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Chapter 252 – Please Go and Die

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

    He wasn’t too short or too tall. He wore spacious blue robes and his appearance was common. Besides his eyes being a bit brighter than usual, he could not be any more ordinary. But anyone that tried to probe or investigate him would find all their senses swallowed up after approaching him. His presence was like a mountain pressing down on one’s heart, leaving one gasping for breath.

    This was the Ning Family Old Ancestor.

    Ning Ling’s face quickly paled. She urgently said, “Old Ancestor, today’s events have nothing to do with him. I ask that you allow him to leave. This disciple is willing to accept any punishment!”

    The Old Ancestor’s gaze was icy cold. “Wicked girl, today you colluded with outsiders to ruin the peace of my Blue Cloud World; you are guilty of the most abominable crimes.” He waved his sleeves upwards. “Look at the broken skies above us. Countless people of our bloodline have died today. Do you think a few words from you is enough to erase all that?”

    Ning Ling clenched her teeth. “Old Ancestor, I agree to be married off. I only ask that you forgive him!”

    The Ning Family Old Ancestor’s eyes flashed. “You speak the truth?”

    “This disciple is willing to take a vow!”

    “Good. While he can be spared death, he must still be punished. I will cripple his cultivation and drive him out of the Blue Cloud World!”

    Ning Ling’s eyes widened. She fell to her knees. “Old Ancestor, please show mercy!”

    To Qin Yu, crippling his cultivation was no different than death.

    The Ning Family Old Ancestor had no expression. “That is my bottom line. I will not repeat myself.”

    Qin Yu lowered his head and a smirk crossed his lips. He said in a soft voice, “Senior-apprentice sister Ning, you and I just met again so there are some things that I didn’t have time to tell you yet. Yes, there are people in this world that possess unparalleled pressure and are so strong that almost no one can compare to them. But even so, this doesn’t mean they have no weaknesses. For instance, not too long ago in the sea region, I eliminated an extremely fierce enemy called the Whale Sovereign.”

    He looked up, his gaze calm and steady. He pulled Ning Ling up. “So even now, you shouldn’t feel despair. Perhaps I might be able to add another name to my list of victories.”

    The Ning Family Old Ancestor frowned. He looked over him several times and suddenly said, “Qin Yu?”

    Qin Yu smiled and cupped his hands together. “The Ning Family is indeed worthy of being the leader of the Gold Noble Family. You are truly well-informed. Qin Yu greets senior.”

    The Ning Family Old Ancestor fell silent for a moment. Then, he shook his head. “Even if you are really Qin Yu, I don’t believe that with your strength, you were able to kill the Whale Sovereign.”

    Qin Yu sighed inwardly. This person must have become wiser the older he became; a few words weren’t able to force him back. If he wanted to leave here today, he would have to risk his life.

    But, he didn’t reveal any of these thoughts on his face. His lips curled up. “Is that so? Since senior doesn’t believe me, then you might as well give it a try. Senior-apprentice sister Ning, please activate the transmission array. We will be leaving shortly.”

    Ning Ling’s eyes widened, as if she were seeing Qin Yu for the first time. It had to be known that the man above them was the Ning Family Old Ancestor, one of the peak existences in the world. His strength was transcendent. Yet, Qin Yu was able to deal with him so calmly and directly, without any sense of fear at all. Without mentioning anything else, just this braveness was shocking.

    “Junior-apprentice brother, be careful!”

    Since Qin Yu had decided to risk everything here, she would fully cooperate with him. Perhaps there was hope…as her back faced Qin Yu, a trace of helplessness crossed her lips. This hope was really far too slim. If they couldn’t escape this calamity today, then she would die together with junior-apprentice brother Qin Yu.

    The Ning Family Old Ancestor didn’t try to stop Ning Ling. He looked at Qin Yu, raised a hand, and pressed outwards.

    Without a word, without any preparation, the higher one was, the more they believed in strength.

    If they could do it, they generally wouldn’t speak.

    As the palm fell down, winds and clouds surged up, roaring and howling. Space twisted and a palm phantom appeared, crashing onto Qin Yu.

    His heart suddenly shrank – as if it were stone, unable to beat anymore. His shivering suddenly gave birth to an instinctual sense of overwhelming fear, as if the world was collapsing, as if a great calamity was in front of him. The Ning Family Old Ancestor stood at the threshold of Divine Soul. A single casual strike of his had enough might to shatter mountains and split rivers. It could easily kill an ordinary Nascent Soul.

    Qin Yu knew that he had to block this palm. Only then would he have the qualifications to negotiate with the Ning Family Old Ancestor. Otherwise, no matter how brave he was or how cunning he was, if he was so weak that a single strike would instantly ruin him, there would be no leeway given to him.

    He took a deep breath. Within his dantian sea, the Five Element Golden Cores began to spin. The colors of white, black, blue, red, and yellow wildly spun arrow, connecting together and blending into a circle.

    The five elements promoted and constrained each other. Together they could display a thunderous blow, the boundless prestige impossible to block. At the same time, they could become the strongest defense in this world.

    The palm fell. When it was just several inches away from Qin Yu, space twisted and shook. Countless tiny and rapid high frequency fluctuations occurred in this extremely narrow and small range, It was like turbulent sea waves, possessing a heaven-destroying strength.

    With a stuffy cough, blood flowed from Qin Yu’s mouth and nose. But, the Ning Family Old Ancestor’s strike had been blocked. His eyes brightened like two stars in the pitch black winter night, and he lifted a hand and pointed downwards.

    The weather within the Blue Cloud World suddenly dimmed, as if covered in a gossamer-thin layer of darkness. A cold and gloomy wind rose from nowhere, piercing into the heart like an invisible blade.

    Between the heavens and earth, faint phantoms of faces appeared. They turned and looked towards the place where Qin Yu was. Then, they changed into countless flows of gray energy that rapidly gathered together. The finger that appeared turned black in the space of a single breath. It was like it had been soaked in ink for countless years.

    Killing intent as wild and raging as a storm appeared at this moment!

    Weng –

    The pitch black finger trembled and then disappeared from sight. When it reappeared, it was right in front of the Ning Family Old Ancestor, falling right between his eyebrows.

    The second of the Blue Fingers…Blue Spirit Finger!

    The Ning Family Old Ancestor revealed a dignified expression for the first time. There was shock in his eyes, but not too much. The space between his eyebrows suddenly shined and a rune appeared. It shined with dazzling light, expanding into the shape of a 10 foot wide shield.

    The Blue Spirit Finger fell. The rune violently shook, darkening by several degrees. Although the Ning Family Old Ancestor remained calm, there was an additional trace of weariness in his eyes. “Soul Slaughter Arts…I never thought that with your cultivation and age, you could control such powers. Qin Yu, I am beginning to believe that you might have killed the Whale Sovereign. But, I am stronger than he was, and I also have methods to deal with Soul Slaughter Arts. So, if this is everything, you must still die as before.”

    Qin Yu lightly said, “Is that right?” He raised his hands and his robes began to swirl around him. Something that made one feel an inexplicable sense of awe began to rise from his body.

    Within his soul space, Spirity had a heavy complexion. Gray flames began to burn on her body. She lowered her head a bit, muttering to herself. Although one couldn’t hear what she was saying, it was easy to detect the resentment and helplessness in her tone.

    She had waited for countless years and had also paid a ‘heavy price’ in order to obtain a new life. Would she die just like this? She felt unwillingness just thinking about this.

    Unfortunately, the decision-making power wasn’t in her hands.

    The Ning Family Old Ancestor frowned and his pupils contracted. He stared at Qin Yu. “Soul Perishing Art? I never thought you would have grasped such a suicidal technique. But with the strength of your soul, even if you self-destruct, the most you can do is wound me.”

    Qin Yu shouted out, “Then take another good look!”

    Hu –

    Winds whipped up, raising his black robes.

    The Ning Family Old Ancestor stiffened, his complexion pale.

    He could sense that the terrifying aura exuding from Qin Yu had doubled in strength. Even with his cultivation he couldn’t help but feel fear and shock.

    Damn it all, where did this brat come up with so many methods!

    “Soul Perishing Art, to sacrifice your own soul to obtain a formidable killing strength. Once used, you will completely vanish from existence, no longer able to enter samsara…”

    Qin Yu interrupted him. “I know!” He looked up, madness in his eyes. “Those that live in this world must fight to survive another day and night; when can we care so much about such things? Since I’m going to die here today, I will pull some people down with me. At the very least, I won’t be lonely on the way to the yellow springs.”

    The Ning Family Old Ancestor said, “After using the Soul Perishing Art, you will not be able to go to the yellow springs.”

    “Then I ask senior to make the trip alone!” Qin Yu stepped forwards. He lifted his hand, a terrifying intent forming around him. “I know senior is trying to stall for time. Perhaps you have a way to avoid this strike, but I won’t give you that chance. Then, please go and die.”

    His finger moved. His finger fell.

    The Ning Family Old Ancestor’s mind violently trembled and he was no longer able to hold himself back. He loudly shouted, “Stop!” He glared at Qin Yu and took a deep breath to suppress the anger in his heart. Even if he knew that this brat was intentionally threatening him, he still couldn’t take the risk.

    If…if he really did that…

    He had lived for a long time, but he hadn’t lived enough. He was even considering how to live for an even longer time. How could this Ning Family Old Ancestor ever willingly perish together with Qin Yu?

    Qin Yu’s finger stopped, not having fully fallen. He looked straight ahead.

    The Ning Family Old Ancestor took a deep, shivering breath. “You can leave. Make sure I don’t ever see you again in the future, or I will kill you when I do!”

    Qin Yu cupped his hands together. “Thank you senior.” He paused and added, “I ask that senior makes a vow.”

    The Ning Family Old Ancestor clenched his teeth. “I vow that I will allow Qin Yu and the other person to leave. If I violate my oath, I will never achieve Divine Soul for the rest of my life!”

    Shua –

    Qin Yu turned and walked away.

    Deep in the mountain valley, there was an array formation built into the floor. It was currently in an activated state. Ning Ling stood near it, her face pale.

    Just now, she hadn’t felt the full power of the Ning Family Old Ancestor’s strike, but at such a distance she could still sense it.

    It was a dreadful strength like a million falling mountains. Was Qin Yu really able to block that?

    There was no sound outside for a long time…

    Ning Ling’s heart shrank and pain wracked her. She took a deep breath and light glowed around her body as she prepared herself to fly up. The transmission array was activated. If she stepped in, there was a high chance she would be able to escape the Blue Cloud World. But Qin Yu was still behind her and she couldn’t leave alone. If so, then she would do as she previously thought and die together with him.

    Pa –

    The sound of nearby footsteps caused Ning Ling to stiffen. She looked up to see Qin Yu’s pale face.

    He looked at her, at her pose that indicated she was ready to fly up at any moment, and he looked down at the shining array formation. He smiled warmly.

    “I’ve caused senior-apprentice sister to worry!”

    “Qin Yu!”

    Ning Ling rushed over. When she got close, she came to a halting stop. The joy in her eyes was enough to move the soul.

    Qin Yu couldn’t help but reach out and hug her. As Ning Ling stiffened in his arms, he had already let go as if nothing had happened. He said, “Let’s go.”

    Ning Ling lowered her head and hummed in agreement. She allowed him to hold her hand as they stepped into the transmission array.

    At this time, her mind was a chaotic mess. She had forgotten to ask him why the Old Ancestor had let them leave.

    The transmission array shined. After a flash of light, their figures distorted and they vanished from sight.

    The Ning Family Old Ancestor approached. He stood to the side of the empty transmission array, a gloomy expression on his face. After a long time, he finally sighed and said, “Perhaps this was the best result.”