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Chapter 259 – Already Nascent Soul

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

    Following that, there was a long period of peace. Bluecloud Demon could feel that the aura of heavenly tribulation still existed, though it didn’t continue to lower tribulation thunder. Could it have been frightened by that person who broke through the spells? As soon as this thought appeared, even Bluecloud Demon was frightened. But, he quickly comforted himself and told himself not to think of such nonsensical possibilities. Heavenly tribulation was a manifestation of the world’s will and represented the ultimate strength in existence. How could it possibly fear a cultivator? Indeed, even someone with such strong willpower like himself would unavoidably become flustered and confused after being locked up for so long.

    After comforting himself, Bluecloud Demon took a deep breath. But, he was still puzzled; just what was happening with this heavenly tribulation?

    He would never have believed that what he thought was an incredibly inconceivable possibility was actually close to the truth.

    The world’s will didn’t fear Qin Yu, but Qin Yu had the little blue lamp with him, which it did dread. Perhaps the world’s will had even more understanding than Qin Yu of how formidable the little blue lamp was: no matter how much thunder tribulation it brought crashing down, it could not kill him. In fact, it would only provide the little blue lamp with a greater strength.

    Thus, after the third tribulation thunder appeared, the world’s will began to interfere with the descent of heavenly tribulation within its allowed scope. For Nascent Soul heavenly tribulation, three strikes was considered the bare minimum. Of course, if it could kill Qin Yu, then let alone three or five, or even 80, as long as it was within the scope of the rules, why not?

    However, if it couldn’t kill him but instead assisted the enemy, then it absolutely could not allow this!

    Qin Yu looked up, staring at the stone walls above him. He frowned. In the past when he had achieved his Five Element Golden Cores, heavenly tribulation had rained down on him as if it was going out of business. But today, when he was breaking into Nascent Soul, it was actually this pitiful? He faintly guessed that the world’s will had interfered so that it could prevent the little blue lamp from growing stronger. He sighed inwardly, a bit helpless. After all, the strength of today’s tribulation thunder had far surpassed his imagination, and to him, the energy that the little blue lamp obtained was an extremely important matter.

    But soon a hint of excitement began to grow from the depths of his heart, spreading through his mind like growing waves until it reached every inch of his body. If heavenly tribulation had stopped here, then didn’t that mean…he had already reached Nascent Soul…

    Although he never suspected that he wouldn’t be able to reach the Nascent Soul great dao, at this time, Qin Yu still found it hard to contain the joy within him.

    Nascent Soul! Nascent Soul!

    Although it wasn’t even worth mentioning compared to that distant Immortal Sect, to him, this was actually the greatest goal he had set for himself since he had stepped onto the road of cultivation.

    Even after obtaining the little blue lamp, Qin Yu had taken reaching Nascent Soul as his greatest challenge.

    Now he had reached his goal and this challenge had come to an end!

    Nascent Soul, he was a Nascent Soul.

    Suddenly, the invisible pressure that lingered around his body and soul began to retreat like a fading tide. Due to interference from the world’s will, that terrifying and world-shocking heavenly tribulation started with a strong beginning and finished with a weak ending. It was finished ahead of time.

    Qin Yu’s aura changed. Within his dantian sea, the five blazing Golden Cores began to crack apart.

    But, that cracking had nothing to do with death and destruction. Rather, it meant that their strengths had reached a limit and they were beginning to ascend to a higher level.

    Rumble rumble

    Within the hole surrounded by walls of black rock, a raging tide of spiritual strength appeared. It appeared suddenly and was unfathomably rich.

    In the blink of an eye, there was fog all around. This was due to the potency and richness of the spiritual strength surpassing a certain level.

    And this spiritual strength mist didn’t need to be absorbed by him. Like waters returning to the sea, it crazily flushed into his body. This was because it was the good fortune that the world rules had to give him after he broke into Nascent Soul. It was to help him after he broke past Golden Core and reached Nascent Soul!

    However, when others broke past Golden Core, they only needed one portion of heaven and earth spiritual strength. But what Qin Yu needed was far more than five portions added together. In order to cultivate the Five Element Sword Diagram to a high threshold, the requests were freakishly abnormal. But, after successfully cultivating it, the fortunes it could bring could make anyone jealous.

    Just like Qin Yu!

    Within his dantian sea, the fragments of the five shattered Golden Cores began to rise up into the air, tumbling around in layers of fog and emitting a blinding golden radiance. As the spiritual strength from outside flooded in, this golden fog began to burn, roaring and blazing without end.

    And within these flames, a qualitative change began to slowly appear.

    But compared to the speed of other cultivators breaking into Nascent Soul, this was just too slow!

    When an ordinary cultivator broke their Golden Core and reached Nascent Soul, they only needed to last a moment. That was enough.

    But Qin Yu?

    Time slowly passed. Massive amounts of spiritual strength continuously flowed into his body. But, there still wasn’t any substantive change to those burning flames within his dantian sea.

    It was said that the Golden Core would break into flames, and the burning Nascent Soul would emerge.

    This was a phrase spread through the cultivating world. It was enough to illustrate the process that one had to experience after breaking into Nascent Soul.

    The Nascent Soul would take shape within this blazing flame.

    If it didn’t condense, that meant the ‘temperature’ of the flames wasn’t high enough. And the heaven and earth spiritual energy was the raw material required to raise the ‘temperature’.

    Between elementary Nascent Souls, some were formed with ten points of spiritual strength and some were formed with five points of spiritual strength. There were natural differences in quality between them.

    However, an hour had passed and Qin Yu’s Nascent Soul still hadn’t appeared. This disparity couldn’t be explained with something as simple as five points or ten points.

    His elementary Nascent Soul was destined to be different from others!

    Bluecloud Demon froze in place, his eyes popped wide open and a dazed look on his face. In the past, when he broke through to Nascent Soul, the heaven and earth spiritual strength had gathered into three points. This was already a result that was rare to see even in a hundred years. His sect had all marveled at his talent, and it was spread out all over that their sect had no lack of successors.

    Although he had never mentioned this to anyone, this had always been a point of pride to Bluecloud Demon. Even when facing other formidable demonic path cultivators, he still felt a degree of pride and arrogance due to this.

    Even if I am weaker than you now, in the future I will definitely stomp you all below my feet.

    This was because to some degree, the length of time it took for the heaven and earth spiritual strength to gather represented the potential of the cultivator who had crossed tribulation…today, Bluecloud Demon’s pride was utterly crushed.

    To be more exact, when the heaven and earth spiritual strength had gathered for over an hour, Bluecloud Demon’s pride had already been torn to shreds. Perhaps because of that, he could only stand there in a stunned stupor, absent-mindedly looking up, as if waiting and thinking to himself: hey, there has to be a time when you stop, right?

    As this thought appeared, Bluecloud Demon once again determined that he absolutely could not provoke this freak that had crossed tribulation. He began to consider if he had ever provoked such a terrifying figure.


    He had to flee!

    There was no need to say a single word. Before that person could react, he needed to run as far away as possible and conceal his identity, never ever raising his head up again. Otherwise, there really was a possibility that he would be slapped into pieces.

    What nonsense. Even an idiot would know that this person was terrifyingly strong before he had crossed tribulation. And after crossing tribulation, that person’s strength had likely reached unimaginable levels!

    If he didn’t run away, wouldn’t he be senile?

    Two hours later, Qin Yu looked up. He reared his head back and roared.

    With loud rumblings, a black spot began to appear in each of the blazing golden flames within his dantian sea. Then, they expanded at an amazing speed, slowly changing into five little people that sat cross-legged.

    All these little people had appearances similar to Qin Yu. Their postures and auras were regal and dignified, and each one had a magic sword hanging above their head, in the colors of white, black, blue, red, and yellow. These were the Five Element Magic Swords.

    Hum –

    Hum –

    The swords cried out!

    Qin Yu gripped his fists. Divine light flashed in his eyes. He suddenly felt that everything in this wide world was in the control of his palm.

    Nascent Soul!

    He was…already Nascent Soul!

    From this point on, no matter how vast the world was, he had the qualifications to freely gallop around.

    Without warning, his blood began to burn, as if magma flowed in his veins. Qin Yu frowned and he instantly sobered.

    The backlash after his Demon Body made a breakthrough had arrived!

    Qin Yu’s lips lifted in a cold sneer. What perfect timing. He could use Bluecloud Demon to test out his sword. He wanted to see what degree his strength had reached after breaking into Nascent Soul.

    That grudge from the past would be brought to an end today!

    With a flick of his sleeves, invisible sword energy howled out. It easily cut apart the earth below his feet, revealing a fathomless hole.

    Bluecloud Demon could feel the suppressive strength covering his body suddenly vanish. A feeling of welcome relax returned to him and he cheered inwardly. But, before this happiness could spread, he suddenly froze and his heart almost came to a stop. A boundless divine sense swept outwards, locking onto him. An icy cold killing intent flooded his surroundings, open and naked without any covering up!

    This person indeed came with ill intent.

    This divine sense was very familiar…just as this thought came to mind, Bluecloud Demon roared out loud and smashed the walls with his hands, causing a series of explosive sounds and rumbles to ring through the depths of the Land of Sealed Demons. The demonic souls that had yet to fade away all started to rush out, their blood red eyes filled with savage cruelty and their bodies surging with terrifying killing intent.

    These demonic souls had thoroughly lost their will after being imprisoned for a long time. In addition to Bluecloud Demon intentionally guiding them, they had transformed into puppets that only knew slaughter.

    If these demonic souls were to escape from the Land of Sealed Demons, then there was likely to be a great calamity in the north. Countless lives would be lost in mere days.

    But Bluecloud Demon didn’t care about these things. Who cared how many people died? How could those low and pathetic ant-like humans be compared with his own precious life?

    With these demonic souls distorting the surrounding senses, even though that person’s divine sense was formidable, it would still be torn to shreds. How could he be locked onto again? With this, he had an enormous assurance that he would be able to withdraw safely.

    Bluecloud Demon turned around. He took a step out and his appearance began to change. His eyes turned blood red and his figure vague, until he was no different from those cruel demonic souls around him. Even his aura was the same.

    He mingled among them, constantly changing his position. A moment later, he finally escaped the Land of Sealed Demons. A light flashed in Bluecloud Demon’s eyes and he moved sideways through an underground crack.

    Shua –

    His aura disappeared. His entire demonic soul was like a shadow, quietly moving forwards.

    The night was dark like water, the crescent moon shining bright.

    On the bleak and barren land, a mass of shadows flowed out from a crack. He looked up at the moon and stiffened.

    Qin Yu lightly said, “Bluecloud Demon, I’ve been waiting a long time.”

    This voice…

    The shadow fiercely spun around. As he saw the person bathed in moonlight, his pupils violently shrank. “It’s you!”

    This was shock beyond shock.

    No wonder that divine sense had felt so familiar when it locked onto him.

    How was this possible!?

    Qin Yu had no expression. He lifted a hand, “You chased me down in the past, and now I return the favor to you. I ask senior to head along the road first and help me complete my sacrifice.”

    Shua –

    Five fingers fell. White lightning appeared in the air!