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Chapter 257 – Chaos Arrives

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

    Ning Ling had imagined countless times what sort of mood she would feel when the messengers from the Land of Divinity and Demons arrived. But, it was only now that she clearly realized that everything she thought and imagined couldn’t even compare to one percent of reality. Sorrow and bitterness surged up from deep within her, and no matter what, she couldn’t suppress it.

    She subconsciously held onto Qin Yu, but then, as if suddenly thinking of something, she shoved him away. She politely bowed towards the two cultivators atop the great turtle. “Ning Ling greets the messengers.”

    The two messengers were young but their cultivation was terrifying. To be at the middle Nascent Soul realm at their age, it was difficult to imagine something like this being possible in the world. Their gazes were faint and imperious, commanding a natural position up high. They swept their eyes over Qin Yu and furrowed their eyebrows. Then, they turned, “Ning Ling, we came here upon orders. Come with us.”

    Ning Ling took a deep breath. She turned towards Qin Yu, the loss in her eyes so great that it nearly condensed into substance. “Junior-apprentice brother Qin Yu, forget me…” She didn’t finish her sentence. She turned and left, but was caught by Qin Yu. His gaze was calm and there was even a smile on his face. “I still have to know, senior-apprentice Sister Ning, where you are going so I can find you later.”

    Ning Ling’s heart ached and a tear almost fell down her cheek. She squeezed out a smile. “The Land of Divinity and Demons, Immortal Sect.”

    Qin Yu nodded earnestly. “I will remember. Senior-apprentice sister Ning, wait for me.” His expression was peaceful, as if the two people were only parting for a brief moment and would see each other again soon.

    A tear finally fell from Ning Ling’s eyes. She smiled. “Alright, then I will wait for junior-apprentice brother Qin to come.”

    Qin Yu let go and drew back one step. Ning Ling turned around left, her floating figure like a fairy as she landed on the large turtle’s back.

    The two Immortal Sect disciples looked down from above. “Lowly ant from a land of exile, how could you possibly know of the existence of my Immortal Sect? Moreover, never in the rest of your life will you be able to step into the Land of Divinity and Demons.”

    “Now that Ning Ling’s bloodline has awakened, she is a precious person of my Immortal Sect. How can she be contaminated by the likes of you? From now on, forget such thoughts, otherwise the curse killing arts of my Immortal Sect can still exterminate you even when separated by a trillion miles!”

    Seeing Qin Yu’s calm expression that wasn’t influenced by them, the Immortal Sect disciples sneered. “Then, I will teach you a lesson today, so that you will respect and worship my Immortal Sect in the future!”

    He lifted a hand and thrust down.

    Rumble rumble –

    A giant golden hand appeared, dazzling like a great sun. A terrifying killing intent instantly appeared, covering the entirety of Severed Spirit Mountain. The collapsed skies, the vortex, and the giant turtle had already attracted numerous eyes. Now as this golden palm fell down, everyone’s attention was drawn in.

    Countless cultivators widened their eyes, shock and fear rising on their faces. The aura emitted by the golden palm gave birth to endless awe in the depths of their souls.

    Qin Yu looked up towards that falling palm and a severe light shined in his eyes. Indeed, these were people from the Land of Divinity and Demons; they didn’t even see low and humble lives in their eyes. If he really had a weak cultivation, then even if this palm didn’t kill him it would mostly cripple his cultivation. This was their version of a casual lesson? Any favorable impression that Qin Yu had of this unheard of Immortal Sect suddenly disappeared.

    He lifted a hand. Within his dantian sea, the Five Element Golden Cores all erupted, magic power surging out, condensing into boundless tides that flooded outwards! Silver-white magic swords condensed on his fingertips, arcing towards that golden palm and cutting down!

    Shua –

    They were fast like bolts of silver-white lightning, instantly colliding with the golden palm!

    Bang –

    The giant golden palm was split in half and blew up in the skies, releasing endless billowing flames of gold. The silver-white bolt of lightning shot out from these flames, continuing forwards without stopping.

    On the back of the turtle, the two Immortal Sect disciples had gloomy expressions, shock in their eyes. They clearly never expected that someone from this land of exile would be able to break through their immortal arts.

    The giant turtle’s narrowed eyes opened at this time. It cut at the silver-white lightning, causing it to tremble and disintegrate.

    Qin Yu was struck by a backlash. Blood flowed from his head and his eyes darkened.

    “Junior-apprentice brother Qin!” Ning Ling lost herself and screamed. “Messengers, please forgive him! Junior-apprentice brother Qin didn’t intend to offend you!”

    The two Immortal Sect disciples hesitated. They coldly snorted, “Let’s go.”

    Now that Ning Ling’s bloodline had awakened, there would surely be a place for her in the Immortal Sect. They didn’t want to offend her for no reason.

    Although Qin Yu had displayed formidable strength, in the end he was just an ant from this land of exile. His great dao was doomed to hopelessness. He was simply nothing to speak of.

    The great turtle turned and slowly crawled towards the vortex. Besides the moment of divine strength it revealed when it opened its eyes, no one could imagine just what sort of terrifying strength it possessed. But, this giant and dreadfully strong turtle was actually willing to be driven by these two Immortal Sect disciples; one could imagine how deep the background of this Immortal Sect was.

    Ning Ling turned around. As she saw the figure on the ground slowly blur and vanish, she tried not to cry. A bright smile lit up her face. This might be the last time she saw junior-apprentice brother Qin; how could she show him such an ugly crying face? She wanted him to remember her when she was at her most beautiful.

    The giant turtle flew into the vortex, disappearing from sight.

    Everything was like an illusion. The one he loved was already so far away.

    Qin Yu swayed where he stood. He opened his mouth and spat out blood, his face deathly pale.

    What a terrifying turtle!

    With just a glance, his soul had been injured. It was only because he didn’t want Ning Ling to worry over him that he stubbornly didn’t show it.

    “Land of Divinity and Demons, Immortal Sect…” He mumbled to himself. His eyes hardened with resolve. He would definitely go there!

    In a cabin within the mountain valley, Qin Yu sat down and started to recover from his wounds.

    Ning Ling had left and Qin Yu had inevitably lost. But, he wouldn’t let this set him back. She had only left momentarily, to a place he had no idea how to reach. However, as long as his cultivation was formidable enough, he believed he would see her before long.

    If this was the case, then rather than being sad, he might as well focus on cultivating so he could reunite with Ning Ling sooner.

    His Demon Body had made a breakthrough and there was no longer a barrier in his way on the road to Nascent Soul. What he needed to do now was heal his wounds, make a breakthrough in his cultivation, and complete the Demon Body sacrifice.

    Starlight sprinkled down in his soul space, constantly fusing into Qin Yu’s soul and repairing the damage he received.

    Suddenly, Spirity opened her eyes. She stared at Qin Yu’s soul, her gaze dignified.

    After several breaths of time, she lifted a hand and pointed forwards!

    The eyes of Qin Yu’s soul opened. But, its pupils were pitch black, as thick as ink.

    “Come out for me!”

    With a shout, Spirity pulled her hands inwards. Two masses of darkness shot out, turning into a skeleton that had demonic energy lingering on it.

    Qin Yu was alarmed. His consciousness entered his soul and he coldly asked, “What is this?”

    Spirity said, “Soul Attaching Art. To send a fragment of one’s own soul into a cultivator’s body, slowly absorbing the strength of that other soul to grow, and eventually swallowing it.”

    Qin Yu’s complexion was ugly. He subconsciously thought of Heavenseek Pavilion and that Heavenseek Old Demon. It was extremely likely that this thing was left behind by him.

    “Spirity, can you find out who did this to me?”

    Spirity nodded. “I can try.”

    She closed her eyes. Threads of bright light emitted from her hands, drilling into the skeleton.

    Far away in a distant field, a figure within a black cabin suddenly opened his eyes. He looked up at the nothingness in front of him and divine light exploded in his eyes, crashing forwards in a barrage.

    Spirity coughed. The threads of light from her palms directly exploded and she paled.

    Qin Yu opened his eyes. He had already seen who the person was.

    Heavenseek Pavilion, that mysterious young cultivator!

    Could he be Heavenseek Old Demon?

    A sense of dread suddenly appeared in his heart. His thoughts raced as his consciousness left his soul space. Resolve rose in his eyes.

    He could no longer wait. He had to immediately break into Nascent Soul!

    After gathering some things, he stepped up and shot into the skies. As for where he was going to cross tribulation, he had already decided on it.

    The young man gently sighed within the black cabin, a helpless expression on his face. Everything had been going smoothly. All he needed to do was wait for Qin Yu to cross tribulation and then quietly complete his swallowing and sublimation of him in the critical moment.

    “Partner Soul…it was actually a Partner Soul…” The young man revealed a smile. Although an accident had occurred that would make things more troublesome, the existence of a Partner Soul was actually a happy surprise.

    The young man looked up and lightly said, “Ghost, pass down orders. Find Qin Yu as soon as possible.”

    With Heavenseek Pavilion’s spies, no matter where Qin Yu appeared in this large world, he would soon be discovered. Moreover, he had to cross Nascent Soul heavenly tribulation, so how could there be no movement when he did?

    In a corner of the cabin, shadows wriggled. An order of the highest level had already spread all over the world at an astonishing speed. To have such power and influence, Qin Yu had correctly guessed the status of this person. This young man was the ultimate ruler of Heavenseek Pavilion – Heavenseek Old Demon!

    Meanwhile, at Immortal Eclipse Valley.

    Pill Crucible held a jade slip in his hands. There was only a faint portrait within, but through a bloodline relation, that was enough for him to identify this person as his missing child of many years.

    Pa –

    The jade slip was crushed!

    Pill Crucible roared out, “Heavenseek Old Demon!”

    Bang –

    The aura of a peak Nascent Soul wildly wreaked havoc.

    Jiang Li cupped his hands together. He said, “Valley Master, please calm your anger. Heavenseek Pavilion possesses an unfathomably deep influence. Right now we are in fierce conflict with the Demonic Path, it is not wise to begin another war!”

    Pill Crucible took in a great shuddering breath, slowly restraining his aura. But, his eyes turned colder. He slowly said, “I know of your worries, but Chan’er’s death is the greatest flaw in my heart. I made a vow long ago that once I found out who it was that harmed my child, I would not hesitate to pay any price to shatter their bones and turn them to ashes! You do not need to worry. As long as I can kill Heavenseek Old Demon, my mind will reach perfection and I will have the chance to cross that final step to reach Divine Soul. At that time, who cares about the Demon Monarch?”

    Jiang Li’s eyes lit up. He bowed. “If this is so, then I obey Valley Master’s orders!”

    Pill Crucible stood up. This normally lazy and shameless old man finally revealed the overbearing attitude and disdain of a peerless powerhouse. His powerful aura rose like a great sun, sweeping out in all directions.

    “Pass down orders. To every lineage of Immortal Eclipse Valley, destroy Heavenseek Pavilion no matter the price!”

    Within one day, 37 branch divisions of Heavenseek Pavilion were destroyed.

    Waves of blood and death arrived at the Southern Empire and Northern Dynasty without any warning. Countless cultivators were scared senseless. They had no idea what was happening, but there was one thing they were sure of: a terrifying world-encompassing storm would soon arrive!


    Demonic Path High Command.

    The Demon Monarch was silent for several breaths of time. A smile curved up his lips. “How interesting. It looks like Pill Crucible has found out who murdered his child. It was actually Heavenseek Pavilion all along.”

    He lifted a hand. “Order our forces to momentarily withdraw. We will allow the dogs to fight each other. My Demonic Path will be able to obtain benefits from the side.”


    In the black cabin, Heavenseek Old Demon’s complexion was pale. He was so enraged that he thought he would go crazy. Immortal Eclipse Valley’s actions had thoroughly ruined his plan. With Qin Yu’s careful disposition, once he realized what had happened he would surely try to cross tribulation as soon as possible.

    But now, Heavenseek Pavilion’s strength was being dragged down by Immortal Eclipse Valley and was completely unable to be used! Once Qin Yu broke into Nascent Soul, even he wouldn’t have full confidence he could steal his body.

    Thinking about how his years of planning were becoming nothing but running water, Heavenseek Old Demon clenched his teeth and roared, “Pill Crucible, I will surely kill you and make sure you die with no grave!”