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Chapter 195 – Very Interesting

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

    Originally, Little Sea was worried that she wouldn’t be able to find an appropriate opportunity to leave, but, she soon discovered that she wouldn’t need to wait too long. There wasn’t enough food stored on the island, and according to the weather watcher, there would be many rainy and cloudy days arriving soon, so it was best to hunt for supplies as soon as possible.

    Of course, the reason there wasn’t enough food was that Little Sea’s teacher had been forced to return early after being severely wounded by a random flying sea turtle.

    No one dared to say this out loud; that arrogant teacher clearly had some prestige on the island. Perhaps it was to wash away his shame or perhaps it was to find the damned sea turtle that had harmed him and made him lose face, but this time he personally led everyone on the mission.

    Little Sea stayed back by using the excuse that she needed to take care of her man. Because of this, Qin Yu gained many more looks of despise and disgust, and was called a useless gigolo many more times than he could count.

    Luckily, Qin Yu’s mindset was steady enough that these things were nothing more than passing wind and clouds to him. Even Little Sea curiously asked him how he could maintain his composure, but he simply stayed silent and didn’t explain.

    Could it be that she wanted him to say that even though her teacher was strong and even though her large muscular hormone-filled sailor friends were strong, they were just weak little bubbles to him that would break upon a single touch? If he didn’t care about them then he didn’t care about them. If he wanted them to shut up, that would be a simple matter.

    To use another well-known phrase: lions would never be enemies with ants…yes, that is something Qin Yu made up, but the meaning was about the same.

    Two days later, at night, Little Sea carried a small package and brought Qin Yu out of the courtyard. Most of the people living around them had already left to sea, making everything much simpler. The so-called troubles were mostly in Little Sea’s mind.

    On the shore, she glanced back once. Only a few fires lit up the island at night. Little Sea turned her eyes forwards with some reluctance, and then said in a soft voice, “Let’s go.”

    Qin Yu flicked his sleeves. Another boat suddenly appeared on the water. Little Sea’s eyes widened and she seemed somewhat impatient to run up.

    The ship wasn’t large but it was exquisitely built. As Qin Yu poured in his magic power, light began to shine from the surface of the hull, pushing the seawater outwards. It didn’t float above the sea level, but instead sank deep, fiercely tearing through the water where it moved forwards, steadily and rapidly.

    Little Sea’s eyes widened. The magic tools of a high-level cultivator far surpassed her imagination.

    This ship was only a small bonus reward that Qin Yu had received in the capital city when he was using the identity of Ning Qin. Perhaps the owner of some sea spirit had hoped to take advantage of this to gain a favorable impression from Grandmaster Ning.

    So, he didn’t care about it at all.

    He turned and sat down, smiling. “If you like it, then after we leave the sea region, I can give this to you.”

    Little Sea swerved around. “You will give it to me? Really?”

    Qin Yu lifted his hands up. “Do I look like I’m lying?”

    Little Sea screamed. “That’s too good! That’s amazing! This is the most incredible ship I have ever seen!”

    She threw herself onto Qin Yu. “You are too nice! You are far too nice!”

    After being surprised by her soft touch, Qin Yu drew back. “I’m glad you like it.”

    Although he didn’t know how Little Sea had rescued him, the facts didn’t change and he still owed her a favor. So, giving her a small treasure was to make himself feel more at ease.

    Little Sea didn’t like the sea region. But after living on the sea for so many years, she clearly knew how important a ship was and also felt an instinctual love towards them. She cautiously walked around, touching the railings and walls, occasionally giggling to herself.

    But soon, when a tattered corpse floated past them from somewhere in the distance, she immediately regained her composure, her eyes sharp.

    “It’s someone from the island.”

    Qin Yu glanced over the corpse. It was mutilated and torn; it should have been ruthlessly bitten by something. He simply couldn’t make out the corpse’s appearance, but Little Sea was able to somehow.

    She hesitated. “I know I’m asking for too much, but if it’s possible could we go and take a look? The ship’s speed is fast enough. If can save some people then let’s save them, and if we can’t we can leave. How about it?”

    She was clearly reluctant to part with the sea region. In the end, she had grown up and lived here for all her life, and knew many people who were the same. It was already a testament to her willpower that she could decisively leave, but how could she not be worried?

    Otherwise, she would not be a human, but a rock.

    Qin Yu nodded. “Okay.”

    With a change of his thoughts, the bow of the ship changed directions, headed towards the point where the corpse flowed from.

    On the surface of the sea, a great battle was taking place. On one side were humans who had come out from the island to hunt, and on the other sea were sea monsters hidden in the sea region. All lives born in the sea had a chance of transforming into a sea monster. So, even though the actions of humans, of how they captured and ate the clansmen of the sea monsters, was not deliberately aimed at them, it could still be understood why they tried to lure and kill humans.

    Today was the perfect chance to kill the human hunters. Two intelligent sea monsters herded a massive school of fish and lured in the giant ship.

    A shark raced through the waters. Sometimes it leapt up high, revealing a mouthful of sharp teeth as it bit down on a sailor and fell back into the sea.

    A violently poisonous jellyfish floated around the ship. Its beautiful bubble-like body floated around, bulging and twisting, capable of spraying out venom at any moment. If someone wanted to break out of the encirclement, they would stay in the icy cold waters forever.

    Many people had died already, but the ship continued to fight. There was some type of cannon that could shoot out spiritual strength on the side of the hull, and using this weapon a massive amount of sea monsters had been killed. The sea was already dyed red with blood.

    But as mentioned earlier, there was no right or wrong between the two sides. They were only different races, so their positions were different from each other.

    When the little boat arrived, from the distance they could see a giant octopus sea monster entangling the giant ship with its terrifying tentacles. The ship was creaking in pain and the hull was already starting to tip over. Soon, it would be dragged down to the seabed and every person on board would become food for the sea monsters.

    Little Sea’s complexion paled and her body trembled. After looking for a moment, she turned around, trying to remain as calm as possible as she said, “Let’s leave.”

    In her eyes, such a horrifying sea monster was no longer something that humans could contend with. If they jumped into the fray, they would only die. She had seen many life and death situations in her life, so on the precipice of life or death, she knew just what sort of decision she needed to make – if these people couldn’t be saved, she needed to preserve her own life first.

    Qin Yu eyed the giant octopus sea monster. It was incredibly huge and also had a fierce appearance; it was good for scaring others. But what about its strength? It was probably at the mid to late Golden Core realm – mediocre at best.

    Under the girl’s watchful eyes, he seemed to think for a moment. Then he said, “Although it was you who saved me and there are many people over there who weren’t too kind to me, in the end I did recover from my wounds on that ship, so I owe a favor to them. Moreover, I’ve been looked down and despised by them for far too long. If I left without letting them all know just how wrong and blind they had been, I would be very disappointed in myself.”

    These words seemed a bit arrogant and even somewhat forced, but Little Sea easily caught onto his true meaning. Her eyes widened. “You…they…this is…too dangerous…”

    Qin Yu smiled. “It’s fine. I’m strong.” After saying these hero-like words, his figure flashed and he flew out.

    In Little Sea’s eyes, Qin Yu had taken a step forwards and vanished. When he next appeared, he was right next to the giant ship. Although she knew that Qin Yu was surely confident in himself if he dared to go forwards, when she looked at his tiny figure compared to that massive octopus sea monster, she felt her heart leap into her throat.

    If he…

    But there were no ‘ifs’ in reality. He had already survived all sorts of winds and rain before this. If he were to suffer an accident because of such a minor character, then he might as well buy a block of tofu and smash himself to death with it.

    All Qin Yu did was lift up his hand and bring it gently slashing downwards.

    Hum –

    A white sword gleam, as fast as light, cut across the edge of the giant ship. The tentacles that were tightly wrapped around the ship were neatly cut off. Green blood sprayed out like wind.

    Then, a deep sound emerged from below the sea; it was the pained roar of the octopus sea monster. Nearly half of its tentacles had been severed and it was thoroughly frightened; it didn’t dare to seek out who had harmed it. It simply loosened its other tentacles and fled deep into the sea.

    Another powerful sea monster was a giant sea snake. It had been hiding beneath the waters this entire time, biding its time and waiting for the chance to launch a fatal strike, or perhaps to deal with the humans’ final trump card. When it saw what happened to the octopus sea monster it was scared half dead. It didn’t even have a chance to make an appearance; it simply turned tail and ran.

    The bosses had run away but the low-level sea monsters were still continuing their attack. With their simple thoughts and low intelligence, they hadn’t noticed anything at all.

    Qin Yu let loose a bit of an aura. It was his, but in another sense it belonged to the strange tumor. As this aura appeared, it created a formidable suppression of a superior being. The bloodthirsty low level sea monsters immediately sobered up. They screamed and began fleeing in all directions.

    In the blink of an eye, the previously dense and threatening waves of sea monsters had completely dispersed.

    The people on the giant ship still hadn’t recovered their senses. Many of them had been drenched by the octopus sea monster’s blood. They all glanced at each other, feeling the green blood that covered their bodies, and looked up in stunned shock.

    So at this point, Qin Yu decided to play everything out until the end. He waved his hand and smiled. “Everyone, there is no need to thank me. I am taking Little Sea away, so don’t even think about it.”

    Puff –

    He plummeted into the sea and vanished.

    On the deck, the sailors that had been saved from death all widened their eyes, as if they had seen ghosts in the daytime.

    “It’s that young gigolo…”

    “He saved us?”

    “Stop dreaming. With a stupid face like this, I can smash him down with a single hand!”

    “I also don’t believe that. It must be some great figure that was passing by who just happened to save us from his good intentions. That boy was only putting on an act.”

    “That’s right, didn’t he fall into the sea just now? He must have been frightened so badly he fainted!”

    “That little gigolo, did he say he was taking Little Sea away?”

    “Holy shit! Where is he now? Grab him! I want to fight him!”

    Beneath the sea’s surface, on the little ship, Qin Yu was watching the girl and her look of shocked disbelief. She was still frozen in amazement, but when the angry roars of the sailors started transmitting in all directions, the atmosphere began to turn awkward.

    The girl’s shocked expression began to turn strange. There even seemed to be a sense that she was suppressing her laughter.

    These bastards!

    Qin Yu was so angered he nearly rushed out and sent everyone to the bottom of the sea. It took him a great deal of effort to suppress his desire to beat all those people senseless. Without any expression at all, he launched the boat in another direction. He wanted to get as far away from these ungrateful bastards as he could.

    Little Sea looked at his back, her lips curling up in a smirk. She thought that even though this person’s looks weren’t to her liking, he was still…very interesting!