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Chapter 203 – All Influences Move

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

    The joyful celebrations continued. All the local influences from Snowfall City came to congratulate the Yun Family. Of course, they didn’t have the qualifications to enter the hall, so once they left behind their gifts they were sent away by the Yun Family cultivators. In particular, several relatively strong cultivators who normally weren’t on good terms with the Yun Family came to impishly pay their respects. This left the Yun Family cultivators all feeling refreshed, their grins spreading from ear to ear.

    Yun Fan had just broken through, so he needed some time to stabilize his foundation. Qin Yu knew this, so once he obtained what he wanted, he smiled and indicated that he wanted to rest. When it came to this, everyone expressed their understanding; it must have been very tiring to swallow a tribulation cloud.

    Yun Xueqing was called over to bring Qin Yu to his room. The reasoning was that since the two were old friends, it was easier to speak to each other. Of course, it was impossible that there weren’t any people in the Yun Family making some small schemes.

    The man had no wife and the woman wasn’t married, so what if Senior Qin Yu held any intentions towards Yun Xueqing? At that time, not only would it be a good marriage but there would also be a powerful backer for the Yun Family.

    With a Nascent Soul in Yun Fan, the Yun Family was already powerful enough. But, who wouldn’t want to be stronger?

    Far away from the crowds, the surroundings quieted down. Yun Xueqing led the way, with the night wind carrying the faint fragrance of the woman with it.

    Qin Yu realized that she was silent and thought that she might feel awkward because of what happened before. So, he didn’t say anything in order to avoid her being further embarrassed.

    Suddenly, Yun Xueqing came to a stop. Qin Yu hesitated for a moment, about to speak, when he heard quiet sobbing. She turned around to reveal a face covered with tears. Her eyelashes were shaking, and she looked like a little bird being drowned on a rainy day.

    Qin Yu quickly said, “What is this? Even though we’re good friends that haven’t seen each other for so many years, there’s no reason to be so excited. Still, I’m flattered.”

    Yun Xueqing’s heart warmed. She could tell that he was intentionally trying to comfort her. She took two steps and threw herself forwards, and in the next moment his arms were filled with her warmth.

    Qin Yu froze. He could feel her fear and excitement. He reached out a hand and patted her back, “Alright. Everything has already passed, hasn’t it?”

    “I was so scared. Father was just an inch from death. Never in my life have I felt such despair.” Yun Xueqing held onto him. “Qin Yu, thank you. I really, really, thank you!”

    Qin Yu smiled. “I know. However, I think it’s best if you let go of me first, or I might get beaten up.”

    Yun Xueqing loosened her grip. She turned away and looked towards the shadows, clenching her teeth at the approaching Fang Huohuo.

    Yu Xueqing grit her teeth. “Fang Huohuo, just what do you want?”

    The originally high and mighty and overly arrogant Fang Huohuo was now looking extremely pitiful. His legs were bound with splints and his face was wrapped in gauze. His somewhat young and handsome face was now bruised black and blue. If Qin Yu didn’t look carefully enough, it would have really been difficult to recognize him.

    Hearing Yun Xueqing’s angry words, Fang Huohuo revealed a deep grievance. The pain was so deep that others could feel it just by looking at him. “Cousin, how could you treat me like this? Could it be that the words you said to me just a few days ago were all lies? I was sincere to you all this time, so how could you…sob, I don’t want to live anymore, I’m going to kill myself!”

    Yun Xueqing blushed red. ”Fang Huohuo, what nonsense are you spouting? If you don’t shut up I’ll beat you again!”

    Fang Huohuo shrank back, no longer daring to say anything. But, his gaze was even more dejected and sad.

    Qin Yu found this quite interesting. But, it was best that he clearly explain this matter. “Miss Yun, I think you should have a discussion with him first.” He turned around.

    Yun Xueqing hesitated for a moment. Then, she walked over to Fang Huohuo, grabbed him by the ear, and walked to the side.

    “Cousin, let go!”

    “It’s good if it hurts. You little bastard, just what is going on in that head of yours…”

    “…You jumped into his arms…”


    From afar, one could faintly hear the conversation of the two. It wasn’t because Qin Yu was deliberately listening in, but his hearing was just too sharp.

    Qin Yu rubbed his nose, thinking that this fellow Fang Huohuo was indeed lucky. By relying on his willpower and earnestness, he had obtained the woman he loved.

    After a moment, Fang Huohuo was somewhat unwillingly pulled over by Yun Xueqing. “What are you doing, hurry up and quickly apologize to fellow daoist Qin Yu!”

    Fang Huohuo said with a sad face, “Sorry…”

    Qin Yu nearly laughed out loud. If this boy was like this already, wouldn’t he be completely overwhelmed when he was married? He was doomed to be subservient for the rest of his life.

    Yun Xueqing coldly snorted, as if she were somewhat dissatisfied. But for better or worse, she took his face into consideration and thrust him away.

    “Qin Yu, I’m really sorry you had to watch that.”

    Qin Yu shook his head. “It’s no problem. I actually think that the two of you have a decent relationship.”

    Yun Xueqing blushed. She led the way, continuing to say, “In truth, I am very familiar with this cousin of mine and I always knew of his feelings for me. However, I never felt anything towards him so I always rejected him. This time, when my Yun Family met with disaster, many people changed the way they acted, as if they had become completely different people. Only this cousin of mine protected me the same as before. For me, he was beaten up until he looked like that. Afterwards, I suddenly realized that if I am with him, while it’s inevitable I will get angry, I can’t help but think that he will always protect me and take care of me. For a woman, perhaps this is the most important thing.”

    Qin Yu was silent for a moment. He nodded. “You’re right. I don’t like this fellow Fang Huohuo too much, but if he treats you like this, then he is worthy of you. Congratulations!”

    Yun Xueqing smiled. “Enough about me. What about you, fellow daoist Qin Yu? That’s not right, I should be calling you Senior Qin Yu by now. With senior’s elegant demeanor, stealing the hearts of girls must be as easy as turning your hand. I’m sure you’ve had countless young ladies chasing you.”

    Qin Yu revealed an awkward expression. In the next moment he subconsciously recalled what occurred in the sea race capital city. If it was said that countless young ladies were chasing him, that was actually a fact. But then he thought back to Little Sea and his self-satisfied arrogance instantly vanished. He coughed and said, “Don’t joke around.”

    Yun Xueqing smiled.

    She already had some understanding of Qin Yu and knew what sort of person he was. Otherwise, how would she dare to make such a casual joke with him? Walking through the familiar Yun Family dwelling and feeling the surrounding joy and tranquility, she felt even happier. To be able to be friends with Qin Yu, she was an extremely lucky person.

    Otherwise, all of her current happiness might have disappeared like a dream…Qin Yu, I really must thank you!

    The Yun Family had arranged the best courtyard in the back. Servants had already swept the place clean, and it was spotless beneath the warm lamp lights.

    Qin Yu turned and said. “Alright, we’ve arrived. It's best that Miss Yun leave quickly, otherwise that jealous Fang Huohuo might come over and threaten to kill himself again.”

    Yun Xueqing pursed her lips. “Don’t laugh at me. Perhaps the young miss you meet in the future would be someone even more jealous?”

    Watching her turn and leave, Qin Yu’s expression darkened. Ning Ling’s form appeared in his mind.

    Are you the jealous type?

    Unfortunately, he was destined to never find out.


    “In the Northern Dynasty’s Snowfall City, the Patriarch of the Yun Family, Yun Fan, has broken through to Nascent Soul. In celebration of this joyous occasion, the Yun Family humbly invites all influences to join together and celebrate the wonders of cultivation…” This news quickly spread out across the land. Countless cultivator sects and families responded in abundance. They dispatched messengers with gifts to attend.

    For a time, the Northern Dynasty and Southern Empire became lively.

    Skyvault City –

    The masters of the Zhu Family had gathered together, all of them with looks of envy on their faces. The Zhu Family had a deep background, and with three Golden Cores amongst their ranks, that was enough for them to look down upon most common cultivator sects. Unfortunately, they never had the luck for a Nascent Soul to be born in their family. Yet, Snowfall City’s Yun Family had accomplished this, so how could they not be jealous?

    “I heard that a mysterious powerhouse interfered, and that was the only reason Yun Fan smoothly crossed tribulation and reached Nascent Soul.” Between the words was a thick sense of envy.

    Another person said, “I don’t care about how others accomplish it. A Nascent Soul is a Nascent Soul, it is like a fish leaping through the dragon gate, becoming extraordinary with a single move! The Yun Family will be prosperous from now on!”

    A Nascent Soul had an average lifespan of 800 years. It was enough to shelter a family for a long, long time. And by carefully cultivating the juniors and also having a Nascent Soul personally commanding the scene, there was a high chance that another Nascent Soul would appear.

    This was what people meant by the rich becoming richer.

    This was what the Zhu Family was most jealous of.

    “Enough.” The Zhu Family Patriarch Zhu Bluesea spoke up, “Bluecloud, your cultivation has been at a bottleneck lately. Taking a trip will be advantageous for you, so I’ll leave this matter in your hands.”

    Zhu Bluecloud stood up. “Alright. I’ll bring some people and pay a visit.”


    Rainbow Sect.

    “Snowfall City’s Yun Family doesn’t seem to be very famous. They are just a cultivator family in the Northern Dynasty, yet a Nascent Soul cultivator has appeared in their ranks.” A pampered young girl spoke up. She blinked her eyes, her gaze vacant and envious.

    “Don’t speak such nonsense from now on. With a Nascent Soul standing guard, the Yun Family can now be considered one of the formidable cultivator influences amongst the Southern Empire and Northern Dynasty. Don’t go around provoking trouble for your sect.” A gentle woman cautioned after frowning.

    “I understand, senior-apprentice sister.” The pampered young girl suddenly lit up with excitement. “I heard that teacher is taking some people to go and congratulate them. If so, then that means we can also go along! This is too wonderful!”

    The group of girls all smiled. Their sect rules were stern and strict, and it was extremely rare for them to be allowed to leave the sect for a trip.

    “Ah, everyone look, Ling’er’s daydreaming!” The pampered young girl stretched out her voice in a teasing manner. “Oh – I know! Ling’er must be thinking like this. Now that the Yun Family is holding a great Nascent Soul celebration, there will definitely be countless handsome young men gathering together. Perhaps at that time she will be able to find her prince charming!”

    Gu Ling’er blushed red. She quickly said, “Senior-apprentice Sister Xuanxuan, please don’t speak like that. I’m not!” She was only thinking about her teacher’s explanation of cultivation. It couldn’t be helped. Who made her have the worst talent, the lowest cultivation, and also be someone who entered through the ‘rear door’.

    Luckily, Gu Ling’er was a kind and gentle person. She didn’t argue or compete with others, and in addition to the Zhu Family intentionally looking after her and taking care of her, she had a good relationship with all of her fellow apprentice-sisters. The others saw her blushing and started to tease her too. Just as Gu Ling’er’s face was hot red, a woman wearing a crown stepped in and looked around, scolding them, “To make a mess in the sect, this is highly improper!”

    The girls stuck out their tongues. They stood up and bowed, “Greetings, teacher!”

    Rivermoon coldly snorted. “The Sect Master is sending myself and Senior-apprentice Sister Clearheart to the Yun Family to congratulate them. The rest of you will be following teacher along. But, remember to watch your actions outside, otherwise you will not be spared from punishment!”

    “Yes, teacher!”

    Hearing the rumors become reality, the girls were all excited.

    Rivermoon swept her eyes around. She frowned, “Gu Ling’er, your talent is the lowest of the group and you still haven’t managed to reach Foundation Establishment. You don’t have to go this time; just stay in the sect and cultivate.”

    She turned and left.

    Gu Ling’er’s eyes reddened. She lowered her head.

    Her fellow apprentice-sisters all huddled around to comfort her.

    “Ling’er, don’t cry, teacher is thinking about you. It is tiring to hurry over to the Northern Dynasty.”

    “That’s right, that’s right! Just stay here and cultivate well. If you manage to reach Foundation Establishment, teacher will surely praise you!”

    “Don’t feel too bad. You should understand teacher’s personality by now. She’s hard on the outside but a softie on the inside. I’m sure she took everything into consideration.”

    Gu Ling’er wiped her eyes and squeezed out a smile. “It’s fine. As long as my fellow senior-apprentice sisters can go, I’m still happy.”

    “I will go and plead with teacher. We’re all going, so Ling’er won’t feel good being left behind.” A gentle girl said in a soft voice.

    Gu Ling’er shook her head. “There is no need, senior-apprentice sister. Teacher might yell at you instead!”

    The senior-apprentice sister smiled. “Who cares if I am scolded? Just wait here a little.”

    She ran out. After a moment of anxious waiting, the senior-apprentice sister came back smiling. She turned to everyone looking at her with apprehension and nodded, “Teacher agreed!”

    “Yeah! I knew that it would work if senior-apprentice sister put herself on the line! Now we can all go!”

    “Hurry and tidy up! Bring your most beautiful clothes with you! If I go, I’m going to surprise every young man there!”

    “Stop dreaming. Put on your sect robes; everyone must have a uniform appearance!”

    Xuanxuan put her hands on her hips. “Even if we all must look the same, I still want to be the most beautiful one!” She grabbed onto Ling’er. “Ling’er, what do you think?”

    Gu Ling’er’s eyes turned red with emotion. She smiled and nodded.