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Chapter 254 - Meng Meng Was Furious!

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 254: Meng Meng Was Furious!

    Upon entering the room, Ning Meng saw God curled up, his body on his bed without his blanket. His face was as pale as the white sheets.

    Furrowing her brows, Ning Meng ordered, “Step Hen, let’s bring him to the hospital!”

    Having given up on telling the missus his real name, Stephen carried the weakened feeble boy in his arms and walked out of the room.

    As soon as they reached the door, they heard a laidback frisky voice ring out. “Hey, stop. What are you people doing here? You’re intruding my private property, you know?”

    Stepping forward, Ning Meng could see a young man in his 20’s downstairs, marching toward the stairs with the villa’s security in tow. He turned toward the security guards and yelled, “Chase these people out! Which one of you losers let them in? Not only that, but you’re even allowing them to forcefully remove members of our E-sports Club? Are you retards?! Why am I hiring you if all of you don’t do anything about this?!”

    Then, he looked up and saw Ning Meng. After momentarily gasping at her heavenly beauty, the young man pulled himself together and yelled at her, “Hey, little b*tch! Who told you that you could come to my turf and cause all this ruckus?!”

    Ning Meng pulled a long face and asked, “Little b*tch? Little b*tch says who?”

    “Young Master Lu” opened his mouth and yelled out loud, “Little b*tch says you!”

    Ning Meng hugged her stomach and laughed out loud. She didn’t think someone would fall for this age-old trick, “Yes, indeed, you’re the little b*tch. I see you know yourself very well.”

    Realizing that he had been tricked, Young Master Lu jumped up and down furiously, spewing even more vulgar words. “Godd*mnit, you little piece of sh*t! You must be a wh*re who has been spreading your legs on a bus and inviting any man to f*ck you to their hearts’ content.”

    Stephen was getting worked up after hearing someone insulting the missus like this, yet, when he looked at Ning Meng, Stephen saw that she was not angry at all.

    Ning Meng tilted her head and responded, “Wow, that was such a creative self-introduction from you.”


    While she was responding to him, Ning Meng had already walked down the stairs, and Young Master Lu quickly stepped forward to block her path.

    Ning Meng immediately frowned upon seeing this. If they stalled any further, it would make it more difficult for God to recover from his fever!

    Ning Meng yelled out an order without hesitation. “Let’s fight our way out, boys!”

    Stephen was still carrying God on his back, so, he resorted to staying behind while his fellow brethren-in-arms stepped forward to engage in the inevitable fight. In just a few seconds, one of Huo Beichen’s “men-in-black” had pinned two of Young Master Lu’s security guards to the floor.

    Taking a few steps back, Young Master Lu was now trembling in fear. “Stop!!! Or else, I’ll call the police! You’re committing an assault crime, I tell you! I’ll call the police, d*mn it!”

    Taking a look at God, Ning Meng saw that he was getting weaker by the minute. A wave of rage surged up in her mind as she hurled a punch at Young Master Lu’s face. “If you keep blocking my path, I’ll punch you through the wall! We’ll make sure to pin you there forever!”

    The nose-bleeding Young Master Lu took another step back, not blocking the exit anymore. It seemed that he had started to get scared of this beautifully terrifying woman.

    Ignoring him, Ning Meng quickly brought God out of the villa.

    As soon as they reached the hospital, the doctor and nurses sent him straight into emergency care. “Thank goodness you sent him here early. If he was not sent here in another hour, his brain would be fried!”

    An untreated high fever was indeed nothing to joke about.

    After treating him for half an hour, God’s body temperature finally became stabilized. On the bed, the young man was no longer frowning and moaning, and he slowly started to relax.

    Seeing him getting better, Ning Meng let out of a sigh of relief.

    Stephen was standing on guard next to her while leaving two other bodyguards guarding the door, not allowing any of Young Master Lu’s men in.

    Suddenly, a few policemen arrived at the hospital, sealing every exit of the building. Young Master Lu, bringing the policemen into the ward, yelled out loudly, “Sir, they’re right here! It was them that intruded our property and assaulted my men! They even kidnapped one of the members of our club!”

    Seeing that this piece of sh*t had indeed brought the police with him, Ning Meng could not help a frown from spreading over her face.

    Now, things were getting even more complicated. She could not just fight her way out of this with her and Step Hen’s fists!

    However, “Step Hen” opened his mouth to comfort her. “Don’t worry, missus. Mr. Huo can handle this. Just leave it to him.”


    Then, Stephen invited the policemen into the ward politely. Right at that moment, Stephen did not look like the fierce bodyguard he was before—in fact, now, he was so polite that he looked like a cultured butler!