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Chapter 155 – Do I Win?

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

    The entire growth cycle of the Blue Sea Lotus seemed to have been shortened to this, all of it occurring in a dozen some breaths of time.

    Grandmaster Wu had a light expression. He reminded, “Do you have more nutrients for the nutrient fluid?”

    Everyone was startled. And sure enough, the originally pale blue nutrient fluid was now completely clear like pure water.

    Chairman Xu waved his hand. Immediately, someone rushed up and poured in more nutrients.

    But this wasn’t enough!

    Not too long after, the nutrients poured in were completely exhausted. Without needing Chairman Xu to remind them, someone ran up to add more.

    Then a third time…

    A fourth time…

    Until the fifth time!

    Everyone looked with shocked eyes at the Blue Sea Lotus atop the work table.

    It had grown to the height of a person, and its leaves were vibrant and lush, verdant and gorgeous. The lotus leaves seemed to sway around, cheering, and the loud sound of crashing water resonated in the air. But at this time, the most amazing thing was not this, but the massive bulb between the circle of lotus leaves.

    It moved, moved, moved, and finally began to slowly bloom. A deep blue color stretched out, like the sea level beneath an endless horizon. The tender and delicate petals gently shivered. Like this, atop the lotus flower, a soul-stirring scene occurred.

    Like space distorting, like light twisting, like fog rolling, the phantom of a boundless blue sea appeared, with endless waves tumbling atop its surface. This sight was so realistic that everyone watching truly believed that this sea existed in the real world, and the Blue Sea Lotus’s strength was only revealing a picture of it.

    The Blue Sea Lotus – the lotus would open into a blue sea; this was what it was renowned for!

    The lotus seed cracked open in a breath of time; lotus leaves appeared in a breath of time; the stem grew in a breath of time; the lotus flower bloomed in a breath of time…this was the first time anyone had seen or heard about such a scene.

    There was a long silence. Then, it was broken by earthshaking cheers. Countless seafolk cried out Grandmaster Wu’s name. They all wanted to express their highest respect and reverence for this living incarnation of the sea spirits in the world.

    At this time, Wu Zetian was like the center of the world, accepting praise and attention from all! With a tranquil demeanor, he faintly smiled and nodded, thanking everyone. Because of this, the cheers grew louder, so loud that they could even be heard deep within the royal palace.

    In that inconceivably luxurious hall, atop the dragon throne, the sea race ruler opened his eyes slowly, a thoughtful look deep within them.

    “This Wu Zetian fellow, he has some strength. If he hasn’t fallen too deeply, he may stand behind.”

    Though there was no one in the hall, a respectful voice still sounded back. “Yes, Your Majesty.”

    This performance had caught the attention of the sea race ruler and might have even changed his opinion of him; it could be imagined just what strength Wu Zetian had revealed at this moment. It was formidable to the point that everyone forgot this was a challenge, and made them all think this was his own individual performance.

    But in the end, not everyone would forget this.

    For instance, Chairman Xu.

    After a moment, once Grandmaster Wu had received enough praise and adulation, he turned and said, “Mister Ning, it is your turn.”

    Grandmaster Wu put on an understanding expression. He raised his hands and pressed them down, causing the cheers to quickly fall silent. All eyes gathered on him.

    “Junior, at this point you should know what regret is now.”

    The black-robed figure was silent. As everyone was thinking Qin Yu was paralyzed with fear, a cold sneer came from below his hood. “You old thing, you really speak too much!”

    Whoosh –

    Countless seafolk rose up in anger. They couldn’t imagine that this person could still be so rampant at such a moment. Boos flooded out like a tide…followed by countless curses.

    Beneath his black robe, Qin Yu’s gaze was calm. He thought that if these people wanted to curse him, then they should go ahead and curse him. At the very least, it would give them some measure of comfort ahead of time. As he suddenly thought how his quick and smart move would earn him an immense amount of wealth, his mood soared and all of these curses and boos suddenly sounded cute and lovable.

    Chairman Xu waved his hand. A staff member coldly snorted and tossed the lotus seed into the nutrient fluid, enraged that this person would dare to offend Grandmaster Wu so deeply. He wanted to see just what sort of expression Qin Yu would have after being defeated! Of course, this staff member had also placed a bet of 50,000 spirit stones; it was all of his savings that he had accumulated in these past years.

    If he won, then not only could he solve his housing problem, but he could also buy a high quality carriage. His life would be perfect.

    He didn’t have the slightest bit of a favorable impression towards Qin Yu.

    Unfortunately, the course of the world was not determined by likes and dislikes. So, when the lotus seed fell into nutrient fluid and suddenly erupted with a powerful absorbing strength, causing it all to bubble and seethe, this performance was the true reality.

    That’s right, don’t rub your eyes! You thought this, so no matter how much you rub your eyes, it will still be true!

    Thump –

    Thump –

    As if it had been starved for countless years, the lotus seed swallowed and swallowed, so fast and so much that it seemed as if it could devour mountains and seas and shake the earth.

    Pa –

    The lotus seed broke apart. It took root and began to germinate.

    Everything seemed to replicate what happened a moment ago.


    There were sea spirit teachers with sharper senses and a more accurate grasp of time. As they contrasted what was happening to what had happened, their eyes flashed dark.

    The growth speed of this lotus seed was actually a point quicker than Grandmaster Wu’s lotus seed!

    One sea spirit teacher who had bet 10,000 spirit stones suddenly felt as if a knife had pierced through his heart. He hurried to comfort himself.

    This was only temporary, this was only temporary. This lotus seed would soon slow down.

    Then, his eyes popped open and he stared stubbornly at the nutrient fluid and the Blue Sea Lotus growing within. His face grew increasingly white until there wasn’t the slightest trace of red. A giant stone seemed to press down on his chest and breathing became increasingly difficult. Every time he took a breath, a cold chill spread through his body and into his bones, as if he would become a block of ice.

    The Blue Sea Lotus continued to grow, grow, and grow.

    The committee staff watched, seemingly frozen in shock. They completely forgot to pour in additional nutrient fluid. The black-robed figure reminded them, but in the end he could only personally pick up the bucket of nutrient fluid to the side and fill it himself.

    “In this world, there are some people born with an unreasonable sense of self-confidence. And, I’ve always wanted to ask – why?” In the still quiet, this voice was especially grating to the ears. “You know, originally I didn’t want to suggest a bet. After all, I have no enmity with those here nor do we share any injustice, so how could I just plunder your belongings? But, there are always some people who are just too irritating to the eyes. So, those who bet for me to lose are innocent and were simply dragged into this mess. I really must apologize.”

    Wu Zetian’s complexion paled. He gnashed his teeth and roared, “Junior, don’t be so rampant! You haven’t won yet!”

    Qin Yu stood tall. He turned around and looked straight ahead. “I will win.”

    Then, as if to confirm his words, the bud within the Sea Blue Lotus began to quietly bloom. A similar projection of a blue sea appeared in the void.

    It roared, it raged, as if coldly laughing and mocking the cheers that came from the audience not too long ago.

    In that moment, within Prosperity Square, countless people held their hands against their hearts. This wasn’t because they were trying to act cute and lovable, but rather because their hearts were really breaking.

    Their spirit stones!

    Spirit stones…

    They seemed to be drifting so far away…

    Wu Zetian clenched his fists and his pupils shrank into dots. He tightened his jaws so hard that his teeth grinded together. He never imagined he would be forced back to this stage.

    It was just like Jing Guanjin.



    Stop for me!

    The heavens seemed to hear Old Wu’s roaring plea. After the lotus flower bloomed, the wildly growing Blue Sea Lotus slowly calmed down. Those people that were drowning seemed to have found a breath of fresh air. Wu Zetian gasped, feeling as if he had obtained a new lease on life.

    He had never felt such tension and oppression. Just a little bit more and his Purple Card would have been taken away. The consequences of that were so terrifying that he didn’t even want to imagine them.

    Luckily, he had been a single point away from winning! With this, the result would be a tie.

    Wu Zetian glared at the black-robed figure with venomous eyes. This junior was truly ruthless! Not only did he want to win his Purple Card, he also wanted to plunder his wealth!

    That was 100 million spirit stones! Even his wealth would shrink massively!

    Inside and outside of Prosperity Square, everyone sucked in a deep breath together, producing a loud rumbling once again.

    This is what it feels like to survive a disaster…my purse has been saved…my spirit stones…

    Countless seafolk had teary eyes. They all felt as if this world was truly wonderful!

    Chief Manager Wu heavily clapped his hands, looking as if he couldn’t wait to rush up. He repeated again and again, “Just a little bit more, just a little bit more!” As he thought of the massive amount of wealth that he had slowly gathered up in a storage shell, he felt as if his heart would explode!

    Clearwood took a deep breath. “It’s good he didn’t lose!”

    Old Sea laughed. “You’re right, at least he didn’t lose. Little friend Ning, little friend Ning, I never thought that you had hidden yourself so deeply. It seems I underestimated you!”

    Chief Manager Wu scratched his head. “Hah, I’m so unwilling!”

    Clearwood lightly said, “Think of what would have happened if you lost.”

    Chief Manager Wu was finally enlightened.

    He had gone into this thinking he would be defeated. Then, if he didn’t lose…that meant he won!

    Chairman Xu’s complexion shook. He looked deeply at Qin Yu. ”Mister Ning, as it stands, you and Grandmaster Wu are even. Of course, we will immediately send out people to inspect the two Blue Sea Lotuses and decide which one is better.”

    In addition to his words, there was a bit more respect contained within them.

    No matter where it was, powerhouses could earn respect. And in his opinion, Qin Yu was now strong enough to roam through the highest heavens.

    The committee members looked at each other and each one made a decision in their hearts.

    If Grandmaster Wu’s Blue Sea Lotus was superior, they would judge him as winning. If it was about the same, they would call it a tie. In short, they couldn’t judge him as having lost. What nonsense; who here hadn’t been secretly thinking of earning a fortune? And although the committee members weren’t poor themselves, who wanted to bow and hand over all their hard-earned white and shiny spirit stones?

    A light voice came from beneath the black robes. “No need.”

    Grandmaster Wu’s heart shrank. A grave foreboding feeling suddenly rose up in his heart. He saw the black-robed figure raise a finger and point towards the Blue Sea Lotus.

    “I believe I have already won.”

    As his voice fell, the gorgeous lotus flower rapidly withered to reveal a seed pod. The blue sea floated in the void like mist as it slowly poured into the seed pod. Then, with a crack, the seed pod split open and a lotus seed slowly floated up. It sparkled with extraordinary brilliance, as if formed from the most exquisite jade in the world. As it floated in the air, a faint purple light sprinkled down from it.

    This was because the lotus seed was purple.

    Qin Yu raised a hand and waved at the lotus seed. After a brief hesitation, it flew into his hand.

    This sight left countless seafolk utterly dumbfounded. A storm seemed to rise in the depths of their subconscious, rumbling and overwhelming their senses.

    In the legends, the sea spirit was invisible and intangible; it was one with the sea. Because of its mercy, the sea races were born. In other words, the strongest ability of the sea spirit was to impart spiritual knowledge and develop spiritual wisdom.

    The ten great Purple Cards were known as the incarnations of the sea spirit. But through the countless generations, there had been far more than a hundred of them. Even so, only the smallest number of them had been Spiritual Bestowers.

    Each one of these was amongst the strongest powerhouses of the Purple Cards. They were said to be able to communicate with the sea spirit, and their status was a level higher than that of other Purple Cards.

    In the records of history, it had been over a thousand years since a Purple Card sea spirit teacher had appeared who possessed the power of Spiritual Bestowment.

    And today, in Prosperity Square, countless seafolk witnessed the birth of a Spiritual Bestower.

    Qin Yu had no idea what sort of mess he had created. But as he looked at the pale expressions of Chairman Xu and Old Wu, he guessed that it wasn’t bad.

    Thus, he turned and asked in a soft tone. “Then, do I win?”