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Chapter 181 – Then, Let’s Die

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

    Faintly, that figure seemed to glance over at Princess Lushy and then look back before continuing. Guards began to roll out and scream, each one crying blood. The situation had already spiraled out of control. She paled.

    She had no idea just what had happened. But, she knew that a storm had been whipped up into existence, and this storm might tear Qin Yu to shreds.

    With a flick of his sleeves, several guards were sent tumbling back. Qin Yu’s eyes locked onto Jing Guanjin’s. Perhaps because Jing Guanjin was startled by Qin Yu’s icy cold aura, he immediately frowned and turned around to leave. But just before he left, there was a faint trace of a smile on his face.

    It wasn’t much, but he had seen Qin Yu. The pain that stabbed at his heart was relieved a little.

    After all, you will die by my hand, even if it is indirectly.

    By his side, a black-armored man looked up. His fist thrust straight outwards. The matter had already been completed. All he needed to do was keep this person here and he wouldn’t need to care about anything else.

    On the other side, Qin Yu also attacked. Crimson flames ignited on the surface of his body and his speed rose up so fast and drastically that he almost became a line of light in everyone’s eyes. And what was even more terrifying was that he didn’t care about the fist that came crashing towards his chest; one could even say that he was rushing towards it on his own initiative.

    This fist strike was extremely heavy. His chest groaned and seemed to hollow in a little. Several bones seemed to break and Qin Yu’s complexion whitened.

    But with this he could reap the harvest of withstanding this injury. His hand reached out and gripped the black-robed man’s neck. Then, he ruthlessly tore it out.

    Flesh and blood cracked, revealing the white windpipe below. Blood erupted like a fountain and the black-armored man’s eyes widened. He seemed to want to make a sound, but he couldn’t in the end. This was because at the same time that his throat was torn out, a short black sword had pierced through his stomach, slashing about and completely cutting off any chance of survival. Afterwards, Qin Yu flourished the black sword and drew back.

    Qin Yu grabbed the corpse and continued forwards. The young masters were already crying out in fear. Jing Guanjin turned back around, shock and surprise in his eyes. He never thought that the guard his father had assigned to him would lose his life in a single attack.

    What incredible strength!

    As he watched Qin Yu rush over, a taunting smile lifted his lips. Did this human really think he would kill him like this?

    How naïve!

    Shua –

    Shua –

    From behind the slaughtered guards, two people flew forth. Their powerful figures erupted with a dreadful momentum that blocked Qin Yu like a mountain range.

    Several ruthless exchanges occurred next. After a horrifying series of colliding sounds, Qin Yu was forced backwards. He roared out unwillingly and ruthlessly threw the corpse in his hands forwards.

    Bang –

    The corpse smashed into the ground, producing a massive hole. Flesh and blood separated as a pool of red appeared.

    Jing Guanjin smiled. This was far too perfect.

    On this Day of Ancestral Worship, the more blood the better, right?

    Qin Yu exchanged several more moves with the two sea race masters. In a situation where he was already wounded, Qin Yu seemed to suffer repeated losses. He was forced back yet again.

    In a short ten breaths of time, the ground outside the hall had fallen into chaos. The bodies of the royal guards and the black-armored man that littered the floor were particularly eye-catching.

    Princess Lushy’s thoughts buzzed in her mind and she found it difficult to think of anything. At this time, she could only stare with wide eyes towards that distant figure.

    Ever since the Day of Ancestral Worship had first begun, at least in her memory, such a crisis had never occurred. What could she possibly do to resolve this mess?

    “Murder! Save us!” Jing Guanjin cried out in distress and horror. As his eyes locked onto Qin Yu they were filled with sublime joy.

    Whoosh –

    Whoosh –

    There was the sound of breaking air. The first two figures to appear were the Whale Sovereign and Turtle Origin. The former had a calm and expectant look, and the latter had a dark and grim visage.

    Then, what followed behind the two was a group of white-haired old men. With their shaky and rickety bodies, it was unknown just how they had run here so quickly.

    As they came upon the scene of slaughter and smelled the thick scent of blood all around, their complexions paled and their pointing fingers trembled.

    “What a bold criminal!”

    “Where did this human come from? He dares to ruin the Day of Ancestral Worship!?”

    “Capture him! Dismember him; he must be dismembered!”

    If hateful eyes could kill, Qin Yu would have already been torn asunder by this group of old fellows.

    The Whale Sovereign faintly said, “Junior Qin Yu, no one will be able to save you today!”

    He stepped forwards. His aura seemed to move mountains and drown out the skies.

    Turtle Origin’s figure flashed as he appeared right in front of the Whale Sovereign.

    The Whale Sovereign furrowed his eyebrows. “Do you also want to block me today? Turtle Origin, even if your body is that of a black turtle, do not forget that the bloodline of the flood dragon race also flows within you!”

    “Turtle Origin, step down!”

    “If you wish to protect this human, that is a great disrespect to the ancestors!”

    “Move aside! Even if His Majesty comes today, he will still die!”

    Even the formidable old turtle felt his scalp tingle at this moment. This crowd of old geezers had really gone crazy, and it would be difficult for him to deal with them. Even if they were unreasonable they could stir up a mess, much less right now when Qin Yu had given them the perfect excuse.

    Just as he was stuck in a hard spot, his eyes swept to the side and caught a look at Qin Yu’s calm expression. The old turtle was immediately angered.

    Hey, did you guess that we needed help from you? Otherwise how could you be so fearless!?

    The old turtle’s face darkened and he said in a low voice, “Qin Yu, how do you explain all of this?” Of course, the old turtle was only trying to draw things out. Once more time passed His Majesty would certainly learn what happened here, and only he could suppress this situation.

    The old fogies from the Council of Elders all had frosty expressions. What else was there to say? This human captive had blatantly killed people during the royal family’s Day of Ancestral Worship. Wasn’t this a crime that went beyond any form of forgiveness?

    But looking at this human body’s stance, it seemed that he really was prepared to say something. The old fogies waited eagerly. They thought that no matter how glib or persuasive this boy was, they would nail him down here and finish him off!

    Qin Yu opened his mouth. But, what he said went beyond everyone’s expectations. He didn’t give any explanation or try to argue back. He only looked forwards and said, “You don’t need to shout for your life. No one here can save you.”

    These words were completely inexplicable and bewildering. It was as if he had taken the Whale Sovereign’s words just now and altered them a little. The old fogies flew into a rage. They thought that this boy really needed to be dragged out and killed again and again for a few hours.

    Of course, a person only had one life, so it was impossible for someone to be killed so many times. But in contrast to their anger, several other people on the opposite side of them suddenly felt their hearts shrink as a deep foreboding feeling swelled up within them.

    Jing Guanjin seemed to fall into an icy lake. Qin Yu’s light tone, Qin Yu’s faint gaze, all of this was like a horrifying nightmare that covered him in endless fear.

    Those words, were those words meant for him?

    Jing Guanjin wanted to coldly sneer. His father had already appeared. Even if Qin Yu had a thousand methods, how could he possibly injure him? But he soon discovered that he couldn’t smile. His body was numb like a block of wood. Although his consciousness was clear, he wasn’t able to control his movements in the least.

    What happened?

    Fear erupted in his heart. Jing Guanjin wanted to seek out help, but his field of sight began to darken. There was crashing sound after crashing sound all around him, the last sounds he heard before his consciousness fully faded away.

    Thus, he fell to the ground, joining all the other young masters. Their bodies were twisted and colored a terrifying and macabre blue and black.

    The Whale Sovereign’s face froze. His figure flickered and he appeared by Jing Guanjin’s side. He placed his hand on the corpse and after several breaths of time, he looked up. In a quiet voice that seemed to come from the nine nether hells, he whispered, “What a fierce poison.”

    He had already decided to abandon Jing Guanjin. Although the reason was a bit different from what he had thought, there was no longer any significance to discussing this. But in any case, the Whale Sovereign never thought that Jing Guanjin would die, especially like this, right in front of him.

    Turtle Origin inspected the other young masters. But, the violent poison had already entered their bodies and thoroughly scattered their souls.

    The old turtle looked up at Qin Yu. There was a bit of stunned shock, but even more exasperation. He had thought things were as bad as they could be, and he never imagined that the larger surprise was still waiting behind.

    Princess Lushy’s field of vision turned black and she nearly fainted. Perhaps there might have been a chance of resolving the situation if just some guards had died, but with the death of Jing Guanjin and all these other captive princes, things had been thrust beyond the point of redemption. At the same time, Qin Yu’s hopes of survival were cut off.

    She didn’t know where the impulse came from, but Princess Lushy ran over to him and shouted, “Why!? Why did you do this!?”

    Qin Yu looked at her calmly. “They deserved to die.”

    Yes, they did deserve death. But what a pity, Daoist Wuyuan’s poison was a bit too tyrannical.

    These people died too quickly. They likely didn’t feel much pain. How unfortunate.

    The corpse he threw out had been poisoned and the catalyst was his own blood. Although the effect could only be maintained for several breaths of time, the effects were still quite nice, right?

    Qin Yu didn’t conceal his disappointment. Because of this, the Whale Sovereign narrowed his eyes and a terrifying aura flooded out from him like a tide.

    As for the Council of Elders, several of those old fogies seemed to suffer too great a mental impact from what had happened. Some of them rolled their eyes back and fainted, and several others started to shout out curses. If it wasn’t for them fearing that violent poison which could appear at any time, they might have rushed forwards to kill Qin Yu themselves.

    The Whale Sovereign took the initiative.

    Turtle Origin hesitated, but in the end he didn’t move again. With things having come this far, he no longer had the standing to interfere.

    He looked deeply towards the royal palace, towards the place where the highest authority in the world was gathered. His heart was filled with anxious worry.

    Your Majesty, Your Majesty, have you still not made a decision yet? If you continue to delay, then there won’t be enough time!

    Qin Yu’s face paled. Part of it was because of his injuries, but more of it was because he was being suppressed by this aura. He was well aware that the Whale Sovereign was going to kill him, and he would die even if he used the Boundless Blue Finger.

    However, he had already expected this to occur.

    Since he had chosen to make his move today, he had already prepared himself for this.

    Even if it ended with his death.

    Because there were some things that, even if they were the wrong move to make, even if they brought harm to himself, still needed to be done.

    After all, what he owed was a life, and only a life could compensate for it.

    Whether it was someone else’s or his own.

    Qin Yu closed his eyes. He gathered the totality of his will and strength together. If he couldn’t wait for a final turning point to occur, then right before his death, he would go out in his most fiery glory.

    Die with his hands tied behind his back?

    Sorry, but that wasn’t his style.

    The Whale Sovereign’s steps weren’t quick, as if he were waiting for something. But as he approached with every step, a horrifying pressure arrived like a falling mountain, becoming more and more terrifying.

    Qin Yu’s black robes were pressed tightly against his body. Perhaps because his injuries had been disturbed, blood started to gush out from his nose, eyes, ears, and mouth.

    But he still stood straight and tall. There was no trace of pain or regret in his eyes. Only resolve.

    The final wait had failed?

    Then, let’s die.

    Qin Yu lifted a hand. Beneath the terrifying pressure, every movement he made was slow and arduous. He could even hear his bones cracking and breaking. But suddenly, the robes that were pushed against his body were freed. They billowed all around him.

    In the skies above the royal palace, winds and clouds surged!