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Chapter 256 - Why Do You Love Me?

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 256: Why Do You Love Me?

    After a long talk with the lawyer's assistants, the police officer finally established that God and Ning Meng were close friends—they were "so close that they were like brother and sister".

    Having concluded that there was nothing fishy going on between the boy and girl, the police officer turned toward Young Master Lu. "Mr. Lu, if you insist on forcefully taking the boy away, we have every reason to suspect you for homicide."

    Young Master Lu, who was now fearful of his misdeed being exposed, anxiously responded, "No, I… I don't intend to do that. It's just… I didn't know that his fever was this bad…"

    The lawyer's assistant smiled. "We would be glad to pay for the damages caused in your E-sports club. Now, would this be all?"

    Although feeling unsatisfied that things were not going his way, Young Master Lu knew that he needed to back off. "After he's done with his stupid fever, you must send him straight back to my club. Otherwise, he must take full responsibility for the losses that stem from his absence, understand?!"

    Mr. Exagerrating Man whispered in Ning Meng's ear, "About God's contract… it will be difficult for him to continue dwelling in the E-sports scene if he breaches his contract. The best way to deal with this is to find another E-sports club and ask them to poach him away."

    ‘A poach, huh? That is indeed a good idea.'

    Ning Meng nodded her head in agreement.

    However, to do this, Ning Meng still needed to ask for God's approval first. Thus, she put that topic aside and continued probing.

    "Hey, Mr… Mr. Lawyer, just now, about that comic…"

    Mr. Exagerrating Man immediately took the bait. "Yeah! Comic! You said your dream was to one day become a famous comic artist! Oh boy, you loved to draw Huo Beichen back then. You were always sneaking about outside of our classroom just to draw him… after we graduated, one of our classmates told me that you had even published your comics! And it was even about the love story between you and Beichen! Well… if I remember correctly, the publication date is drawing near now, right?"

    "What's the title of the comic?"

    Mr. Exagerrating Man was surprised to hear this. "It's your comic. Don't you know the title of the comic that you drew yourself?"

    Then, Mr. Exagerrating Man took a long look at Ning Meng and saw the confused look on her face. Being a seasoned lawyer and attorney, Mr. Exagerrating Man had to deal with various kinds of people and had learned how to read people, thus, he knew something was off.

    "You're… not Ning Meng?"


    What… what was he talking about now?

    "Oh, I'm sorry. I must have made a mistake!" Mr. Exagerrating Man quickly stood up. "Oh… Haha! Look at the time! Oh my, I've got to go now. Pardon me. Haha! Bye!"

    Then, he stormed out of the ward, not waiting for Ning Meng's response. His two assistants quickly followed after him, leaving Ning Meng still sitting there in confusion.

    Walking out of the hospital, one of his assistants asked, "What's wrong, sir?"

    Mr. Exagerrating Man patted his chest and let out a sigh of relief. "Yeah, now it makes sense. Ning Meng was as poor as a beggar, while this lady comes from a rich family! Thank Jesus I realized this sooner, otherwise, it would be really sinful of me to be the one responsible for wrecking Beichen's family!"Read more chapters at L


    A short moment later, Mr. Exagerrating Man sighed yet again. "8 years. 8 years! Now that I think about it, I can't remember how Ning Meng looked like anymore. In fact, I don't even know if her real name was ‘Ning Meng' either. It's odd, really. Everyone just called her ‘Ning Meng' back then, so I thought that that was her real name. Oh man~ my brain is getting so foggy…"

    His assistants looked at each other in confusion after hearing their boss mumbling to himself.