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Chapter 204 – Let Her Go

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

    There were still two days before the Yun Family’s great Nascent Soul celebration would begin. Besides the guests that were arriving from the most distant lands, everyone else had already arrived ahead of time and were staying in Snowfall City.

    The Zhu Family and Rainbow Sect had always been on good terms, so they chose to stay in the same dwelling. When Zhu Bluecloud heard that it was Rivermoon and Clearheart who had come, he thought for a moment and decided to go chat with Gu Ling’er.

    “Senior Zhu, have you heard any news from Big Brother Qin Yu?” Gu Ling’er respectfully asked.

    Zhu Bluecloud shook his head. “I haven’t.”

    Gu Ling’er was crestfallen. She cautiously said, “Then if there is any news later, I hope you could send someone to tell me.”

    Zhu Bluecloud hesitated. “Ling’er, in truth, Qin Yu did see you once before, but he didn’t appear because he didn’t want to expose your relationship with him. You should know that the demonic path hates him to their very bones, so if they were to discover this, it would mean certain danger for you.”

    Gu Ling’er froze. She instantly thought back to that day several years ago when she had gone on a trip out of the sect with her several senior apprentice-sisters, and that inexplicably close feeling she had.

    Was that you? Big Brother Qin Yu!

    Zhu Bluecloud patted her shoulder. “Okay. I believe that Qin Yu must be cultivating somewhere. You should know better than me what kind of person he is. Once he is ready, I am sure he will come to see you.” But even though he said this, he sighed inwardly. If he hadn’t heard any news for several years, while there was a chance he had gone into secluded cultivation, there was also a chance that some accident had happened. The world of cultivation was filled with countless risks, and no one knew what tomorrow would bring.

    Of course, he wouldn’t say these things to Gu Ling’er.

    Zhu Bluecloud said, “There’s something I need to do, so I will leave first. Ling’er, if you have any problems in the future, just come and look for me.”

    Gu Ling’er nodded gratefully. “I will send Senior Zhu out.”

    As they walked out, they passed by several female disciples. These were Clearheart’s disciples from the Rainbow Sect.

    Amongst these people, there was someone who caused Gu Ling’er’s eyes to brighten. “Big Sister Zhang Zhang!”

    Zhang Zhang looked up. When she saw Zhu Bluecloud standing next to Gu Ling’er, she revealed a troubled expression. She nodded and said, “How are you, Ling’er?” She also bowed towards Zhu Bluecloud.

    The events from before were still an embarrassing memory. Zhang Zhang spoke a few words before finding an excuse to leave.

    Gu Ling’er was a bit confused, but she could see that Zhang Zhang didn’t really want to speak with her. She seemed a bit more crestfallen.

    “That person just now is the Third Master of the Zhu Family, Zhu Bluecloud. I heard that within the Zhu Family, he is the person most likely to reach Nascent Soul. He’s an extraordinary person.”

    “Hm, hey, why do you think such an amazing Third Master Zhu would hurry over to our Rainbow Sect to visit a girl?”

    “I heard that the reason why this Gu Ling’er was able to join our Rainbow Sect was because of this Third Master Zhu.”

    “Hehe, who could have known that our young and pure junior apprentice-sister had such methods.”

    Zhang Zhang frowned as she heard this. She wanted to explain Gu Ling’er’s situation to everyone, but she also knew that this matter involved Qin Yu and she could faintly guess that he didn’t want other people to know of the relationship between him and Gu Ling’er.

    She wavered a moment before deciding not to say too much.

    She suddenly fell into a trance. It seemed to have been a very long time since she last saw Qin Yu. She hadn’t heard any news about him all this time; just what was he doing these days?

    She shook her head and cast aside these thoughts. In the end, what was between them had already passed.

    Her cultivation was already at the seventh level of Foundation Establishment, and she was praised and valued by her teacher. It was also well known that Senior Iron Sword Shanhe from the Skysword Cloud Sect was pursuing her. Although there was still a great difference between them, Zhang Zhang believed that there would be a day when she would catch up to him.

    In the past, it was her father who had made a mistake. But Zhang Zhang wanted everyone to know that by relying on just herself, she could also live a happy and wonderful life!


    “Uncle, what happened was my mistake. Not only was I not able to retrieve the ice-attribute spiritual object, but I instead provoked the Yun Family. I ask you to punish me.” A young cultivator knelt on the ground, his face wracked with guilt.

    An ordinary-looking middle-aged man sat on a round cushion. He didn’t appear angry at all. He wore long purple robes and emitted a solemn atmosphere. At this time, he opened his eyes and said, “Stand up.”

    The young cultivator was overjoyed. He obeyed and stood up. With this, he at least knew that he hadn’t completely angered his uncle.

    The middle-aged man’s eyes flashed. “About that cultivator who moved to block the heavenly tribulation, have you obtained news about him?”

    The young cultivator quickly nodded. “I have. Uncle, please look.”

    As he spoke, he meekly handed over a jade slip.

    The middle-aged man took it and scanned it with his divine sense. After several breaths of time, he leaned back and whispered to himself, “Jiang Jiu, on the day of the Yun Family’s great celebration, go and visit.”

    “Yes, uncle!”


    The Yun Family’s great celebration proceeded as scheduled.

    Their doors were pushed wide open, welcoming the congratulating cultivators from all over. Although they had made sufficient preparations, this was the first time they had held such a glorious celebration so the entire Yun Family was still extremely busy. It was inevitable that there would be small accidents popping up.

    Luckily, the various influences had sufficient understanding and patience towards the newly ascended Nascent Soul family. So, no one created a mess and everything went on smoothly.

    That was until Jiang Jiu brought a large number of cultivators and arrived at the Yun Family’s residence.

    “It’s you!” Yun Yi clenched his jaw. “I still haven’t settled what happened before with you, and now you dare you to come to my Yun Family! You can forget about leaving!”

    Hu –

    Yun Family cultivators formed a large circle.

    Their Patriarch was now a Nascent Soul and their courage had drastically risen along with him. Their gazes were filled with happiness. All of them were thinking that they were going to pay these bastards back for the shame that the Yun Family suffered, with both capital and interest!

    The influences of Snowfall City naturally knew this person’s origin. But, the arriving guests didn’t know this at all. Many of these guests revealed looks of surprise.

    On the day of the Yun Family’s great Nascent Soul celebration, there were some people who came to stir up trouble? Wasn’t this just a bit too brave?

    Jiang Jiu swept his eyes around. He lightly said, “Today, I am representing my uncle to congratulate Senior Yun Fan on reaching Nascent Soul. Is this how the Yun Family welcomes guests?”

    Yun Yi sneered. “You are not guests of the Yun Family. You are enemies!” He waved his hand, “Go, apprehend them!”

    At this moment, a calm voice sounded out from the Yun Family’s residence. “Those that come from afar are guests. No matter what has happened, that will be handled after today.”

    Every syllable seemed to cause a gentle shiver in the surrounding heaven and earth spiritual energy. This was caused by a formidable cultivation; only a Nascent Soul cultivator could do this.

    Countless people felt their hearts chill. They looked towards the Yun Family residence, their eyes full of awe.

    Within the crowd, Zhu Bluecloud sighed with emotion. This was the Nascent Soul realm. Even though it was only the initial entry into this realm, there was still a massive difference between that and a Golden Core.

    He had no idea how much time he would need before he could step into that realm.

    A group of female cultivators from the Rainbow Sect stood in the crowd. They were an eye-catching sight.

    At this time, they were whispering amongst themselves. Most of them were looking at Jiang Jiu and his group. If this person could cause the new Nascent Soul cultivator Yun Fan to momentarily hold things back, then he must have quite the background.

    “I’ve never heard of this person before. He’s actually so arrogant. He must have come today because of some grudge, so why is he blabbering on about expressing congratulations or anything like that? He’s clearly trying to provoke a scene!” Xuanxuan whispered in a low voice.

    In front of the residence doors, Jiang Jiu suddenly turned his head and smiled. “Miss, do you not know me? Then, consider us as having met today. However, you have slandered me even though I only came to congratulate the Yun Family. That is truly disrespectful of you.”

    Who would have thought that this person could hear her from such a distance? Xuanxuan was stunned for a moment before she curled her lips. “What has happened is obvious for everyone to see. I am not speaking nonsense.”

    Jiang Jiu shook his head. “It seems that miss isn’t going to apologize. If this were any other day, then I wouldn’t want to cause trouble for such a beautiful woman and especially for something so trivial. But, today I came here representing my uncle, so I cannot allow you to be so dissolute!”

    As his voice fell, a cultivator rushed out from behind him, his figure hurtling forwards.

    Just like this, he directly made his move!

    Everyone was stunned. Then, a single thought popped up in their minds. These people had definitely come to cause trouble.

    Otherwise, they wouldn’t have attacked the Yun Family’s guests without any scruples at all. This was the same as stating that they didn’t place the Yun Family in their eyes.

    Rivermoon couldn’t be bothered with scolding Xuanxuan right now. There was no way she could watch helplessly on as something happened to her disciple. She lifted her hands and thrust her palm towards the cultivator hurtling towards them.

    Bang –

    This was a Golden Core battle. The ground instantly disintegrated and pieces of stone went scattering into the air. Rivermoon coughed out loud as she was forced backwards.

    Jiang Jiu faintly smiled. “So there was a master watching you; no wonder you spoke with no fear. But, if I want to take that little girl, will you be able to stop me?”

    The cultivator that had been blocked coldly sneered. He landed back on the ground and rushed forwards once more.

    Rivermoon clenched her teeth and lifted her hands to defend. With a loud bang, she was sent flying backwards. It was clear that her opponent was far stronger than she was. Just as the cultivator was about to rush forwards once more, a figure flashed in front of him, her face icy cold. “Just who are you all? Do you plan on becoming enemies with our Rainbow Sect?”

    Although the Rainbow Sect didn’t have a Nascent Soul, they still had numerous Golden Cores. And, it was rumored that the strength of their Sect Master was only a thin line away from that of a Nascent Soul. They were considered a top faction within the Southern Empire.

    However, this reputation clearly couldn’t suppress Jiang Jiu and the others. He stared at them with a frosty gaze, “The Rainbow Sect? What a reputed sect. But with just you, do you have the qualifications to insult my uncle?”

    Whoosh –

    Another cultivator moved forwards, forcing back the group from the Rainbow Sect. His appearance shocked the guests present.

    Golden Core!

    Just where did these people come from? They could actually control so many Golden Core masters?

    In the blink of an eye, Rivermoon and Clearheart fought with their two Golden Core opponents. It was clear that they weren’t a match and were only just hanging on.

    “Get in formation. Help teacher!”

    With a loud shout, the disciples of the Rainbow Sect gathered into a sword formation. The power of their formation couldn’t be underestimated. They managed to momentarily stabilize the situation and fight to a draw with the two Golden Cores.

    At the same time, the Yun Family’s residence maintained an eerie peace.

    Jiang Jiu’s lips twitched and he cursed the old fox inwardly. It seems that the old fox had realized their goal for coming here.

    Then let me see how long you can endure!

    Jiang Jiu’s eyes flashed. He suddenly raced forwards, his speed astonishing. He avoided the swords of several Rainbow Sect disciples, grabbing onto a young cultivator in the back and laughing as he flew back.

    “Haha, the Rainbow Sect actually sent out a disciple that hasn’t reached the Foundation Establishment realm yet. But, this little one is actually quite beautiful.” Jiang Jiu cackled a few times. “I think I’ll take this little girl back and give her to my uncle as an apology. Then, I suppose I’ll let today’s matter end like this.”

    Xuanxuan shouted out, “Ling’er! You let her go!”

    Her other apprentice-sisters were enraged.

    Jiang Jiu glanced at them. “And what if I don’t let her go? Ling’er, right? Indeed, you are just like your name. I’m sure my uncle will like you.” Just as he was about to say some taunting words towards the Yun Family residence and force Yun Fan to take action, he saw a young black-robed cultivator walk out from the doors.

    For some unknown reason, as their eyes met, Jiang Jiu felt his body stiffen. Fear began to rise from deep in his heart.

    “Let her go.”

    The voice was calm and didn’t possess the startling strength that Yun Fan had when he spoke. But, the light and plain tone actually caused awe to swell up in the depths of one’s heart.

    It was like the endless mountains and seas, powerful but without any sense of rage.