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Chapter 180 – Day of Ancestral Worship

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

    The Day of Ancestral Worship.

    This was a grand and magnificent ceremony created to honor the royal family’s first ancestor, who managed to successfully incarnate into a flood dragon. The royal family’s direct lineage, their branch families and all other bloodline descendants were required to appear in full and splendid regalia. Today, all slaughter was forbidden and only an auspicious peace was allowed. The smell of blood was not allowed anywhere within the vicinity of the capital city, otherwise this would be considered a great crime, an affront to the ancestors.

    Several days ago, the royal palace had already started cleaning. All of the palace maids bustled endlessly about, all of them trying their best to ensure that the Ancestral Worship Ceremony would be carried out flawlessly. At the same time, guards were dispatched throughout the capital city to maintain stability.

    In truth, this was only as a final emergency measure. The sea races didn’t have too many strict laws and regulations, thus the Day of Ancestral Worship that occurred once every ten years had already taken root in the hearts of the people. Everybody was well aware of how much importance the royal family placed on this ceremony. In particular, the old bag of bones known as the Council of Elders. If anyone even thought of interfering with the Ancestral Worship Ceremony, they would definitely go insane.

    “It’s clear why Leon and the Qing Family lady were attacked. If one isn’t blind, it's obvious who planned all of this.” Turtle Origin coldly sneered. “It seems that someone really desires to kill Qin Yu.”

    The Sea Sovereign sat back in his dragon throne. He lightly said, “Soon, the Day of Ancestral Worship will arrive.”

    The old turtle nodded, his face darkening. “Your Majesty has also thought of this. This is exactly what I was worried about.”

    The Sea Sovereign frowned. “Does mister believe that Qin Yu will do something at this time?”

    The old turtle thought back to how he had first taken Qin Yu because he had wanted to go back and check on his friend’s situation and sighed. “He’s a smart boy. It’s not difficult to see that this is a trap. But, that is another matter altogether. Qin Yu that human brat, while his actions are a bit reckless and rascally, he is someone who places a heavy emphasis on friendship.”

    With a single phrase of heavy friendship, that was enough to indicate his thoughts. And as for whether or not Qin Yu was aware that Leon and Qingqing had been attacked, neither Turtle Origin nor the Sea Sovereign mentioned it.

    Since the Whale Sovereign used such shameless methods without any regard for face, how could he not inform Qin Yu as soon as possible? And that person definitely had this strength. Even if Qin Yu was strictly being held captive in the royal palace, they didn’t doubt this.

    This was a low and basely method, but at the same time it was an honest and open plot. Even if one realized it was a trap, it was difficult to think of a solution.

    The Whale Sovereign was surely confident to achieve his goal and have Qin Yu make a move on the Day of Ancestral Worship.

    The old turtle stood up. “I will warn him. Even if he wants to take revenge, he cannot do it all at once.” He hurried out. However, in his heart, he didn’t have much confidence in his words.

    After a moment, while under house arrest, Qin Yu had a calm expression. Turtle Origin tentatively asked some questions, but what his watertight questions received in response was something that appeared to be a little happy smile.

    This happy expression left the old turtle scared silly. He was too bothered to cover up anything anymore and deeply said, “Qin Yu, you may continue to consider your marriage with Princess Lushy, but I came here to tell you that no matter what it is you know, you cannot be impulsive. In another two days, it will be the royal family’s Day of Ancestral Worship. The entire royal family must gather together, and this is the most sacred and dignified of all ceremonies. If someone were to disturb the ceremony, it would be the greatest provocation to them. It is an inexcusable crime!”

    This was no longer just a warning. It was openly placing everything on the table.

    Qin Yu was silent for several breaths of time. “I thank senior for the good intentions. I understand.”

    His expression was earnest and his manner was sincere; he clearly seemed to show some gratitude and he also seemed to relax a little. But, once the old turtle left the hall, he was still unsure in his heart. He sighed. Without saying anything else, he gathered all of Soupman’s forces.

    On the Day of Ancestral Worship, this place would become the most strictly guarded area in the entire royal palace! Not even a single fly could hope to escape!

    The passing of time was an eternal truth, one that continued unimpeded by any strength. The Day of Ancestral Worship continued as planned. A giant altar was laid out. It was solemn and respectful, and atop the purple jade plates, countless rare and precious treasures were displayed, each of them a sign of veneration towards their exalted ancestor. The entire royal family bloodline gathered here today. Some had even arrived from hundreds of thousands of miles away. This was because this ceremony was not just to pay tribute to their ancestors, but also as a means to display one’s status within the royal family.

    Starting from the altar, people were lined up orderly in divisions, each one representing your status within the royal family. The further away one was, the less important they were. If one were absent from this vast Day of Ancestral Worship, that would often represent one’s expulsion and fall.

    Thus, it was not difficult to understand why several deathly ill royal family members would come here even if they were lifted on stretchers. They all struggled to ensure they came.

    Princess Lushy was also here, and her position was at the front. This wasn’t because the Sea Sovereign preferred this daughter of his. Rather, it was because she possessed a formidable cultivation talent and an outstanding bloodline. Otherwise, did anyone really think that just because she was born a little bit beautiful, she would be called the most dazzling and beautiful pearl in the sea? It was impossible to be so naïve.

    At this moment, feeling the solemn and dignified atmosphere, her expression was earnest. She silently prayed to her ancestors, hoping that they could bless her life after marriage with joy and happiness.

    That was right. Even up until now, Princess Lushy didn’t know that she had been refused already. She had already thought about her wedding and marriage more than once.

    To join together with a human, that was a completely unprecedented event within the royal family. It could even be said that this would affect her inheriting the power of authority in the future.

    But the princess did not regret.

    She remembered what her mother had once told her as a child. For a woman, their most important task was to find a husband that they liked in the future, so that they could live a happy and enjoyable life. Otherwise, no matter how much they gained from it, they would only be living in a void of sorrow and despair, fading away bit by bit with every passing day.

    Princess Lushy knew that her mother didn’t love her father. She had witnessed her mother’s loneliness and depressed life, and she didn’t want to live like that.

    If she was together with Qin Yu, she should be very happy, right? Although this human could be hateful sometimes, and yes his words could be especially exasperating, but once they got married, this princess would definitely use sufficient methods to shut him up and make him learn his lesson!

    Women of the flood dragon race not only had a spiritual accepting body, but after marriage, they could transfer this benefit to their husband. And, there were also many other marvelous things she could do. As she thought back to how she had secretly studied up on this, the princess blushed red. But then, she suddenly thought that thinking about such things in this situation might be too disrespectful to her ancestors and immediately restrained herself. She quietly prayed: oh ancestors, please do not lower yourself to the level of this little girl!

    The old turtle named Turtle Origin had a pure flood dragon bloodline flowing in his body. According to common sense, he should be a mighty and powerful flood dragon now. But, the black turtle bloodline he inherited underwent a sudden reversion and mutation, unexpectedly suppressing his flood dragon bloodline as a result. One couldn’t help but say this was how fate played with people.

    At this moment, he was beneath the altar. He looked to the side and could see the Whale Sovereign from the corner of his eyes. He wasn’t sure just what this fellow was thinking. Currently, most of the ceremonial offerings had finished. Afterwards His Majesty would order everyone to leave the royal palace, and there wouldn’t be any other chances for him to make his move.

    Could he have misjudged the situation?

    As Turtle Origin was deep in thought, atop the altar, a white-haired and wizened priest suddenly opened his eyes. The priest looked around and met the eyes of several disciples. There was relief, there was reluctance, but most of all there was determination.

    In the next moment, there was a surge of light atop the altar. Turtle Origin looked up in consternation and stared blankly on at the flood dragon phantom that appeared in the light. His eyes began to cloud over.


    Today, this was the first variable that appeared.

    Princess Lushy had only ever heard about her ancestor’s spirit manifesting before. Although she found it a bit unbelievable, she still felt awe in her heart.

    She just didn’t know what was going on. Why were all the juniors ordered to withdraw, leaving only the most powerful figures within their race here?

    However, this shouldn’t be something bad.

    Princess Lushy paused in her step. Because there had been a sudden change in the ceremony, there was still plenty of time…she looked up towards a corner of the royal palace and bit her lip, hesitating a little.

    But once this thought appeared, it was particularly hard for her to hold it back. In short, the less she wanted to think about it the more she thought about it; it was a complex situation.

    “I’ll just take a look from afar.” As if comforting herself with this or perhaps having found a reasonable explanation, she shyly smiled and started walking over there.

    Although she had never visited, how could she not be concerned about the man she was about to marry? At the very least she knew where he was being held.

    She passed through several gardens and a long corridor. When she saw a familiar figure, she ran over.

    This other person was pale and heavily sweating. They bowed as they saw the princess.

    “You are one of Soupman’s subordinates, right? Why are you so worried?” Princess Lushy’s eyes flashed. She realized that those watching Qin Yu right now should be Soupman’s people. Just as she was thinking about how to question him, the other person suddenly grabbed onto his grumbling stomach. He hurriedly apologized, bowed, and rushed past her.

    That was a corner of the garden; it seemed to be a toilet room or some such place.

    Princess Lushy flushed red. She thought that this person really lacked any sense of responsibility. How could they have a stomach ache while they were on duty? She thought back to how he had run past her in distress and laughed. The corners of her lips lifted in a happy smile.

    It was only that Her Highness the princess didn’t know that this fellow with diarrhea was today’s second variable.

    She continued for a moment, and soon she could see the hall within sight. As she was thinking whether she should stop here or not, she discovered that something wasn’t right with the situation. Right now, in front of the hall, there were several figures standing about. They didn’t seem familiar to her, but judging by their clothes, they should be princes from the various large tribes. And there was one amongst them that was actually quite familiar, as if she had seen him from somewhere not too long ago.

    Mm…thinking about it, he was Jing Guanjin. She had seen him in a video before.

    On the surface, it was said he was a prince from some northern tribe. But, she had heard that his true identity was as a son of the Whale Sovereign.

    He seemed to have been held in high regard. A while ago, he had competed against Qin Yu in the great sea spirit competition, but his result hadn’t been good and that was the end for him. Thinking of this, a bit of arrogance rose up in the princess’ heart.

    But immediately after, she was also puzzled. What did they come here for? In these past days, the nervous yet expectant princess hadn’t paid attention to what was occurring in the capital city.

    A thought rose to the top. Could these people be wanting to harm Qin Yu? From Jing Guanjin’s standing, he definitely had the motive to do so. Princess Lushy’s heart quickened. At this time, from within the shadows of the hall, she saw a figure walk forwards. The person lightly stretched his waist, glanced at Jing Guanjin, and then walked over.

    What did he want to do?

    Just as this thought appeared in her mind, she heard a shout explode in her ears. “The criminal has escaped – capture him!”

    Guards rushed out from who knew where like a swarm. Princess Lushy’s heart skipped a beat as she thought about what day it was today.


    What followed her sharp cry was blood that shot out into the skies. Beneath the warm rays of light that scattered down from the capital city’s spells, it actually carried with it an unexpected sense of beauty.