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Chapter 227 – Arrogance Rising to the Head

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

    Sea God Palace officially announced that from this day forth, Priest Qin Yu would no longer be helping others cross tribulation. This led to a great uproar amongst the public. Countless seafolk rushed towards Sea God Palace in a furious swarm. They waved their hands and furiously protested until their faces turned red. Even with Moon Praying Shrine’s reputation, the crowds of people still didn’t retreat. The wolf riders received orders to only guard the perimeter of Sea God Palace. They were told not to be too excessive in their actions and to allow the crowds to complain.

    Billowing shouts of protest constantly rang through the air. Even in places high above the 12 main temples of Sea God Palace, these voices could still be heard.

    The Lord Priest and Qin Yu sat across from each other, separated by a long purple and black coral table. There was tea that originated from humans placed in front of them, the fragrance enjoyable.

    The Lord Priest coughed. “Priest Qin Yu, did you really make a decision to leave? Perhaps staying in Moon Praying Shrine might be your best choice. Of course, this is only a reminder of mine. Whatever path you choose, that will depend on you.”

    Qin Yu glanced at him. From the moment they met today, this old fellow had been particularly polite to him; this didn’t seem like his character at all. If he were to leave then Moon Praying Shrine would immediately lose a mind-boggling amount of income every day. Wasn’t this the time to express his regrets while making vague threats about his safety? Qin Yu believed that this was something he could absolutely do.

    The Lord Priest realized that Qin Yu was checking him and he felt his heart tighten. What extraordinary perception! He barely managed to contain his composure. The corners of his lips lifted a bit as he tried to express his good intentions and harmlessness.

    Luckily, it seemed to have a little effect. Qin Yu withdrew his gaze. “I am a human, so I must leave eventually. I thank Lord Priest for the good intentions, but I must decline.”

    The Lord Priest didn’t dare to say anything further. He nodded, “Then, I wish Priest Qin Yu a smooth journey! No matter what happens, as long as you want to, you can return to Moon Praying Shrine whenever you wish!”

    Qin Yu cupped his hands together. “Thank you.”

    He stood up and left.

    The Lord Priest fell deep into thought. He shouted, “Men!”

    A blue-robed low level priest hurried in.

    “Send out the message that I prepared, immediately!”

    “Yes.” The blue-robed priest scurried off.

    Qin Yu had a great killing weapon. The Lord Priest knew this and felt nothing but pity for the people gathered outside Moon Praying Shrine who wanted to kill him and steal his valuables. However, this was also a chance. If he warned some of them in advance and they saw just how terrifying Qin Yu was, wouldn’t these people owe him a favor? At this time, those that dared to do anything to Qin Yu were all fierce characters. If they could be on good terms with Moon Praying Shrine, it would surely be profitable.

    As for the Whale Sovereign…

    “Hehe!” The Lord Priest shook his head, his face full of pity. That fellow was definitely going to suffer.

    Passing through the back door, Qin Yu quietly left Sea God Palace. His black robes covered his figure, and as he mixed into the crowd he seemed entirely common.

    But soon he sensed something. He turned and looked over.

    Not too far away, Xue Zheng sat atop a sea wolf, a troop of wolf riders following him.

    Although it looked like they were patrolling and didn’t even glance in his direction, Qin Yu knew that Xue Zheng and the others were responsible for protecting him.

    They waited a moment. Seeing that Qin Yu had no intention of leaving, Xue Zheng frowned. He patted his sea wolf and approached Qin Yu. “Priest Qin Yu, we have orders to escort you safely from here.”

    Qin Yu shook his head. “There is no need for that. All of you return.”

    Xue Zheng lightly said, “Perhaps Priest Qin Yu might not need this, but you are the guest priest of my Moon Praying Shrine. It is the duty and responsibility of us wolf riders; please do not refuse.”

    Qin Yu fell silent for a moment. Then he laughed, “But don’t you think the appearance of you wolf riders will expose me? Originally, I wanted to leave quietly.”

    Xue Zheng was stunned. He hesitated, “Priest Qin Yu, you shouldn’t be able to just leave like that though, correct?”

    “Haha, of course I can’t, that’s why I’m just joking around.” Qin Yu took off the black robe and casually tossed it to the side of the road. “The reason I wore this was because I didn’t want to be stopped in Sea God Palace. If I’m leaving, I’ll do so openly and honestly. If anyone wants to stop me, then they can feel free to do so.”

    He turned and strode away.

    Xue Zheng was left helpless. He was perplexed by this Priest Qin Yu’s actions. Qin Yu clearly knew the road ahead was filled with dangers upon dangers and there were countless cold eyes locked onto him. Yet, he dared to continue forwards. He couldn’t help but admire this heroic spirit and daring.

    “Come, we’re following!”

    The wolf riders hung closely behind.

    Xue Zheng’s appearance was enough to draw everyone’s eyes. Then, when Qin Yu took off his black robes, he became the attention of all present.

    “That’s Priest Qin Yu!”

    “He’s leaving!”

    “Damnit, that matter of the tribulation crossings being terminated was real!”

    “My Nascent Soul! Priest Qin Yu, don’t leave, don’t leave!”

    The crowd grew restless as noisy shouts filled the air. Even so, no one dared to block Qin Yu’s path.

    Traces of faint uneasiness filled the air. Though the seafolk didn’t know what was occurring, they couldn’t help but feel fear grow in their hearts.

    But there were still some smart people.

    Priest Qin Yu could help Golden Cores cross tribulation and reach Nascent Soul. What sort of strength was this and how could it not be coveted by others? Moon Praying Shrine possessed enough strength that those drooling over him could only hold themselves back. But, now that Qin Yu had left Moon Praying Shrine, even if he possessed the status of a guest priest, this wasn’t something that would frighten those greedy people.

    This was because those that dared to make a move now were those who absolutely did not fear any retaliation from Moon Praying Shrine. Moreover, how many people were there and how many influences did they come from? Even if it was the formidable Moon Praying Shrine, if they wanted to retaliate they would probably lack the time and energy to do so. If they could guess this, how could Priest Qin Yu not? And if he knew this, why would he still leave?

    It must be because he possessed absolute confidence in his own strength. Or, had his actions risen to his head, and he now believed he was invincible? Although that would be incredibly disrespectful, the majority of seafolk believed it was the latter reason. It had to be known that out of those powerhouses hidden outside Moon Praying Shrine, there was at least one of them who was willing to come out and try to murder Qin Yu.

    But just one of these people was enough to horrify everyone.

    He was the Whale Sovereign!

    That’s right, even though he had severed himself from the whale monster race and announced that there was no longer any connection between them, the Whale Sovereign was still the Whale Sovereign and the threat of him hadn’t diminished. Rather, it had become even more terrifying. Everyone was sure that the Whale Sovereign would never let Qin Yu leave here alive.

    In other words, he would definitely make his move today!

    With this super powerhouse on the side and many other dreadful existences lying in ambush, it could be said that the road ahead was filled with 10 paths to death and no path to live. Even so, Qin Yu still chose to leave. Perhaps arrogance filled his head and he was seeking his own destruction.

    But there were some people who didn’t believe that.

    For instance, that incomparably experienced and thick-skinned Lord Priest within Sea God Palace.

    For instance, that lovable and delicate Sang Yueyue, who maintained a strong stance even though her eyes were filled with sorrow.

    Of course, there were also some people outside of Moon Praying Shrine who had received a special warning from Sea God Palace. They held a jade slip in their hands containing just three simple words: keep on watching.

    These words were simple, but there was a deep meaning behind them.

    Keep on watching; you might see something surprising.

    Some people sneered and crushed the jade slip in their hands. But there were also some people who hesitated and chose to believe it for the time being.

    In any case, it was just waiting a moment. With so many people coming together, there was bound to be an intense competition.

    Making a move later might not be a bad thing.

    As some people decided to temporarily hold back and observe, Qin Yu and the wolf riders reached the edge of Moon Praying Shrine.

    Qin Yu stopped. “That’s good. It’s enough that Commander Xue brought me here. Please turn back.”

    Xue Zheng waved his hand. The wolf riders behind him turned and started to head back.

    But he didn’t leave.

    Qin Yu turned around, his eyebrows furrowing together.

    Xue Zheng lightly said, “The wolf riders have not received the order to leave the city, but as the commander, I have the right to temporarily step out. I cannot help Priest Qin Yu much, but stopping one or two people shouldn’t be a problem.”

    Qin Yu’s eyes flashed. “And why is Commander Xue doing this?”

    Xue Zheng fell silent. “Priest Qin Yu, you only need to think that I am trying to do a favor for you.”

    These words sounded like an excuse, but they were filled with earnestness.

    Qin Yu was silent. He smiled and nodded. “Very well, then I accept.”

    He took a step out and officially left Moon Praying Shrine.

    Bang –

    At almost the same time he left Moon Praying Shrine, a giant hand formed from seawater came falling down on him.

    Qin Yu’s eyes flashed with a cold light.

    Xue Zheng stepped forwards and punched his fist out. “Leave this to me.”

    Qin Yu nodded and continued forwards.

    Rumble rumble –

    Xue Zheng fought in a brutal melee with the first seafolk who came out. This seafolk was covered in a rock-like armor, and every time he attacked his moves seemed filled with the strength of 10,000 soldiers, making it difficult for anyone to resist.

    However, Xue Zheng revealed toughness once more. No matter how much this other person tried to strike him, it couldn’t pose a threat at all.

    Another figure appeared in front of Qin Yu. Their aura tumbled around them and seawater rose up in a tide.

    “Your opponent is me!” Xue Zheng roared out loud. He ruthlessly grasped out a hand and all the seawater before him froze before being dragged towards him.

    “Xue Zheng, you are seeking death!”

    “Don’t think that we don’t dare to attack you!”

    The two seafolk powerhouses roared.

    Xue Zheng was without expression. “Then come at me.”

    Qin Yu suddenly smiled. Although their paths hadn’t crossed much, he had a very good feeling towards this Commander Xue. However, blocking two people was around Xue Zheng’s limit.

    And what he faced was more than just two people.

    Then, let’s begin.

    The seawater gently fluctuated and a figure appeared. White hair, white beard, and white robes floated about him. If it weren’t for the several tentacles on his head affecting the image, he would appear quite regal.

    “Priest Qin Yu, it’s our first time meeting. I am Sang You.”

    Qin Yu smiled. “You came to kill me?”

    Sang You coughed. “Cultivating isn’t easy, much less reaching the heights that Priest Qin Yu has. Moreover, Priest Qin Yu has helped the sea races gain so many new powerhouses, and even my juniors have profited. If Priest Qin Yu is willing to hand it over on your own initiative, then I guarantee I won’t harm you.”

    “That’s Old Man Sang You!”

    “I heard that he had gone into seclusion for many years. I never thought he would also make an appearance today!”

    “It’s Old Man Sang You! Hehe, he is a ruthless person that was able to completely exterminate an entire tribe in the past with his strength alone!”

    The cries of alarm entered his ears. Qin Yu’s eyebrow arched up. “Old Man Sang You…it seems you are someone with quite some fame in the sea region.”

    Sang You smiled. “I thank everyone who sees me so highly, but it is just an unwarranted reputation.”

    Qin Yu seriously nodded. “That’s right, I also think that.”