he wanted to stop her, however, before he was able to even touch her, 4 huge muscular men clad in full-black suits surrounded Ning Meng in a flash.

    “Missus, your orders?”


    Not only the manager but even Ning Meng was surprised to see them. Looking at the leader of the group—a huge muscular, 190cm-tall man, Ning Meng felt that she had seen someone like this before.

    “… Step Hen?!”


    Stephen lowered his head, trying to correct her. “Missus, my name is…”

    “Step Hen! It is you! What are you doing here?”

    Stephen shoved that entire paragraph of self-introduction back down his throat and opted to explain their mission to her. “We were assigned to secretly protect you on your trip. Mr. Huo says we must protect you at all costs and also to listen to your orders when the need arises.”

    Ning Meng finally understood what was going on. “I see! So that’s why you guys showed up at Glamour Club last time. I thought Fei Bai had ordered you to show up as backups!”

    ‘…the missus has probably misunderstood something about us. We serve directly under Mr. Huo, to make sure no harm comes her way. Even Fei Bai, our previous boss at the security, can’t simply order us around. Each one of us can defeat 10 men!’

    Before Stephen was able to clarify anything, Ning Meng raised a finger frontward and barked out an order. “Go, Step Hen! I choose you!”



    Inside the E-sports club.

    Most members of Team ET were fast asleep in their rooms. This was a norm in the industry—after all, most E-sports players were nocturnal. There was no one in the lobby other than the cleaners.


    The front door was kicked down.

    In just a few seconds, several huge men-in-black walked into the lobby in huge strides and lined up neatly, just like a group of soldiers.

    The cleaners were so shocked to see this to the point their cleaning tools fell to the ground.

    Then, an exquisitely beautiful woman walked in with her high-heels thudding on the floor, her wavy long hair was a perfect match to her gentle and elegantly stunning face. Her long eyelashes were slanted upward, portraying a seductive allure, and yet, she had a pair of crystal clear eyes that rippled with pure naivety.

    She walked straight toward one of the cleaners, and a sweet and dulcet voice came out of her pouty red lips. “Aunty, dear, may I know where God is at the moment?”

    The cleaner was surprised to be met with such polite inquiry. Since there was no reason to lie to this little goddess, the cleaner swallowed her saliva and told her the number of God’s room upstairs, adding, “He’s having a fever.”

    Upon hearing this, the woman immediately headed upstairs and knocked on God’s door hurriedly.

    “God, open the door!”

    No response.

    Ning Meng took a step backward and glanced at her high-heels before issuing another order loudly. “Step Hen! Kick down that door!”


    The cleaner’s jaw was rolling on the ground as she watched this.