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Chapter 224 - I’ll Go With You

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 224: I’ll Go With You

    “Let’s go to the hospital.” It was quite awkward for someone older than her to address her so formally, but she did not stop the driver either.

    The car stopped at the hospital entrance. As soon as Jiang Yao got off the car, she heard Chen Zhibin calling out for her.

    “Jiang Yao!” Chen Zhibin sprinted toward her and said, “I heard that there will be a shareholders’ meeting, are you alone?”

    “Yeah, should I bring a group of people to fight instead?” Jiang Yao chuckled in amusement.

    “I’ll go with you then!” Chen Zhibin was shocked that Jiang Yao had the mood to joke with him. “I’m more at ease if you let me be there with you. The sergeant is not around, I have to protect you!”

    Chen Zhibin was relatively well-informed while he was at the hospital. Throughout the day, the doctors and nurses were talking about the bizarre thing that had happened in the director’s office. Several minority shareholders were sitting inside the office, shouting and cursing as they damaged the things in the office. Knowing that Jiang Yao would be here for a meeting, Chen Zhibin had been waiting for her outside the hospital in case she was bullied.

    Jiang Yao pondered upon the circumstances and decided to let Chen Zhibin go with her.

    Xiao Fang escorted Jiang Yao and Chen Zhibin to the meeting room and left. Jiang Yao walked in, all the seats in the room had been taken except one.

    The meeting room was filled with chatter, but once Jiang Yao entered the room, everyone shut their mouths instantly and looked at her in unison.

    Jiang Yao stood by the door and looked at the forty-something obese man sitting in the head seat of the conference table.

    “Miss Jiang,” the director quickly greeted her and wiped his sweat anxiously as her disgruntled eyes kept looking at Mr. Qin.

    Mr. Qin owned the most shares among the remaining shareholders. When they entered the room, he went and sat at the seat matter-of-factly, and did not budge at all even when the director reminded him gently.

    “Miss Jiang, so nice to have you here~” Mr. Qin turned the chair slightly and looked at Jiang Yao with his legs crossed. He assumed that she was a very powerful and charismatic woman, but to his surprise, she was nothing but a fragile and bleak young girl. Hence, Mr. Qin became even more pompous and cocky.

    Jiang Yao glared at him coldly for a few seconds, then walked toward Mr. Qin and rapped the table in front of him. “I don’t care who you are, but for an old man, you don’t need me to remind you that this is not where you’re supposed to sit, do you?”

    Jiang Yao did not know any of these shareholders, but she did know one thing—other than the majority shares that were in her hands, the remaining part of the equity was divided among the six or seven people in this room.

    Frankly speaking, when she first laid eyes on the people who were in the meeting room, she felt a surge of agitation that was most probably going to end up as a headache.

    She spoke in a cold and emotionless tone, her face was solemn and gloomy. “I’ll give you two choices. One, get up and give me back my seat. Two, the meeting ends here. We’ll have another meeting when all of you learn how to respect me, who is younger than everyone in the room but has the majority share.”

    Then, Jiang Yao took a step back to stand next to Chen Zhibin. She lifted her arm and looked at her watch, and raised three fingers with the other hand at the man who was glaring at her, one finger was retracted for every second passed.

    Her action was obvious—she only gave three seconds for Mr. Qin to consider his options.

    With all the cunning plots in his mind, Mr. Qin would never have thought that a girl in her late teens would have such a tough and resilient attitude, she was stern in conveying her words too.