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Chapter 231 - It’s her? (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 231: It’s her? (1)

    They all refused to come forward.

    After all, they were only normal girls. Even if they were the victims, the way the world treated girls was harsh and unfair. Once word of them being victims of sexual assault got out, people would view them differently. After that, they would never be able to lead normal lives.

    In the beginning, they were willing. They thought that there was a chance that Rong Wang would be caught, so they had mustered up the courage to expose this beast. With the current circumstances, however, the probability that he would get caught was unlikely. Moreover, if they had come forward to talk about the issue, people may even accuse them of seducing Rong Wang themselves!

    None of them had dared to take this risk. All they could do was apologize to her!

    Xu Weilai felt helpless, but she also understood them. Not everyone could afford to risk everything to expose the truth. The reality was ruthless and cruel.

    She didn’t try to persuade them, choosing to respect their decision.

    Thus, Xu Weilai lost her weapon for the counterattack. If she couldn’t find another solid piece of evidence, Rong Wang would be completely freed of his wrongdoings. Additionally, Zhou Meiqi would also take this opportunity to defame her completely. Once that happened, there would be no hope for Xu Weilai to continue working in the media industry.

    It was true that an A-ranked project isn’t that easy to tackle!

    Xu Weilai rubbed her temples, leaning onto the sofa as she closed her eyes shut to take a short rest. After a few minutes, she opened her eyes. The corners of her lips quirked up slightly as a glint flashed past her eyes.

    If she could be brought down so easily by Zhou Meiqi, she wouldn’t have held her down for so many years.

    ‘How naive the youth are!’ she thought.

    Xu Weilai straightened up and clicked into her emails. Her fingers flew across the keyboard, as she typed an email and sent it over to Big Boss:

    [ Big Boss, could you track down the person that sent you the anonymous source of news? ]

    She began thinking of this person because she had guessed that this anonymous whistleblower was likely one of his victims! The reason why she chose to give magazine publication company Z this piece of information was because she wanted for Rong Wang’s true colors to come to light. She would also take this opportunity to stand up for herself!

    Xu Weilai making such a decision meant that she had a certain amount of courage. If she could find that person, there was a good chance that she could convince her to come forward and speak up!

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    Of course, there were other possibilities. However, she wasn’t going to ignore any clue, no matter how small it was. This was her intuition as a reporter!

    After five minutes, Big Boss replied.

    He had sent the information he had on that person directly over while praising Xu Weilai:

    [ You’re even more quick-witted than I had imagined, you smart little girl. ]

    Xu Weilai was a little shocked.

    Although Big Boss was generous with his praises, it was the first time that he had praised her, saying that Xu Weilai was a smart little girl. Being called a “little girl” made her feel a little spoiled!

    At her age, Xu Weilai shouldn’t be considered a little girl by any means, unless Big Boss was an old geezer!

    The image of an old man with a long mustache made its way to Xu Weilai’s mind unconsciously. She couldn’t help herself from snorting.

    After coughing a few times, she decided it was time to work! Xu Weilai adjusted herself and clicked into the information that was sent over. As she gazed at the picture, she had an inexplicable feeling that the person looked a little familiar. Even so, she didn’t manage to recall who she was for the time being.

    That is until she had scrolled down to the summary on this person. Her mind instantly put together the woman in the picture, and the woman that she had met in real life.

    The information was brought into a state of shock, her mouth left agape. She never would have expected this!

    She thought, ‘Oh god… It’s her?!’