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Chapter 230 - : Could Not Bear to Touch Her (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 230: Could Not Bear to Touch Her (2)

    Unable to handle his fierce attacks, Xu Weilai’s limbs slowly began to weaken until she eventually laid in his arms limply. Subsequently… She even sensed a gradual change in his body.

    She was injured all over her body and she would not be able to handle his demands… She does not want to aggravate her injuries!

    Just when wondered how she could stop Gu Yu, he stopped his violent kiss. In the next instant, he shoved her away with those arms that were originally hugging onto her…

    As Xu Weilai did not manage to steady herself, she fell back onto the sofa and fell into a slight daze.

    There was a deep and distant look within Gu Yu’s black pupils. It seemed as if there was a whirlpool in the depths of his eyes, and his breaths were clearly uneven. Closing his eyes shut, he forced himself to suppress the desire that had welled up inside his body.

    While he believed Xu Weilai, it did not mean that he was content with it.

    Xu Weilai could only be cute and coquettish to him!

    At first, Gu Yu merely wanted to punish her with the kiss, but he underestimated the extent of her allure to him. As he kissed her, he gradually began to lose control. Now, she was injured all over her body…

    He could not bear to touch her.

    Gu Yu’s breathing steadied down quickly and the turmoil faded away from his eyes completely. After he returned to his usual reserved and reticent self, he strode out of the bedroom.

    Xu Weilai was stunned for a full minute before she then blinked her eyes a few times and touched her lips. Her lips had become rather red and swollen and a slight pain seemed to linger on. The culprit of the crime had left unannounced without a word after committing the act. He… he must be completely insane!

    Regardless of whether or not he believed anything she said, he still tormented her anyway. How infuriating!

    Xu Weilai did not even want to drink water anymore. She held her laptop again and clicked open the Baidu search engine before she entered: ‘What are the ways to make your husband die sooner? Urgent, staying online to wait for a reply!’

    After she clicked on the search button, Xu Weilai was astounded by what she saw.

    To think that so many women wished death upon their husbands… Xu Weilai was not the only one who felt that way.

    Xu Weilai seemed to have found her clique. After she interacted with and complained to the numerous other women in the thread, she finally felt better.

    Afterward, she silently cleared her search history. If Gu Yu ever stumbled across this in her search history, he would likely kill her.


    After dinner, Xu Weilai began to think of her comeback.

    Zhou Meiqi and Rong Wang have joined forces. Judging from how Zhou Meiqi had always wanted to triumph over Xu Weilai throughout these years, it seemed that she wanted more than to just help Rong Wang. Zhou Meiqi’s ultimate goal was to humiliate and crush Xu Weilai completely using the incident with Rong Wang. Zhou Meiqi had always come in second, but this would allow her to turn the situation around and rise to the top.

    Thus, the release of this news article was merely Zhou Meiqi’s first step. If Xu Weilai were to sit and await her doom, she would have it hard with Zhou Meiqi’s next attack.

    Xu Weilai browsed through Weibo for some time and realized that people were criticizing her on all the forums. One would barely be able to stomach those nasty comments…

    However, this meant nothing to Xu Weilai; nobody could be more vicious than Gu Yu, and she would give hands down to anybody who could.

    Currently, the best solution would still be to gather victims. As long as they were willing to report the case and involve the police in the investigation, Rong Wang’s public clarification notice and Zhou Meiqi’s news article would fall apart on their own.

    As the incident in the afternoon had happened unexpectedly, Xu Weilai did not manage to meet the victims. She held up her phone and sent a WeChat message to each one of them again to explain the situation.

    They responded to her quickly and expressed their understanding.

    However, Xu Weilai’s face gradually turned serious when she saw their subsequent messages.