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Chapter 255 - Who Was This "Ning Meng"...?

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 255: Who Was This "Ning Meng"...?

    "Alright. Now, may I ask what was the fuss about?"

    Seeing that the offenders were cooperating politely, the leader of the police officers softened his approach, telling his men to stand down.

    Young Master Lu pointed at God, who was laying on the bed and opened his mouth. "Sir, can you see this? These people attacked my men and kidnapped this member of our club to this hospital. They even injured me earlier! Sir, you must arrest them and protect me!"

    Looking at the sickly boy on the bed, the police officer inquired, "May I ask who is this boy to you?"

    Ning Meng replied with no hesitation. "I'm his sister."

    Young Master Lu yelled out loud. "Ha! Sister!? There's no way! They are not related in any way!"

    Ning Meng tilted her head and asked, "Mr police~ my baby brother was running a high fever! The temperature was 39.7 Celcius degrees! And yet, this cruel boss of his did not allow me to bring him to the hospital to get treatment. I'm suspecting that they were trying to murder him."


    The police officer was dumbfounded by the situation at hand. He took a look at the diagnosis document that was hung on the bed. The girl was not lying about the boy's illness.

    The police officer looked at Young Master Lu suspiciously.

    Seeing this, Young Master Lu quickly opened his mouth again, "Sir, please don't listen to her! She isn't God's sister! She isn't blood-related to him at all! Because I am his actual sibling!"

    Then, he quickly showed the police his ID. "If you want verification, here's my ID."

    Then, he smirked at Ning Meng. "Wow, I didn't know I have a sister. You know what? I think you're not our sister at all! You're just a wh*re who took a liking to my little brother's d*ck, that's why you're here to play Romeo-and-Juliet!"


    Ning Meng stared at this Young Master Lu. No wonder this brat was so sleazily wicked. This young man was that b*stard son of the Lu Family!

    She did not think that the E-sports Club that God had joined belonged to the Lu Family.

    It was quite funny when she thought about it.

    The actual legitimate son was now being bullied by the b*stard son. If the news got out, the internet would explode in laughter at this horrible joke of a situation!

    Still, Young Master Lu's words were quite effective. The police officer looked at Ning Meng and asked, "Just who are you to this boy? Please be honest and cooperate with the law."

    Just as Ning Meng was trying really hard to handle this, a loud knock could be heard from the ward's door.

    Then, a man clad in a tidy suit walked in with two of his assistants and greeted the police officer. "Pardon me, I'm Ms. Ning Meng's lawyer. Dear officer, would it be alright for me to have a few words with you about this delicate situation here?"Read more chapters at L


    Oh, so this was Huo Beichen's move? This was such a timely rescue from her great hubby~

    …wait. Ning Meng felt that she had seen this lawyer somewhere before…

    After greeting the police, the lawyer instructed his assistants to deal with the matter before walking straight to Ning Meng.

    "Hi, Ning Meng! Don't you recognize me? Come on, we just met the other day, didn't we? It's me! Huo Beichen's highschool friend!"

    ‘…Oh, it's the Mr. Exagerrating Man!'

    Mr. Exagerrating Man smiled as he sat next to her. "I would like to apologize for leaving so abruptly the last time we met. There was a case that needed my immediate attention. Just now, Huo Beichen rang me up, asking me to handle a small dispute. After I heard that you were the one in trouble, I came as quickly as I could. Hahahaha…"

    High school friend, huh?

    Ning Meng pointed a finger at herself and asked, "So, you know me?"

    Mr. Exagerrating Man nodded. "Of course! You're Ning Meng, that ‘Comic Artist Lemon'! Man, you loved drawing comics back then, too… Oh, is the latest chapter of your comic out yet?"

    Comic artist…

    Lowering her head, Ning Meng felt a huge sense of doubt growing in her mind.

    Original Ning Meng had not learned how to draw comics in her high school days, so, this "comic artist" that he was referring to was definitely not Original Ning Meng…

    Then, who was this "Ning Meng" that he was talking about?

    She had to find out the truth!