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Chapter 232 – Treated as an Equal

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

    “He’s injured.” It was unknown who said this first. Their voice wasn’t too loud, but it spread through the seawater and clearly entered the ears of all the seafolk present.

    Qin Yu sighed. His eyebrows furrowed together with some difficulty, making him seem a bit helpless.

    “That human Qin Yu, he killed the Whale Sovereign, a cornerstone of my sea races. We cannot allow him to leave!”

    “That’s right, we cannot allow him to leave, otherwise where will the pride and glory of our sea races be?”

    “Everyone, let’s attack together! We will see whether or not he is some superhuman freak!”

    The roaring crowd was roused to action.

    Qin Yu turned his head. He glanced over the crowd and focused on an especially fierce seafolk master whose face was flushed red with excitement.

    Whoosh –

    There was the sound of breaking air. In the next moment, this sea race master who had shouted with the most energy until he was red in the face fell backwards, face up.

    His chest and belly had been torn through. A terrifying strength immediately exterminated all life.

    Everything fell deathly silent.

    Qin Yu’s eyes darkened and he coughed gently several times. “That’s right, I am indeed severely wounded. But, trust me, before I die I will always have the means to drag several of you into the grave with me.” He reached out a hand and pointed, “You, you, or you. Of course, it can be other people. It could be any of you. You can allow me to leave in peace, or you can all take a gamble on whether or not you will die here. Make your choice.”

    The sea race masters were hesitant and indecisive. They definitely didn’t want to allow Qin Yu to leave, but if they refused…they had seen someone die with their own eyes, and seeing this up close and personal left a much larger impact than coming upon the corpses of the two others. Qin Yu proved he still had the strength to easily kill them.

    “Hand over the Whale Sovereign’s storage magic tool and you may leave…”

    Whoosh –

    This was clearly some prestigious sea race powerhouse. But before he could finish speaking, there was a loud sound as his head separated from his body and blood erupted upwards.

    Qin Yu said with effort, “My apologies, but I don’t plan on leaving any of my possessions behind. Does anyone still have an objection?”

    In the present situation, he couldn’t show even a hint of weakness. Otherwise these seafolk would surely reach for a yard after taking an inch. In the end, they would all become wicked and greedy wolves, eating him up until there weren’t even bones remaining.

    The complexions of the sea race masters all changed. There was anger in their eyes but even more fear! If Qin Yu dared to kill them without scruples, it was clear he had plenty of strength left remaining. If he were to go all-out, many of them would be severely wounded or die, and this might even include themselves.

    If things followed the current trend, then perhaps Qin Yu might have been able to subdue these numerous sea race masters and retreat from the battlefield.

    But, accidents were bound to happen. And there were also those seafolk who weren’t afraid of death.

    For instance, masters of the whale monster race.

    Although their Lord Patriarch had announced that he was severing relations with them and strictly ordered them not to interfere, ultimately, the whale monster race wasn’t able to stand idly by. After an emergency meeting, the whale monster race dispatched a powerful troop led by five Nascent Soul powerhouses to secretly go to Moon Praying Shrine. They were well aware that with their Lord Patriarch’s personality, after having been forced to this step he would never allow Qin Yu to leave alive.

    The facts revealed that they did indeed understand the Whale Sovereign and their judgment had been correct.

    But, the result was the exact opposite of what they expected: their Lord Patriarch had died.

    Not only had he died, but the whale monster race’s ultimate trump card, the refined souls that they had saved up over countless years using endless effort, had been entirely ruined here. After determining this, all the whale monster race masters turned pale white. They now knew that the decline of their tribe was inevitable.

    But even decline was split into levels. If they could kill Qin Yu here and take revenge for the Whale Sovereign, taking back their momentum, then the whale monster race might be able to maintain a weakened existence. They might even have a chance to rise back up in the future. Otherwise, if they allowed Qin Yu to freely swagger away, losing all their spirit in the process and allowing themselves to be pushed up against the wall, then their whale monster race would be beyond redemption!

    So, the whale monster masters decided to fight. All of their eyes began to fill with a crazed zealousness. Even if they all died here, they still had to pull Qin Yu into the grave with them!

    “Qin Yu!” With a hate-filled roar, the first whale monster master rushed out. He immediately transformed into his true form, striking out at the seawater and causing wild waves to rise up, his momentum dreadful.

    Puff –

    Flesh and blood spewed into the water. Two deep cuts suddenly appeared in the eyes of this great whale that was hundreds of feet long. Blood flowed out, mixed with a pale white slurry of goo.

    “Kill him!”

    “Revenge for the Patriarch!”

    This didn’t frighten those that followed. More and more whale monster race masters rushed out, all of them transforming back into their true forms. There were at least dozens of them.

    The surrounding seafolk masters were overjoyed. Qin Yu could still fight, but there were enough whale monster masters to use up the little bit of strength he had remaining. At that time, they would have an opportunity to make their move. This was just too wonderful. They praised the whale monsters, applauding them for their kindness and noble spirit.

    Qin Yu bitterly smiled. Right now, he still had the strength to kill four or five more people, but if these whale monsters all rushed at him en masse, there was actually nothing he could do.

    But waiting for death to arrive wasn’t something he would do. Even if he couldn’t escape, he would struggle as much as he could and kill several more people. For instance, there was still his right hand’s index finger. Throughout the years, it was unknown how much vicious poison the little blue lamp had sent there. Qin Yu hadn’t had the heart to use it up, but if he really was going to die then he would let it explode; it would definitely cause numerous people here to die horrible deaths bleeding from their heads.

    “Stay your hand!” With a cold cough, an old turtle appeared. Though he was thin and small he stood straight and rigid, his old face filled with regal dignity.

    Turtle Origin flicked his sleeves. Wild waves rose up from the seabed, blocking the whale monsters and sending them tumbling away.

    “Turtle Origin, just what are you doing!?” An old whale spat out.

    “If you stop us from taking revenge for our Patriarch, we will never forgive this!”

    “Today, no one can stop us!”

    Not only were the whale monsters enraged, but the preying sea race powerhouses waiting all around were also angered. Just what was this, what did you mean by this? We just saw a bit of hope and now you want to destroy it? Even if you are Turtle Origin, aren’t you being too excessive!?

    “Turtle Origin, you had best not interfere in today’s matters!” The person who spoke was confident in his own status. His voice was heavy with dignity.

    “Fellow daoist Turtle, why must you provoke such anger for a mere human!” This person intentionally spoke in a calm voice, trying to speak reason.

    “Senior Turtle, you are a cornerstone of the sea region, so how could you allow this human to go free and terrorize everyone in the sea?” This person had a peaceful expression as he tried to exert pressure using morals.

    Turtle Origin was expressionless. “Qin Yu is someone that His Majesty wants. Anyone who moves against him is an enemy of the capital city.”

    The old whale flew into a bitter rage. “Turtle Origin, even if His Majesty personally comes here today, he can give up any idea of saving this person! My children, attack together with me, take revenge for the Patriarch!"

    Bang –

    Seawater blew apart with a loud rumble as it surged into the distance. A massive turtle, one as large as a mountain, appeared deep beneath the sea. It opened its mouth and shot forwards. The old whale cried out pitifully but it was wrapped in seawater before being swallowed up in the big turtle’s mouth.

    Crunch –

    Crunch –

    Blood flowed out from between the turtle’s teeth, dyeing the waters red.

    The whale monsters all froze and the watching sea race powerhouses also froze. They never imagined that Turtle Origin’s response would be so cruel and bloodthirsty. He had directly eaten the oldest and strongest whale monster here!

    Gulp –

    The sound of swallowing was incomparably clear coming from the large turtle’s long neck. The turtle swept an icy cold gaze around. “To defy His Majesty’s will is the same as rebelling. I have the qualifications to punish anyone in place of His Majesty. I am quite old and have been a vegetarian for far too long. Occasionally eating some meat to supplement my diet might be a good idea.”

    This was a stark naked death threat!

    And the most essential point was that this old turtle had the ability to threaten them. Even that overconfident old whale had been swallowed up quickly. If it were anyone else, they would have been swallowed up even faster.

    Moreover, from Turtle Origin’s actions, he was determined to save Qin Yu. If they really tried to stop him and aroused the anger of His Majesty in the capital city, then they would have to shoulder the sin of wronging His Majesty. Nothing would come from that but endless calamity.

    The old turtle turned his head. He coldly said, “Qin Yu, follow me away!”

    Qin Yu cupped his hands together. “Then, I’ll have to trouble you.”

    He stepped onto the turtle’s back. The great turtle turned, its four limbs paddling around. Then, seawater surged around them, pushing them into the distance.

    After a moment and making sure that no one was chasing after them, Qin Yu flew off. The great turtle vanished to reveal the human-shaped Turtle Origin. Turtle Origin looked Qin Yu over, “What incredible skills you have, fellow daoist Qin Yu. Even the Whale Sovereign was killed by you. Amazing, amazing!”

    Qin Yu wryly smiled. “I was just lucky. Senior need not praise me.”

    “Don’t call me senior, it pains my heart to hear that. Compared to the Whale Sovereign, my strength is a bit weaker. If you killed him, then finishing me off should be easy.”

    This sounded like a cynical taunt, but it was actually quite earnest.

    Strength represented status.

    Right now, Qin Yu already had the qualifications to be treated as an equal.

    Qin Yu forced out a smile.

    “Good, let us stop with the small talk and hurry up.” Turtle Origin flicked his sleeves, wrapping Qin Yu in water and howling away.

    Soon, a giant ship appeared before them. The capital city’s war division was in full display. Seeing Turtle Origin, everyone bowed together. As their gazes fell on Qin Yu, there was shock and awe in their eyes.

    This person had killed the Whale Sovereign…

    Just that point alone was enough to earn their respect.

    “Immediately set sail. If people catch up to us then things will be troublesome.” The old turtle waved his hand. He clearly wasn’t as confident as he showed on the surface.

    The ship soon started moving, soaring directly towards the capital city. Before Qin Yu could ask anything, he was sent to recuperate in a cabin. His soul wounds were serious so he decided to meditate and swallow some Star Pills from his storage ring to help his soul recover.

    Unfortunately, even top quality pills that were purified by the little blue lamp didn’t have much effect on Qin Yu’s soul injuries this time. They could only forcibly suppress the pain. The cracks on the surface of his soul remained. If he were forced to withstand another impact, he feared it would shatter into pieces.

    After sailing for several days, Qin Yu opened his eyes. He let out a light breath, a helpless look on his face. If he wanted to restore his soul, it seemed he needed the help of some powerful external force. His eyes flashed and his thoughts raced. If the Sea Sovereign didn’t hesitate to offend all influences within the sea region and order the old turtle to carry him away, then he must have some demand.

    Without accident, the most likely probability was that it was related to him helping numerous seafolk masters cross tribulation.

    Could it be…the Sea Sovereign wished to cross tribulation!?

    If this was the truth, then he could use this chance to set forth some reasonable requests. For instance, things that could repair soul wounds. After all, if his soul was injured, there might be dangers if he tried to cross tribulation like this.

    And even if he took a step back and assumed that the Sea Sovereign wasn’t crossing tribulation, he would still have an opportunity to set forth his own requests. Now, all he needed to do was patiently wait.