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Chapter 231 – Farewell and Goodbye

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

    Storm Flow was a refining method of the demonic path. Its core principle was that a change in quantity would eventually lead to a change in quality. With over 600 swamp alligator teeth refined into a single set of weapons, the terrifying might behind it truly surpassed the imagination. The seawater for several miles around suddenly exploded, turning into endless white mist. Of course, this was just a surface description of what happened, but it was more than breathtaking.

    The boiling seawater revealed an incomparably destructive power. No matter what fell in it, even if it was a mountain, it would be torn and smashed apart. Proof of this was obtained from the valley rift below. With a loud rumble and a series of explosions, the rift below began to collapse until the entire area turned into flat land.

    After a long time, the white mist started to finally dissipate, revealing the distressed figure of the Whale Sovereign. His face was pale and his black armor hung around his body in tatters. Blood dripped out from the countless wounds on his body before fading away into the sea.

    There was a gash on his face, one that started at the end of his left eyebrow and crossed diagonally down to the corner of his mouth, vanishing into his jaw. Flesh, blood, and even white bone could be seen in the wound. There was also that same arrogant and disdainful spirit.

    Qin Yu’s eyes were ice cold, without any hint of warmth. The sea map slowly unfolded above his head and countless star-like motes of islands spread out, sparkling like treasures.

    He lifted his hand and pointed towards the sea map, onto a single dark spot.

    In the next moment, a dazzling beam of light fell down from the skies. It split apart the endless seawater and drowned out the Whale Sovereign’s form. Its speed was amazingly fast. The beam of light came falling down as soon as he pointed his finger, and it only took a breath of time for annihilation to follow!

    But it left as fast as it came. The islands sparkling above began to dim and the sea map curled back up and vanished along with the beam of light. Now, in the sea, there was a straight line that went from sea level all the way to the seabed. It was only after a moment that seawater began to surge in, submerging the channel.

    The Whale Sovereign wildly hacked out coughs. He wasn’t dead, but he was in a pitiful condition. His scalp had been torn off and his chest had been ripped open; one could see his beating heart within, struggling to live. He looked up at Qin Yu, then, lifting a shaking arm, he clenched his fist. A light cracking sound followed.

    Qin Yu stiffened.

    The Whale Sovereign smiled. “I never thought that I would actually be forced into such a miserable state by you, and even nearly killed by you. However, the one who gets the last laugh in the end will still be me.”

    He spread out his hand, revealing a shattered bead in his palm. Though the bead had cracked into several pieces, one could still see Qin Yu’s visage within, his face twisted with pain.

    “Originally, I would have explained to you just what this bead is. But you are far too strange of a junior. I don’t want my final card to be ruined by you, so I won’t say much. Then, let’s bring this game to an end.”

    The Whale Sovereign walked over. His head turned into a fierce whale head; it looked quite bizarre on a human body. He opened his mouth to reveal rows of sharp teeth.

    Puff –

    The Whale Sovereign’s body stiffened. He blinked with difficulty, confusion filling his eyes. Qin Yu held a pure white sword in his hands. It thrust through the rows of teeth and pierced the upper jaw of the Whale Sovereign until it exited through the top of his head. Blood flowed down the snow-white blade, dying Qin Yu’s hand red.

    “I have no idea what that bead is, but it clearly isn’t useful to me.” A severe light flashed in Qin Yu’s eyes. “Whale Sovereign, farewell and goodbye.”

    With a twist of his palm, the long sword spun and blood surged out. It rained down like a waterfall, pouring over Qin Yu’s hair, dyeing his face red and soaking his black robes.

    Roar –

    With an angered roar, a great whale phantom appeared. It looked at Qin Yu, its eyes filled with unmatched hate. Then, in the next moment, without any hesitation, it exploded.

    The Whale Sovereign had touched upon the Divine Soul realm, so even if he hadn’t made a breakthrough, his soul had begun to transform. This was why after his mortal body died, his soul could begin its final attack.

    Within his soul space, Qin Yu’s soul opened its eyes. In the next moment countless tiny cracks appeared around his soul, weaving together into a dense net.

    Spirity coughed and convulsed. The space between her eyebrows split open and a dark red mark seemed to appear, as if dropping down her face. On the surface it looked like her injuries were much lighter than what happened to Qin Yu’s soul, but the reality was that they were so severe that she simply slumped over, unconscious.

    The Partner Soul took its host as its master. When resisting attacks from outside, the majority of the killing force was withstood by her. Otherwise, the Whale Sovereign detonating his soul would have been enough to pull them all into death together.

    In the outside world, Qin Yu’s complexion immediately paled. His eyes dimmed and blood began trickling down from every orifice of his head. He wavered and stumbled.

    At this moment, a change occurred. The bloodstained sword that Qin Yu held in his hand began to lighten, as if it were absorbing the blood on it. Then, all the blood from the Whale Sovereign’s corpse surged out, flowing along the sword’s blade and vanishing into his palm.

    A warm current rapidly flowed through his body and spread. His mortal body cheered in comfort even as his soul groaned in agony. This sort of mixed feeling was hard to explain in words. Qin Yu stood where he was, not willing to move at all.

    Time passed bit by bit. As the terrifying shockwaves dispersed, although the seawater still tumbled about, it lost that all-annihilating strength.

    All of the seafolk watching this fight widened their eyes. Did things finish just like that? Who had won in the end? Originally, this shouldn’t be too difficult to imagine; just how powerful was the Whale Sovereign? It was natural that he would win. But just now, in that terrifying battle, Qin Yu had exposed his absolute strength and now no one dared to guess what happened in the end.

    In particular, those sea race masters who had received a warning from Sea God Palace to hold back and not attack were especially grateful towards the Lord Priest. If they had actually entered the fray, then they might have died dozens of times already. Who could have imagined that Qin Yu, who used to be at the Golden Core realm, could reach such a freakish degree of strength in just several years?

    But shock was just shock in the end. After a short hesitation, some people began to approach the area where the battle erupted. Of course, they were careful in their movements and were prepared to escape at any moment. But every seafolk held onto the same thought, a trace of anticipation in their heart: perhaps in the battle between the Whale Sovereign and Qin Yu, they had been mutually wounded? If so, wouldn’t they be able to come in as the third party to seek some benefits?

    Soon, the first person crossed the wild waves and appeared in the center of the battlefield. This person was a thin, black-clothed man with a towel wrapped around his face. Only a pair of narrow and slender eyes was revealed, eyes that shined with a sharp light. As he arrived, he was shocked by the horrifying scene around him. But soon his gaze fell upon the bodies of Qin Yu and the Whale Sovereign!

    At first glance, the black-clothed man was shocked. The Whale Sovereign had died; he had been killed!

    However, Qin Yu’s condition didn’t seem any better. He stood rigidly in place, his aura nearly imperceptible.

    Could he have also died?

    Ecstatic joy rose up in his body. The black-clothed man licked the corner of his lips, endless greed erupting from his slender eyes.

    After a short period of hesitation, the black-clothed man rushed forwards. Many people were catching up. He couldn’t delay at all, otherwise this great lucky chance would fly away right in front of him. Riches and honor all followed danger; the risks weren’t anything at all. Moreover, Qin Yu looked more unfortunate than fortunate right now.

    This was what the heavens wanted. If he didn’t grasp this chance then he would be the one suffering!

    He lifted a palm and dark light circulated around it, readying himself to strike Qin Yu’s chest. Even if it looked like Qin Yu wasn’t a threat right now, it was best to be careful. If this person could even fell the Whale Sovereign then it could be seen just how ruthless and dangerous he was. If Qin Yu had even half a breath of life left over, then with a single wrong move he would be sent along the road.

    But just as he was about to attack, his body froze in place. His chest burst open and a red sword tore through him from behind. The blade burned with flames. It ignited the corpse of the black-clothed man and, amazingly, he began to light up beneath the sea like a torch.

    Deep under the sea, flames.

    No matter how one saw this scene, there was a strange macabre feeling to it.

    So, when the second sea race master appeared, his eyes popped open in shock and he hesitated.

    The Whale Sovereign had died. His head had been pierced through and, more importantly, he didn’t even emit the slightest bit of aura. It was clear that he couldn’t be any more dead than he was. That person who was still burning, he was about to be cooked through now and he had also thoroughly died.

    The only one remaining was Qin Yu. Although it seemed as if he didn’t pose any threat right now, it was clear that the burning person was his handiwork. He was truly vicious! To kill the Whale Sovereign was horrifying enough, but he still had enough strength to kill others. If he didn’t see this with his own eyes then he wouldn’t have believed it at all.

    The sea race master’s eyes turned. He flicked his sleeves and the surrounding temperature of the seawater began to rapidly drop, quickly condensing into a black ice arrow.

    Shua –

    Quietly, the black ice arrow ripped through the seawater and shot towards Qin Yu’s head.

    Everything proceeded smoothly. In just another blink of an eye, he would be able to witness the splendid scene of Qin Yu’s head blowing open like a flower. But suddenly, the sea race master’s heart shrank.

    Pa –

    The black ice arrow shattered and a shadow howled past it. The man was about to evade, but his body froze.

    Puff –

    Blood spouted out. A head flew upwards. Then, the blood that gushed out from the severed neck suddenly turned to ice. The speed was so fast that it caught up to the head that was flying away. Thus the following strange scene occurred: a headless corpse was wildly spurting out blood, frozen like red ice-bound fireworks, with a head hanging above, filled with panic.

    The ice rapidly spread across the entire body in a moment. Then, not too far away from the burning seafolk, an ice sculpture appeared.

    That was right, Qin Yu was indeed injured. In particular, from the Whale Sovereign’s final soul explosion. If it weren’t for Spirity resisting the majority of the impact for him then he would have already died. Even so, with his formidable soul cultivation, the Five Element Swords were still mind-bogglingly powerful when controlled by his mind. This was the reason why he was able to kill two people even when entirely still.

    More and more seafolk finally caught up.

    Burning corpse, ice-bound corpse…these two completely different strengths left one’s mind racing.

    In particular, the Whale Sovereign’s pierced jaw caused a cold chill to race up their backs.

    Qin Yu won. He was actually…terrifying to the extreme!

    Killing the Whale Sovereign was already an unimaginable feat. And in such a severely wounded state, he was also able to kill two more people.

    They couldn’t make out who the burning person was, but they could see who the ice-bound corpse belonged to. It was a master of the Southern Mountains, and he was quite strong.

    And as everyone was hesitating, Qin Yu moved. He drew out his sword. The Whale Sovereign’s corpse seemed as if it had eroded over endless years. As the sword was drawn out, his corpse disintegrated into countless fragments that floated away into the sea.

    Qin Yu turned, slow and stiff. His mind and body didn’t seem very coordinated at the moment.

    This caused the eyes of many seafolk to brighten.