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Chapter 251 – Wicked Girl

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

    Ning Ling, she was Ning Ling! The woman he thought had died and thoroughly vanished from his life.

    She was alive, she was right in front of him!

    Qin Yu was excited beyond measure. His racing heart was like a great drum beating in his chest.

    “Junior-apprentice brother Qin, how are you here?” Ning Ling asked.

    Qin Yu smiled. “It’s a long story. But senior-apprentice sister, why are you locked in here?”

    Ning Ling…Gold Noble Family…

    She was indeed one of them. Then, Qin Yu would have to be far more cautious in how he acted. He needed to take Ning Ling’s feelings into consideration.

    Ning Ling’s complexion darkened. She said in a soft voice, “Junior-apprentice brother Qin came from the outside, so you should know. They are preparing to marry me away because I no longer have any value to them.”

    Under his robes, Qin Yu fiercely gripped his fists. Someone so important to him was actually being treated like this. He took a step forward, saying, “Senior-apprentice sister Ning, I will save you from there!”

    Ning Ling nervously said. “There is no need. This cage is supported by a powerful array formation. Junior-apprentice brother Qin, get out of here as fast as you can. Don’t worry about me.”

    Qin Yu met her gaze. He said in a low voice, “From this day forward, I will no longer abandon senior-apprentice sister.”

    Ning Ling’s heart trembled. She thought back to that day years ago when they had fled into the dark, and the brilliant sunlight that sprinkled down atop her head. A strange emotion swelled up from deep within her, causing her heart to shiver.

    “Senior-apprentice sister, move back a little, I’m going to start!” Qin Yu roared out loud. He grabbed the gray cage with both hands, all of his strength wildly erupting. “Open for me!”

    Bang –

    The countless runes on the ground suddenly shined and the array formation activated. Roiling gray currents of energy appeared, transforming into whips that slashed against Qin Yu’s body.

    Pa –

    Even with his current cultivation and potent Demon Body, his defenses were still instantly breached. Bloody whip marks appeared on him and he turned pale white with it. But, within his eyes, there was no sign of pain, only firm resolve. Ning Ling was here and he needed to bring her away. He would not allow her to be harmed again. No one could stop him!

    Bang –

    His momentum rose up once more. Black hair flew up around him and blue veins bulged on his arms. His body suddenly grew several inches…the power of the Demon Body was being pushed to its utmost limits!

    Pa –

    Pa –

    The gray flows of energy continued slashing at Qin Yu. His robes were torn apart in several breaths of time and blood dripped down from the tattered hems. Ning Ling looked at the man in front of her in a daze, as demonic energy surged all around him. She could feel his resolve and his lack of hesitation as he accepted all of these wounds caused by the array formation.

    In the end, she couldn’t suppress her shaking emotions. They gushed out from deep within her like an erupting volcano, destroying all of her constraints.

    Qin Yu!

    Qin Yu!

    She threw herself against the cage and grabbed onto Qin Yu’s hand. “I’ll help you!” The gray energy was as sharp as a blade. In an instant, countless wounds appeared on her fair thin hands.

    Pale gold blood flowed onto Qin Yu’s hand, entering his body through his wounds.

    Like a roaring flame with oil suddenly poured on it, Qin Yu’s eyes gradually turned blood red. Endless rage rose up in his chest, destroying any thoughts in his mind.

    She was injured! Ning Ling was injured!

    “Ahh! Break for me!” Qin Yu wildly bellowed. With a sharp grating sound, the spinning array formation on the ground paused for a brief moment.

    Then, the runes that formed the array formation trembled and shattered.

    Pa –

    Pa –

    They blew up one after another, linking together into a single loud cry.

    The gray energy around the cage suddenly weakened. Then, in the next moment it disintegrated, loudly ripped in half. The array formation stopped and all the runes exploded!

    He grabbed onto Ning Ling and anxiously said, “Senior-apprentice sister Ning, are you alright?”

    As Ning Ling saw this bloodied and wounded man anxiously asking her if she was safe, she sniffed and her gaze softened.

    “I’m fine…” She bit her lips and gripped Qin Yu’s hand with a bit more strength. “And you, how are you feeling now?”

    Feeling the warm hand that grabbed his, Qin Yu was startled for a moment. He immediately revealed a blindingly bright smile. “Senior-apprentice sister, don’t worry, I’m fine right now. We should leave here first.”

    He swept his eyes around the underground palace. He knew that the method for breaking into Nascent Soul was here. But, he had already delayed himself for far too long trying to save Ning Ling. If he didn’t leave now, more and more unexpected events would occur. He could not continue searching and risk Ning Ling being placed in another dangerous situation.

    Nascent Soul great dao…he might not be able to achieve that within the Gold Noble Family, but there might be other opportunities in the future.

    Ning Ling blushed. “Mm.”

    The two continued holding hands.

    Walking through the tunnel, Qin Yu admitted that he felt a bit of loss. After all, he had spent a great deal of time and effort preparing to enter the Gold Noble Family.

    But, he was even more overjoyed that Ning Ling hadn’t died and that she was willing to leave with him. The faint traces of affection in her eyes caused Qin Yu’s heart to leap with happiness.

    It had been a long, long time since such emotions had appeared in his heart. He subconsciously tightened his hold on Ning Ling’s hand.

    After leaving the tunnel and returning to the central hall, Qin Yu frowned. The situation was different from how he imagined. Heavenstar Demon and Eclipse Lenqing both had pale faces with blood dripping down from the corners of their lips. Xue Zheng had a grim complexion and there were rips in his robes.

    The three of them each respectively represented the Demonic Path, Immortal Eclipse Valley, and sea region in coming to the Blue Cloud World. If they said they didn’t have hidden cards in their hands, he wouldn’t believe them at all. But now, the three of them were clearly in miserable states, and across from them was unexpectedly Deepblue!

    It was just that Deepblue’s condition was clearly different from normal. His eyes were blood red but his pupils were shining gold. His pale face was fiercely twisted, like a cruel and savage beast.

    As Qin Yu brought Ning Ling out, Deepblue glanced at them and wildly laughed. “Qin Yu! Qin Yu! Who would have imagined that today’s supreme treasure would be obtained by me, Deepblue! In the sea region you ruined my plans, causing me to suffer endlessly. Then, today I will extinguish your soul and body, so that you will never reincarnate!”

    He lifted a hand and pushed outwards. Rich golden light erupted, like a falling sun. That terrifying aura caused one’s mind to tremble.

    This was…the aura of that treasure…

    Qin Yu took a deep breath. Just when he was about to react, from above the great dao base in his dantian sea, the little blue lamp suddenly erupted with light. Today, that one foot blue light had become two feet, like the deepest parts of the sea.

    The golden light froze. Then, it retreated at an even faster speed.

    Deepblue roared with rage, “Kill him! Hurry and kill him!” His complexion whitened and even his body began to wither away as the sockets of his eyes deepened with madness.

    Ning Ling glanced at Qin Yu and softly said, “He never grasped the world treasure, it was the world treasure that took control of him. He will soon be sucked dry of all strength and die.”

    Qin Yu nodded. He glanced at Eclipse Lenqing and Zeng Zhongxiu in the corner.

    “Brother Qin, hurry and leave. We are envoys from Immortal Eclipse Valley. No matter how angry the Gold Noble Family is, they won’t dare to harm us rashly.” Zeng Zhongxiu had recognized Ning Ling and urged them to leave.

    Qin Yu cupped his hands together. “Then we’ll be leaving first!”

    He brought Ning Ling away from the hall.

    Deepblue cried out, “Qin Yu, don’t leave! I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you!” His body twitched. In a short period of time, his body withered down to skin and bones as he reached out towards Qin Yu. But no matter how much he struggled, that ice cold and terrifying strength continued to ruthlessly plunder strength from him.

    Everyone knew that he would die soon.

    Hai Deepwhite glared stubbornly at Qin Yu’s back. In his palm beneath his sleeves, he held a shell with black energy lingering around it. Occasionally, a fierce and horrendous face would appear around the shell. A cold light erupted from his eyes. Just as he was about to crush the shell to bits, there was a light sound of wind in his ears. His eyes rolled back in his head and he plopped to the ground.

    Xue Zheng drew back his hand. He looked at Qin Yu and said, “I have a young cousin who once received Priest Qin Yu’s kindness, and only then was he able to break into Nascent Soul.”

    This was an explanation.

    But it wasn’t important.

    Qin Yu smiled. “Let us meet again!”

    Whoosh –

    He shot into the skies with Ning Ling.

    In the Blue Cloud World, the skies were covered with cracks. A beam of light shot into the heavens. Qin Yu glanced over and frowned.

    Ning Ling said, “I know that the Blue Cloud World has another exit.”

    Qin Yu turned, “Guide me there!”

    Bang –

    He held onto Ning Ling. Blood red flames ignited around his body. His speed increased ten times over and he howled into the distance like a blazing meteor.

    “It’s right there, there is a transmission array in that mountain valley.” Ning Ling drew close to Qin Yu and explained to him, her face glowing like a sunset.

    Suddenly, three tyrannical auras erupted from the mountain valley.

    “Today, everyone can forget about leaving the Blue Cloud World!”

    An old voice echoed out. Then, three figures stepped out. They all wore long brown robes and their hair was combed back in an ancient style. Wrinkles covered their faces, giving them a solemn and dignified look. Boundless aura drifted out from them like endless rivers, sweeping away into the world.

    “Guardian Elders!” Ning Ling’s complexion changed.

    At this time, the three people looked towards the ‘wicked girl’!

    The thin and old man in the middle coldly said, “You dare to collude with outsiders to murder your own people!”

    Ning Ling paled. She lifted her head and said, “I haven’t…”

    “The truth is right before you, yet you still dare to argue!” The old man sternly said. “Today, I will capture you and severely punish you according to clan rules!”

    Ning Ling’s eyes turned red. “It was my clan that abandoned me!”

    “Shut up! The only reason you are still alive now is due to the kindness of your clan! To allow you to die is also their right!”

    Qin Yu sneered. “Where did these three old dogs come from? Their barks are annoying me. Senior-apprentice sister, don’t pay attention to them, I will send them away.”

    The thin old man was enraged. “How dissolute! Since you dare to intrude into my Ning Family, I will kill you first!”

    He lifted his hand and a terrifying aura surged with it.

    At this time, Qin Yu’s complexion changed. He didn’t look towards the three people in front of him, instead turning around.

    In the far distance, from the darkness formed by disintegrating space, a figure stepped out. Even if one’s eyesight was amazing, all they would be able to see was an incomparably small dot.

    But the aura he sent out caused Qin Yu’s heart to shrink and an endless sense of danger to swell up within him.

    Ning Family Old Ancestor!

    He had returned.

    Qin Yu grabbed onto Ning Ling and rushed towards the mountain valley.

    “Junior, you are seeking death!” The thin old man’s palm came falling down.

    But in the blink of an eye, his body froze. His dreadful aura suddenly scattered and his body turned lax. At the same time, the two other people beside him also had distorted faces as blood seeped out from the corners of their eyes.

    Qin Yu flicked his sleeves and the power of space roared out, sending the three people tumbling away.

    Ning Ling’s eyes widened. Junior-apprentice brother Qin’s soul was actually so strong that he was able to ruthlessly and tyrannically fling the three Guardian Elders away.

    Whoosh –

    Qin Yu flew into the mountain valley. Without any hesitation, he let go of Ning Ling and shouted, “Senior-apprentice sister, hurry and activate the transmission array!”

    Ning Ling regained her composure and nodded. She didn’t know what happened, but from Qin Yu’s expression, she knew it was urgent. She hurried forwards.

    But at this time, her body stiffened. The air around them instantly thickened as if it would freeze!

    “Wicked girl, where do you plan on going?” A faint sound echoed down from above their heads.