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Chapter 258 – Ten Times Heavenly Tribulation

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

    A shocking beam of light shot forwards from afar, as fast as a bolt of lightning. It landed atop a low mountaintop and the light scattered to reveal Qin Yu’s figure. Looking around, all he could see was a vast wilderness in front of him. It was bleak and desolate, and besides some withered yellow weeds, there was no sign of life. Continuing further, those withered yellow weeds gradually faded away until the entire land turned barren.

    “Barren lands…” Qin Yu muttered to himself. A sharp light flashed deep in his eyes. Yes, this place was his goal, the Land of Sealed Demons where You Qi had led him in the past.

    First of all, the Land of Sealed Demons possessed a great prestige, the power to inhibit and imprison the strength of demonic path cultivators. Once Heavenseek Old Demon found him, he might not recklessly come here. At the very least, even if Heavenseek Old Demon entered the Land of Sealed Demons, his strength would surely be limited. Perhaps this would give Qin Yu the means to contend with him.

    Next, there was an old demon there – Bluecloud Demon. After Qin Yu broke into Nascent Soul he would urgently need to cut down a late Nascent Soul super powerhouse as a sacrifice to the Demon Body. This old demon was the most excellent candidate qualified for the job.

    After some rest, light glowed around him once more. He shot up into the skies, hurrying along.

    The further he went into the bleak wilderness, the less life there was. The air seemed to percolate with a yin chill. With Qin Yu’s current cultivation, his vision far surpassed what it had been in the past. As he looked at the barren ground below him, he detected far more.

    It seemed that this place really was a cursed land. If a cultivator stepped into it, they would more or less be contaminated. If someone with a weak cultivation came here, they would be influenced by the power of the curse and it would be likely that they would never die a peaceful or natural death. It was not too surprising. This place was regarded as a forbidden land by the cultivators of the Northern Dynasty, and normally no one dared to take a step in.

    Qin Yu didn’t know whether this curse aura would influence him or not. But right now, he couldn’t take these factors into consideration. The Land of Sealed Demons was his best choice of location to break into Nascent Soul!

    An hour later, Qin Yu came to a halt. He frowned. He was now deep in the barren wilderness, but he still hadn’t discovered the aura of the Land of Sealed Demons.

    If it weren’t for the fact that You Qi had once led him here to enter the Land of Sealed Demons, Qin Yu would have absolutely no idea.

    If he couldn’t find the entrance to the Land of Sealed Demons…

    Qin Yu’s thoughts raced. He lifted a hand and punched down at the earth.

    Bang –

    The ground trembled, the thundering roar reaching out far. Cracks appeared, rapidly spreading outwards.

    It wasn’t here.

    Qin Yu took a step forwards and punched down once more.

    He was like a ruthless tyrant that destroyed all. Wherever he went he punched the earth, causing the surrounding land to collapse.

    Another punch fell. Qin Yu suddenly turned his head. He could feel the faint fluctuations of a spell deep underground.

    He found it!

    The Land of Sealed Demons was hidden extremely well. But, even the people who constructed this place in the past must not have imagined that their exquisite methods of hiding this place would be so arbitrarily broken through using such barbaric methods.

    It was the so-called ‘one force to break down all methods’. This was approximately what Qin Yu was doing.

    Qin Yu didn’t have the confidence to successfully use his cultivation and open the spells around the Land of Sealed Demons. So, he only had a single choice left.

    Brute force!

    With a flick of his sleeves, the Five Element Swords appeared. They surrounded his body, and following to where he pointed at the ground, they came howling out.

    In an instant, they sank deep underground.

    Rumble rumble –

    There was loud roaring deep beneath the earth. The ground wildly shook and tumbled about, as if the earth was like waves in the sea. With a loud bang, the ground exploded, billowing demonic energy erupting all around.

    It was open!

    Qin Yu stepped in. His body was like a giant stone, directly falling into the shattered earth.

    Whoosh –

    Whoosh –

    The Five Element Swords flew back. They surrounded his body, cutting through the ground and constantly aiming downwards.

    Deep within the Land of Sealed Demons, the ripples appeared in the air. Bluecloud Demon appeared and looked upwards, his eyes gloomy and indecisive.

    He could feel a powerful aura. It was ripping through the spells of the Land of Sealed Demons, forcefully intruding.

    For some unknown reason, a faint trace of dread appeared in his heart…the master of this aura, he didn’t seem to come with good intentions!

    Bluecloud Demon’s eyes surged with black light. No matter if this person had good intentions or bad intentions, this was an incredible opportunity for him.

    If the spells around the Land of Sealed Demons were truly broken, he would be able to leave. There would be nothing for him to fear in this barren land of exiles.

    Thinking about this, Bluecloud Demon looked up towards the direction where the spells were being broken. He felt anticipation, and even hoped it would arrive sooner.

    Time slowly passed. That formidable aura grew closer and closer. The black light in Bluecloud Demon’s eyes was already rich to the extreme.

    He didn’t need to prepare himself, because during these several hundreds of years while he was sealed away, he was constantly preparing himself. He only needed to wait for a turning point to arrive.


    Suddenly, that formidable aura that was advancing forwards seemed to come to a stop.

    Bluecloud Demon frowned. A dignified look crossed his face. He had already put on his pants, so this person…they absolutely must not give up halfway.

    Two hours.

    Four hours.

    A look of anxiousness gradually appeared on Bluecloud Demon’s face. Could it be that they stopped because of some difficulties? Or were they injured?

    As a person, one should finish what they started. Don’t give up here!

    You’ve already entered deep within the spell of the Land of Sealed Demons. Just a bit more and you can piece through the spell! Just a little bit more!

    Hurry up you bastard!

    Three days passed and the aura still didn’t move. In fact, it gradually became difficult to sense. Indeed, were that person’s injuries so heavy that they were dying? Bluecloud Demon drowned in despair. His lips curled in a mocking taunt. What a useless thing. Did they really try to rush into the Land of Sealed Demons with that level of strength? How disgraceful!

    He was silent for a long time. Finally, he sighed. In the past, he once had a chance to leave this place. Everything had been perfectly planned, but who knew he would suddenly be pecked in the eyes! As he thought back to that brat’s abominable face, Bluecloud Demon clenched his jaws, wishing that he could tear that young brat into eight pieces and fry him alive!

    And it was at this time that Bluecloud Demon’s eyelids jumped up. He fiercely reared up his head, a completely inconceivable expression on his face.

    This…this is…the aura of heavenly tribulation…

    Someone was actually trying to cross tribulation in the Land of Sealed Demons? Did they not know that when this place was constructed in the past, it was done so borrowing the power of the curse? Once it was sensed by the world’s will, the might of heavenly tribulation falling down here would be ten times greater than normal!

    Bluecloud Demon’s face flushed red. He thought about this cultivator who had torn through the spell of the Land of Sealed Demons to arrive here, and who he even regarded as his turning point. But after three days of waiting, this person actually started to cross tribulation. He felt as if he were going insane!

    You bastard! You gave me hope and then in the next moment you want to commit suicide? Just what are you planning on doing!? If you want to die then get far out of my way and die! Stop acting like an idiot in front of me!

    The air grew so thick that it seemed to become solid. Even though he was separated by a great distance as well as the spells of the Land of Sealed Demons, the reverberations were so terrifying here. One could imagine just what degree of might the heavenly tribulation had reached.

    Bluecloud Demon humphed and smiled to himself.

    Hey, do you finally realize what a grave mistake it was to cross tribulation in the Land of Sealed Demons? Although I can’t see your expression at this time, I can roughly guess what it is like.

    Let’s see how you die!

    In an underground hole carved from black stone, Qin Yu sat down cross-legged. As he felt the aura of heavenly tribulation above him, he was indeed startled. But this wasn’t related to the panic and despair that Bluecloud Demon assumed he would feel. Rather, he felt that he was about to unintentionally earn some harvests.

    Within his dantian sea, the little blue lamp that had fused into his great dao base suddenly emitted a dazzling light, like an eye of a great beast opening.

    Bang –

    Without warning, lightning lit up the black walls. Endless black energy tumbled on its surface, roiling and condensing into pained faces. The curse aura was so rich that even Qin Yu felt a bit apprehensive.

    And at this time, the thunder that appeared above his head had already shed its initial shape and turned into a bright magic sword of thunder. It crossed through space and time, seeming to embody the world’s will to eliminate him as it came chopping down.

    As the sword sliced at him, the pained faces on the black walls formed from the curse aura also stared at Qin Yu.

    The thunder magic sword howled, every inch of it wreathed in lightning that contained a horrifying destructive strength. Once it exploded, it could blow up a mountain or evaporate a great lake!

    But, what it met today was someone who didn’t play by normal rules. Thus, it wasn’t given a chance to display its might. An invisible mouth seemed to appear in the void. With one swallow, the thunder magic sword vanished from sight.

    The lightning that illuminated the stone walls vanished without a trace. This sudden change of events was too large. Even the pained faces formed from the power of the curse were stunned. Then, these faces all turned to Qin Yu, staring at him as if they saw something extremely interesting.

    Qin Yu frowned, his entire being on guard. At this time, the second strike of thunder arrived without warning. What arrived this time was a thunder pearl. It was about a foot in size and deep purple in color. Its destructive strength was double that of the thunder magic sword.

    What a pity, it was still useless.

    In front of the little blue lamp, all heavenly tribulation was a good tonic, with no exception.

    As Qin Yu ‘swallowed’ the thunder pearl once again, the eyes of the pained faces on the walls began to emit light.

    Bluecloud Demon’s eyes popped open, a look of disbelief on his face, followed by unbridled joy, and then worry. It was simply a complex range of emotions and expressions that he was trying to display.

    Unbelievable. This intruding person had the ability to withstand heavenly tribulation? This was the Land of Sealed Demons, filled with the power of the curse! Heavenly tribulation here was ten times stronger; how could anyone possibly block it!? But even if he didn’t want to believe it, this was a fact. The first thunder tribulation had been crossed as well as the second.

    What he was happy about was that if this person passed heavenly tribulation he would surely become stronger, and the chances of him breaking through the spells of the Land of Sealed Demons would be higher. His opportunity to escape this damned land was right in front of him.

    As for what he worried about, that was certainly because this person might come with ill intent, and his strength was also unfathomably deep; he wasn’t fully confident he could deal with him. However, with his cultivation, if he wanted to flee with all his heart, even if this person was at the Divine Soul realm they still might not be able to stop him. Moreover, his hundreds of years of preparations weren’t for nothing.

    His heart gradually stabilized. Bluecloud Demon kept his eyes wide open, waiting for the tribulation to come to an end. Once the spells around the Land of Sealed Demons were shattered, he would flee at the fastest speed possible. For some unknown reason, the first image that Bluecloud Demon thought of was the face of that hated junior from back then. A fierce smile lit up his expression.

    You little bastard, you never thought I would have a chance to leave, right? Just you wait. Once I leave this place and restore my cultivation, I will come and find you!

    The air suddenly thickened, stagnating so much that it seemed solid. Bluecloud Demon’s heart shrank. Panic and shock flashed in his eyes.

    The third thunder tribulation had arrived!

    The might of this thunder surpassed his imagination. Even from this distance, he still felt his soul tremble.

    What a terrifying heavenly tribulation.

    Would this person be able to block it?

    Bluecloud Demon nervously waited. Several breaths of time later, a look of awe crossed his eyes and he breathed out a sigh of relief. He finally determined that this arriving person’s strength wasn’t something he could face.

    That extremely terrifying third thunder tribulation had been blocked!